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1. Getting Started: A Guide for New Users
Topic Started: Jun 30 2017, 02:45 AM (268 Views)
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So you have decided to join Invicta? On behalf of the staff and our members, we want to give you a heartfelt welcome to this board. You're in for a hell of a ride, we assure you.

No doubt, as a new member, it can be a bit overwhelming to see the developing roleplays and extensive world building and not know where you fit in. What you want to do or portray may seem irrelevant in the grand scheme, but in truth it is not. This topic is going to serve as a comprehensive guide to get you plugged into the Invicta Universe and get you right into the action.

The About Us forum will contain any of the topics we cover in-depth involving the structure of the lore on this board. Whether you read them all or you cherry pick what sounds good to you, it is recommended that you at least look them over. If you have any additional questions in regards to anything in this topic, feel free to private message Architect or Synsensa.
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Invicta is considered a dystopian science fiction board. In most sci-fi settings, space is seen as the final glorious frontier filled with drama. Those with golden hearts triumph over evil and harmony awaits all who followed them. Invicta tosses the baby out with the bathwater. Colonization of the stars around Sol in Invicta is akin to chasing nightmares. Humanity was on the path to extinction by the brutal venkath and has only found pain and suffering among the stars. Yet, for some reason, they persist.

To get a better feel about the events that drive the theme of Invicta, we would recommend taking a look at our historical documents. They are all good reads, but there are a few required reads that highlight the dystopian nature of our board. The Human Unification War, Venkath Onslaught, the Resistance Treatise, First Poenari Congress, and the Second Poenari Congress are all great places to start.
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Characters and Polities
Now that you have a feel for the theme of Invicta, what is your next move? At the very least, it is time to make a character! I would recommend looking at Thomas Vesalia or Sarah Wolfe to get a feel for how we develop characters here on Invicta. Characters, obviously, are the backbone of any role-play no matter how large or small in scope. Whether it is the leader of a galactic empire or a stowaway on a freighter, you need a character to start your journey in Invicta. If you are new at role-playing or looking for a lesser commitment, it is advised to start a character that is a part of a polity. Polities will be defined below.

A Polity, on Invicta, is typically divided between three different categories. There are Governments, like the Aurelian Dominion, which are interstellar factions that can rule over a star or several stars. Then there are Corporations, like Trident Energy, that operate within governments and are focused on doing business. Finally, there are Organizations, like the Ascendancy Naval Command, which usually exist either within governments or are freelancers. If you like you can have your character control one of these three or any combination of them all. Creating a faction is an easy way to interact with other members as it offers an avenue for roleplaying, but it is not required.

If that isn't enough to entice you, Invicta members are encouraged to post ads in the Wanted Ads section. If you are looking for specific content but do not necessarily want to do it yourself, Wanted Ads are a great way to advertise your creative designs. For those perusing the ads, that section is a great way to find a good writing prompt to get the juices flowing.
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Here at Invicta, we pride ourselves in the diversity and detail of our content. By no means do you need to reach the level of complexity as seen in the Kord Ascendancy or the Thesian Republic; all we at Invicta wish is that you keep the following guidelines in mind when creating content:
  • You cannot create a polity that surpasses the strength or size of the Aurelian Dominion or the Thesian Republic. You can, however, roleplay your way to the top.
  • Alien species you create can't breed as fast as humans without prior staff approval.
  • Application questions and debates will, for the most part, be done publicly. This is not to shame or otherwise brow-beat applicants into toeing the company line. Instead,
    this is done to help future members with their own applications. The questions and considerations we bring up may indeed be applicable and relevant for a future application.
The above list is non exhaustive and can be amended by Invicta staff. We don't strive to shoot down your ideas or creativity, only to keep continuity with established lore. If you have any concerns about your content, please reach out to a member of the staff and we will answer any questions you may have.
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Applications and Site Structure
After reading through some lore and content from other members, you might be ready to join and post an application here on Invicta.

Make sure you read the Application and Overview thread before proceeding. We also recommend reading through other applications to see how they structured their apps and to see how Invicta staff responded. As our Guidelines above mention, we critique and question applications publicly for the benefit of future members.

How to Register
Invicta has a natural leaning towards an account-per-member model instead of the more mainstream account-per-character model. This is primarily because most members on Invicta will be responsible for a polity that involves the use of many characters in political roleplays. Some roleplays might not even involve a character and instead focus on big picture developments within the member's polity.

This does not mean you can't make an account for your character. We have no rule against this. If you want to have an account for a character in someone else's polity or otherwise plan on only having a handful of characters on Invicta instead of creating an organization or government, this is fine. Zetaboards comes equipped with an account switcher that may not be as flexible as Jcink's or Icyboard's but is still functional and faster to use than logging out and back in manually.

Applying on Invicta
Invicta handles applications in an atypical way when compared with other roleplaying sites. Members do not need to have lore already created and fleshed out before requesting access to the roleplaying sections of Invicta. Instead, our application focuses more on a writer's overarching premise, their personality, and what they hope to do while on our site. Our only concern with newcomers is that they display an ability to acknowledge and respect the boundaries set by our lore. This also comes with the secondary advantage of being able to reject ideas that are completely out of place in our universe.

After Approval
Once you are approved, you are given total freedom in lore design and creation. If you want to only make a couple documents for the necessities, that's fine. If you want to create a lore document for every aspect of your polity or the surroundings of your character, that's fine too. There are no restrictions on how much you can submit. The only things you must keep in mind are the Common Use policies for any content you may be interacting with from someone else and that your content falls in line with the established lore on Invicta.

If you have any questions before applying or after being accepted, the site's staff is always available to answer anything you might have in mind. We also read everything that gets posted so, if something does seem amiss, you can expect us to be diligent and get in touch with you. For the most part, we are interested in compromise.

By this point, you should be ready to apply. You have an account, you've probably said hi to Invicta's community, and now it's time to make your mark on our universe. Everyone has a part to play in our story.
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At this point it is very possible that you have a character and, maybe, a faction idea rolling around in your head. Or maybe you have decided to join an already established faction. Whatever the case, it is time to make your mark on Invicta. Where do you start? You might see that there are two forums designated for RPing: The Human Sphere and Among The Stars.

The Human Sphere is for political events as they can have an impact on other factions or even lower key topics in the other forum. For example, Architect may post a topic about the Aurelian Dominion finally being fed up with the Thesian Republic and declares war, unleashing an all-out assault on Randian's planets. The main thread for that conflict would go here as it affects everyone across the board.

Among The Stars is the catch-all for everything else. This may be expanded on in the future, but right now it encompasses all RPs that do not impact the entire board. Using the above example, RPs that involve battles on individual Thesian Republic worlds would go here. Perhaps you are even RPing a merchant freighter making a big haul and, with the war declared, suddenly find yourself staring down a Victory Class dreadnought. Anything goes here.

Invicta is very inclusive to different subjects that people wish to write about. While we want everyone to have an enjoyable time here, we also understand that you may not wish to read everything that is posted due to personal scruples or preferences. It is advised that if a post or series of posts include scenes of a sexual or violent nature that a disclaimer is posted when it begins and when it ends.
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