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Regular Forum Encyclopedia Galactica
This is the meat and potatoes of Invicta -- the lore of the board lies within. Invicta is about creating stories with one another in the dystopian future of humanity, but it's also about imagining the world it takes place in. The Encyclopedia Galactica is a repository for all things, ranging from the interstellar governments to the everyday technologies that everyone takes for granted. We only ask that you adhere to the guidelines in the About Us section in terms of keeping all content canon.
Vistulans Oct 21 2017, 02:33 AM, By blackscholes
Topics: 432 Replies: 354
Subforums: Characters, Polities, Star Charts, Species, Spacecraft, Military Assets, Technology, Equipment & Armament, Supplemental Lore, Historical Documents, Miscellaneous
Regular Forum Wanted Ads
It can be hard walking into a role-play that you love but may not know anyone. Please post here any role-play ideas that you would like to check interest for or perhaps a character you are looking for. The only thing we ask here is to keep it related to Invicta and that everyone remains respectful and inclusive of all ideas.
Design a Dominion Planet! Aug 27 2017, 01:07 PM, By blackscholes
Topics: 4 Replies: 16

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