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The MMM T-shirt is here at last!

Well more accurately, various things are available, and the range will be expanded over time. We have used a firm called Spreadshirt, and have placed some designs on their web site to create our own shop.

Click Here for the MMM Shop


Members can order the items featured in the same way as ordering from any other internet shopping site. Neither MMM, or anyone connected to it, are making any money or profit of any kind from the sale of the items on our shop page. All items are sold at cost price, which is determined by Spreadshirt.

As I write, the designs for clothing and other products are best on a white background, so that’s the way I’ve set it up. As time goes on, I will add other designs and hopefully, different colours to give a greater choice.
So the deal is;
You place your order with Spreadshirt via the Mainly Military Modelling shop page
Spreadshirt print your order and send it directly to you

To be honest and up-front about this – when you order from Spreadshirt, the trading contract is between you as the buyer and the company supplying the goods. Neither Mainly Military Modelling, or anyone involved with the MMM site has any involvement in the process apart from placing the designs on to their web site in the form of the “Mainly Military Modelling shop”, and cannot become involved should any dispute arise as a result of an order placed with Spreadshirt.


MMM Team