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Board Rules
Welcome to Monsterland Forums. Please familiarize yourself with these rules and guidelines, which are here for the safety and security of the forum, as well as the benefit of all members and guests who post here. I may, from time to time, amend them, in which case I will post an alert.

Board rules:

Your avatar should be sized at 125 x 125 pixels. Larger images will result in no image or a straight line.

The PM's on this board are for an additional means of communications between members, and are not to be used for harassing or threatening remarks or like content. PM's are also NOT to be used for the purpose of advertising a website, goods and/or services. NO exceptions. Any member who receives a PM containing content of this sort should report this to an admin(packmule josh TX, gojiramatthew or G2KMaster) immediately, using the "Report post" function.

If you wish to change your username please PM an admin, who will review your request. At present there will be, for security reasons, a limit of two(2) changes allowed per year. Admins reserve the right to deny request for username change. While many usernames are basic, many others are colorfully worded and catchy to look at. Usernames on this board will not contain any profanity or otherwise questionable content.

There will be no flaming permitted on this board. I define flaming as: insulting, threatening and/or harassing other members. User members deemed guilty of this infraction get two(2) warnings. A third infraction=banned from Monsterland Forums.

The discussion of other message boards is fine, but don't use Monsterland Forums to bad-mouth another site. Be respectful with regard to other message boards please. This would be appreciated.

I am more flexible about this than you would probably find from admins at other sites. As the founder and primary admin of a growing message board I am willing to grant great leeway and laxity here regarding SPAM and "thread drift"-we want all of our members to speak freely about whatever is on their mind, regardless of whether it is in the right "forum"/"topic" or not. I would ask that all of our members try to stay on topic as much as possible-this would be appreciated, and when you don't that's alright, but, as always, the SPAM should never be belligerent or harassing towards anyone. Thanks.

All three of these can be hot-button topics for members. When posting with other board members about these subjects please remember to be respectful to that person. Threads involving these topics will be more closely monitored by admins. FYI.

Multiple accounts here are prohibited. Discovery of one will result in an official warning, in addition to deletion of one(1) account of admin's choosing. The only exception to this rule is when a "test" account is created, at Zetaboards tech support's request, in order to try and fix a board issue which may arise. Test accounts have no posting options and are temporary, and always for board inspection purposes only.

Any member receiving a third warning will be banned from the forum. Warnings are a serious matter. They will be issued based on the rules and guidelines for this board.

For security reasons, and the safety of this message board's members, disclosure of one's personal information, such as a home or work address, or home, work or cell phone number, is prohibited at Monsterland Forums. Posting one's email address is permitted. Any member wishing to provide this kind of personal info may do so by PM. Any member who posts address or phone number info about themselves in any topic on the main board will have that info, and post, deleted.

In recent months several Invision boards have been accessed by a non-member who proceeded to post pornographic images and generally screw up the boards so much as to render them useless. He did this by guessing a member's password, which was weak. Please review your passwords now and on a periodic basis. Make sure they are strong, impossible to guess. Your password should be completely unrelated to this board, the theme of this board and any monster names. The security of this board is my responsibility and I need your help to keeping it safe=strong passwords from you the user members! Monsterland Forums is now in Zetaboards format and members have the option to improve their own password security through "user cp". My advice: take advantage of this feature!

I know that new members may want to post an introduction about themselves, but I would ask that new members please post info about yourself in the appropriate topic thread. It can be found at the top of the main index page. If you do start a "I'm New Here" thread I will copy and paste it into the appropriate thread and lock the other. Just FYI. Any newly registered members with any questions about this please feel free to PM me to discuss. This site has a thread for newly registered members to talk about themselves, and I would appreciate new(or any) members using it. Thanks!

Out of respect for Toho, Tsuburaya Productions and other film companies that have labored to produce the films and TV series, many of which are discussed on this board, I would ask that all members here at Monsterland Forums refrain from revealing the source URLS(site URLS) of anyone or any business selling bootlegged(copied) DVD-R's in the general forums. Discussion of bootlegs is permitted as long as the website source of the bootleg(DVD-R) is not mentioned on the board-members may use the PM function in order to communicate among themselves with URL's of bootleg sites. Any member violating this rule will have their post deleted, along with a PM(from me), on the first infraction, and an official warning on the second. If any member has a question or comment about this please feel free to PM me about it. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Seems just about everyone likes to display various videos, text content and/or links in their signatures. I do as well. It can be a lot of fun and also a way to advertise something(e.g. a blog or another website). I've seen many members at other message boards display gigantic sig images, which, cumulatively(with other members doing likewise) can significantly slow down page loads for those viewing(and trying to post) who rely on dial up for internet access. Bottom line: large signature images are okay but please endeavor not to make them too large. The admins, and moderators, of Monsterland Forums reserve the right to respectfully request that any member downsize their sig image, as well as request that questionable text and/or image content be removed. By "questionable" I'm referring to pornographic and/or racist images, which are prohibited, or anything that could be interpreted as pornographic and/or racist. From time to time I may adjust the signature size limits on sig images. If I do I'll post an announcement or bulk email an announcement regarding this to all members.

Some members will obviously want to use images in their various posts, whether it's a source of information or just a point of humor. I would ask that the members of this message board community use image hosting services like ImageShack, Photobucket or Imagebam and NOT use the "attach image" feature that can allow a member to attach an image to his/her post. The reason: this message board is allotted 16 MB of image "bandwidth" which I, as the primary admin, use for hosting images in the board's avatar galleries and which is also used for secondary web pages(links along the board's top nav bar area) featuring the videos of movie trailers. Any images attached to posts use up that 16 MB allotment I'm given at no charge by Zetaboards. If I go over that 16 MB I have to start paying for that extra bandwidth out of my pocket. Members wanting to use images in their posts should use ImageShack or Photobucket, either of which will host the image and provide the person with a usable URL link to use with the post. Any member using the "attach image" feature will have that image deleted by me. Any member who does not know how to use ImageShack or Photobucket can contact me by PM and I'll be happy to help that member become acquainted with the correct use of this image hosting services on the internet. Compliance with this is greatly appreciated.

Amended on 3/16/09: single sig images must not exceed 500 x 200 px, that is no larger than 500 pixels in width and 200 pixels in height. Members using two(2) sig images must use images that are no larger than 500 x 150 px, that is no larger than 500 pixels in width and 150 pixels in height. Using three(3)(or more) sig images is prohibited.

*Those members who install larger images than what is permitted will have them deleted by me or another staff member.

From time to time either I or another admin will consolidate and/or eliminate topics that have generated little or no posting activity. I believe it's important that anyone browsing Monsterland Forums be able to effectively navigate all the categories, forums and topics with a high degree of "ease of use". In order to maximize the ease with which members browse this board topics will occasionally be merged, especially those of similar themes. Elimination of dead and mostly dormant topics is also something I do periodically to reduce board "clutter". None of this "maintenance" will result in any post deletions of a member. In some instances I may send a board member a PM alerting them as to the topic change, be it a consolidation or elimination of a topic(and subsequent merge with another topic).

In the five plus years of this message boards' existence I have, as the primary administrator, screened countless member registrations. Obviously most are legitimate, that is they are real people who register to become members of this online community. Some registrations, to my disdain, are spam bots and other computer generated "bot" registrations. It's one reason why the member registration process for Monsterland Forums requires both an email address and admin confirmation. There have also been numerous "spammer" registrations, that is individuals who register, post some kind of advertisement gibberish and then cease posting. These accounts have been, and will continue to be deleted by me as they contribute absolutely nothing to this message board. Many of these registrations come from IP addresses located in Russia, the Phillipines, India and Thailand. It's safe to say that the vast majority(if not all) of member registrations coming from IP addresses located in these countries will be deleted by me during the registration screening process. This is FYI for all of our current(and legitimate) members and those browsing this board who may be considering joining our community.

Any member reading these rules with any questions about any of them please feel free to PM me and I'll reply as soon as possible. Thanks.

Monsterland Forums Staff:

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