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Welcome to MONSTERLAND FORUMS! We are a casual and friendly online community of movie fans who like to talk about giant monsters, horror and sci-fi in cinema, on television and on Blu Ray/DVD. There are forums for sports, casual chat and video games as well. For those of you who like making art, writing stories and creating videos, our community includes a forum for these submissions as well. Check out our main index page and other board forums! Anyone is welcome to join our community!

MONSTERLAND FORUMS was created on January 29, 2006 for the purpose of giving fans of giant monster films and other sci-fi/horror movies a friendly online meeting place to discuss all of their favorite films and other things of interest like video gaming and sports.

MONSTERLAND FORUMS has 315 member registrations and over 177,000 posts. This online community is Zetaboards' sixth(6th) most active online community among over 383 similarly categorized message boards.

Fall is finally here!

Our online community is fairly small but I think it's the best group with which to discuss all the movies we love to watch and also talk about other shared interests! For those of you checking out this message board for the first time give our forums a look: I think you'll like what you see!

GODZILLA(2014), produced by Legendary Pictures and directed by Gareth Edwards, has generated over $521 million in worldwide box office receipts and is currently available on Blu Ray/DVD! A sequel, "Godzilla 2" is planned for 2018 which feature Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah! Toho's new Godzilla film called "Shin Godzilla"(2016 - intl title) was released to theaters in Japan this past summer and is a hit! This movie will see a limited theatrical run in the U.S. from October 11th - 18th and hopefully a Blu Ray release will follow by the year's end.

Legendary Pictures is planning a "Pacific Rim" sequel film for April, 2017 and "Kong:Skull Island" hits theaters next year so fans of giant monster movies have a lot to look forward to between now and 2018.

-Lee "Packmule" Merritt
site founder

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Toho Film Archive

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List of films made by Daiei-Gamera and other films, including the title and year of release(includes any alternate film titles)
Daiei Film List(under construction) Mar 12 2006, 07:30 PM, By packmule
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List of all films made by Tsuburaya, including all the Ultraman television series and films
Tsuburaya List Of TV Series And Films Mar 12 2006, 07:33 PM, By packmule
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Toho Film Archive
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Apr 9 2006, 11:59 AM
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Mar 12 2006, 07:27 PM
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