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Vistulans; Confederacy of the Vistulan Pale
Topic Started: Oct 21 2017, 02:33 AM (21 Views)

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Your typical Vistulan speaks the common language fluently, has the intellectual capacity to learn from us, and mostly importantly is the only enemy we have ever fought capable of showing no fear in combat. -- Field Marshal Stauben, First Battle of Memel

Formerly one of the more influential subjugated species within the Continuum, Vistulans are the dominant race of the Confederacy of the Vistulan Pale, a breakaway revisionist power in Continuum space. While substantially different in physical appearances, Vistulans share similar cultural traditions to the Progenitors of Perses presumably due to centuries of assimilation.

Prior to subjugation, the Vistulan Republic was among the most powerful states in the sector. While it has been debated by archivists, the Vistulan Republic was known for its frequent use of vassal states to augment its political, economic and military power. How the Vistulan Republic came to dominate such a wide swath of space is still unknown.

Ancient traditions e.g. blood rituals were outlawed upon subjugation by the Continuum. While the Continuum preferred direct control, it allowed home rule for the Vistulan vassal state on conditions they assimilate culturally.

Ironically enough, the cultures and traditions the Vistulans learned became the backbone of their eventual rebellion.


From the TV series, "Star Trek Discovery".

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