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Jurassic Role Play, JRP for short, is a forum intended to bring you the best in Jurassic Park and Jurassic World Role Playing Adventures. Our initial role play is based on Jurassic Park Legacy's Live The Legend RPG. We intend to expand upon this single role playing game once we have enough active members to support such growth. Here, players come first and although we cant please everyone we will do our best to meet the needs and expectations of our members. We want you experience here to be fun and engaging with a great community. Player preference and input are very highly regarded here.

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Forum Rules; Read Upon Joining
Topic Started: Jan 30 2017, 10:48 PM (66 Views)
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Board Rules

- Spam is forbidden. We invite advertising your site or forum here. However, filling the board with advertisements in all topics is unacceptable. Please use this thread for sharing your URL:
- Do not double post unless updating your own topic with relevant information. Double posting in the RPG is acceptable. Please see those rules in the separate RPG Rules section here:
- Post farming is not allowed, only particular threads count toward your post count. Posting silly topics or irrelevant material is not acceptable.
- English is the language the forum is published in it. Please post only in English and with the best grammar possible. We do understand that English may not be every member’s first language and this may lead to mistakes, this is excusable.
-Respect is the most important issue on this forum. If you are found constantly disrespecting members you will be subject to warning and banishment. We do understand that people have differing opinions but each person is entitled to their own outlook on issues and is not subject to being disrespected for it.

- Respect staff and their decisions. They are here to provide a fun and safe environment. The best interest of the forum and its members are the primary responsibility of our staff.
- If you have an issue with a Moderator that you believe is violating a rules or treating you unfairly, please private message an Administrator.
- Though members may aid another member by referring them to the rules, dealing with violations of the rules is a staff responsibility. Please avoid “Back Seat Moderating.”

Piracy/ Copyrights:
- Do not share links to downloads of any sort that would violate piracy laws.
- Do not share other’s work as your own. Taking credit for material that is not yours is a very serious offense.

- Though you may share information about yourself on this forum, you do so at your own risk. The staff of Jurassic Role Play cannot be held responsible for any issues that may result from sharing personal information.

Violation of any rules may result in action being taken against the offending member including, but not limited to: Warning, Temporary Suspension, or Permanent Banishment.
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