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Pulling raws without registering; The most usual way
Topic Started: Apr 27 2017, 07:00 PM (116 Views)
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1. Open the raw link (I'll give you that personally when you tell me you want to help with this)
2. Open the chapter that you want to upload (you can always go check from the forum which raws have already been uploaded)
3. Check that all the pages have loaded by scrolling down and not noticing any weird spaces etc.
4. Sometimes (and most of the time) you cannot save the page by right-clicking so use CTRL + S instead
5. You get a box open now. First of all choose where you want to save the file to. Second (and most important) thing check that you're saving the file "website, full" and NOT "website, only HTML".
6. Now you go to the place where you saved the file and you should be able to see a folder and a HTML link with a same name if you've done everything correctly. Open the folder.
7. Usually when saving a website this way, there's ought to be some unnecessary things in the folder. Remove those. If you're not 100% sure that the pic is not part of the raws, don't remove it just yet. It's pain in the ass to start looking for that removed piece from trashcan especially if you forget to empty it often like me.
8. Usually the pages are in weird pieces and not in order. You have to fix this, so order them correctly based on the raws in a website by renaming the files 01,02,03... I prefer having the folder and the website open next to each other to make the process easier. Note that this step might take a bit longer time if the raws are in 100+ pieces like with The Great Wife I'm using as an example. TIP! zoom the website out a bit, I use 50% myself but choose the size you prefer.
9. Then you have to connect the ordered pages. Open Photoshop and use "Place embedded" or "Place linked" from "File"-menu. Move the placed picture under the picture you're having open and press Enter. When you've pressed Enter it seems like nothing happened. Then use crop tool and drag the line to the bottom of the placed picture. Now you should have the whole picture showing. When you've connected enough pieces to make a one page just merge all the layers by right-clicking the layers window on the left and choosing "Merge visible".
10. Save the file as JPG or PNG is this case. Then when you're connected all the pages, remove the small parts from the folder.
11. zip the folder and upload to forum! Directions to that are here

I'll add some pics later
Edited by celes, Apr 27 2017, 08:06 PM.
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