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Mysteries of the modern world
May 18 2007, 10:25 AM
It wouldn't surprise me if there is a species of snakes that we have yet to discover that dwarf these 2 big monsters

It's certainly possible. Scientists today believe the most likely "largest snake we've never seen" scenario remains with the green anaconda of the South American amazon basins. There are several reasons why, Trent: firstly, many of these swampy river basins are remote and very difficult to access by people, either on foot or by boat, so it's conceivable a truly gigantic, and even larger anaconda, than anything ever captured or measured, might exist in these remote regions of South America. Also, there is a large food supply available for such a monster snake, presuming it exists, in the form of the abundance of various wildlife that thrives in these regions where such an anaconda would prowl. Lastly, the snake itself, the anaconda, has a metabolism that basically ensures that this animal would, assuming it feeds enough, would never stop growing. The world record for size, regarding anacondas, and as I mentioned previously, is 28 feet in length, the snake weighing over 500 lbs. Many scientists believe a 40 foot long anaconda, or even a handful, may exist in remote regions of the South American amazon basin, weighing 700-800 lbs. Tribes indigenous to these areas along the Amazon river have claimed to observe 50 foot, even 100 foot long, anacondas. Scientists dismiss these claims as exaggerations. To visualize a 40 foot long anaconda, Trent, check out the 1997 horror film called Anaconda, starring Jon Voight, Jennifer Lopez( tongue-1 ), and Ice Cube. The antagonist snake in this movie, an enormous green anaconda, was 40 feet long. freak out

Video clips:
Here's a green anaconda killing and eating a caiman: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMwt_fEe3CY

A 200 lb jaguar vs an anaconda: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJmP_MBuD7w
(man, jaguars are some seriously bad-ass cats)

A half-dozen men work to rescue an unfortunate dog that has been attacked by an anaconda that, judging from this video, looks to be about 16 feet long, or more:


War of the gargantuas: tiger vs python(this is a helluva battle):

The Official NFL Thread
Michael Vick's off-field problems have made him the subject of some ridicule at Atlanta Falcons fan-based websites. Understand, Trent, that Atlanta Falcons fans are divided, about 50-50, on Vick himself, both as a man and as a player. I have always admired the guy for his physical toughness(he takes a lot of punishing hits in games) and his absolutely stellar athleticism. Michael Vick is, as I have stated before, the most athletic football player I have ever seen. As these incidents and run-ins with the law have accumulated, Trent, there has been a steadily growing sense of doubt, among many Falcons fans, that Vick can lead our "Birds" to the Super Bowl, because of his perceived lack of character. Flipping off fans last season(at the conclusion of a home loss), a lawsuit filed against him several years ago by a woman claiming Vick gave her an STD, the Miami Airport incident with the water bottle, and now this, the property he owned in Virginia, where authorities found hard physical evidence of illegal, and organized dog-fighting. See the pattern? And it's not a good one. If Vick is cleared of any wrongdoing in the dogfighting mess he'll be given this season to "turn the corner" and become the kind of QB the Falcons need to get to the Super Bowl. Prediction: if this team does not make the playoffs this year, Michael Vick will be released. If the Falcons make the playoffs and make an early exit I believe the Falcons front office will take a hard look at Vick, and possibly trade him. Michael Vick remains an Atlanta Falcon, Trent, and IMO, only by this team making the playoffs and winning a playoff game.

Note: concerning the last image of Vick, I want to know why the hell he's wearing a Cincinnati Reds cap! freak out

The Official NBA Thread
Yea I've seen that picture but I was hoping to find one from a recent playoff game
So was I. I wanted to post a nice picture of Stephanie Ready. The problem: I couldn't find any. I've read about her career. She certainly knows her X's and O's thumbs up ...
But I think it's safe to say I'm in love with her
Is she married? heyo If not, then, as the old saying goes, Trent: "Fortune favors the bold." tongue-1

And say goodbye to the Bulls, they made a good effort but it wasn't good enough
The Chicago Bulls should be good again next year, but they need to improve their overall offensive capabilities. They just couldn't shoot well enough, or score enough points, versus the Detroit Pistons.
And can the Suns do the impossible again and win at SA?
It's possible, but I don't think they will. NBA commish David Stern has put them in a very difficult situation with the suspensions. thumbs down Prediction: the Spurs slam the door on the Suns in SA.

Coming Soon: Horror/Sci-Fi Announcements
May 18 2007, 08:48 AM
I used to own the VHS, but have never upgraded to the DVD of, Scanners, do you own this on DVD, Lee?

No, this one is not part of my DVD collection...yet. ( tongue-1 ). I have seen the film on VHS and on television a few times. It is, IMO, a classic. Michael Ironside is, IMO, terrific as "Darryl Revok". The final battle between him and "good guy" Cameron Vale was great. I saw this film in a theater also, in 1981, and the ending blew me away. I'm not buying too many more discs this year, but I might be able to snag this movie on DVD later this year, or sometime in 2008.

Image-Head games: the now infamous "exploding head" scene from the 1981 film Scanners, written and directed by David Cronenberg.
Posted Image

On the subject of 1980's sci-fi and horror films, Kimi, what are yours?

My top twenty, in no particular order:

1. The Thing(1982)
2. Scanners(1981)
3. Hellraiser(1987)
4. A Nightmare On Elm Street(1984)
5. Aliens(1986)
6. Hellbound: Hellraiser II(1988)
7. Escape From New York(1981)
8. The Fly(1986)
9. The Burning(1981)
10. Friday The 13th(1980)
11. Halloween III: Season of The Witch(1982)
12. Creepshow(1982)
13. The Empire Strikes Back(1980)
14. The Twilight Zone(1983)
15. The Howling(1981)
16. Tron(1982)
17. An American Werewolf In London(1981)
18. Return Of The Jedi(1983)
19. Howling V: The Rebirth(1989)
20. Silver Bullet(1985)

Honorable mentions:

Swamp Thing(1982)
From Beyond(1986)
Saturn 3(1980)

Coming Soon: Horror/Sci-Fi Announcements
May 18 2007, 08:46 AM
I guess I could see where the images might be offensive to people, the thing with an add campaign like that, it just gets me a wee bit more interested, which, of course, the desired affect.

Indeed. Call me a sick puppy, Kimi(or don't call me one tongue-1 ), but I have long been fascinated by violent and gory horror movies. This one is no different, and the trailer I saw of Captivity(2007) has definitely made me interested enough in buying the DVD of this movie when it's released. shifty eyes

The Official "Irwin Allen" TV series thread
Click the link to read an(archival) interview of Del Monroe, from 1981. Mr. Monroe played Kowalski from the VTTBOTS television series and also starred in the 1961 movie of the same name: http://www.vttbots.com/monroe_interview.html

The Official SPAM, non topic and gripe thread
Internet security for one's PC is becoming more problematic these days. At one time only computer viruses attached to emails were considered the primary means by which hackers could damage a person's computer, or hijack a person's browser. There is a new threat now called infectious web pages. Click the link for more on this threat, and what you can do to minimize it regarding your own computer:

Mysteries of the modern world
Among other giants in the animal kingdom on Earth are snakes, more specifically those snakes that are constrictors, coiling around, then suffocating their prey, before the prey is swallowed whole. Two of the planet's largest constrictors are the Green Anaconda of the South American amazon basin and the Asian Reticulated Python that inhabits various parts of Asia, including Thailand, China, and Burma.
The largest anaconda ever captured was a "green" anaconda, that measured 28 feet in length and weighed over 500 lbs. The world record for length is the "Asian" reticulated python, one measuring a staggering 33 feet in length, though not as heavy as the world record anaconda. Reports have persisted, despite any evidence, of anacondas and pythons 50 feet, or even longer, in their respective geographic regions, these claims made by the local tribes indigenous to these areas. Most scientists agree that an anaconda can reach a maximum length of 30 feet(or maybe a little more). The giant snakes prey on large rodents, other snakes, various other local wildlife(including large birds) and have been known to attack and consume small children. Both pythons and anacondas can bite, and the anaconda in particular shows a generally nasty disposition, however both of these serpentine giants rely on their squeezing power to kill their prey. Some links:

The giant anaconda

The reticulated python

Image-Serpentine ire: a reticulated python, in captivity with one of it's caretakers. The python in this image measures about 23 feet long and weighs over 350 lbs. freak out
Posted Image

My new animation!
"Johnny Rod"
I think the event DOES take place in Pamplona though I'm not entirely sure, and as of where I'll be watching it'll be in the comfort of my grandparent's house. It's on quite early actually, about 08:00 AM I think
It's an annual event, that draws thousands of spectators. Most of those "running" with the bulls are locals, drunkards and other individuals looking for their proverbial "fifteen minutes of fame". Unfortunately for many, that brief bit of fame is often accompanied by the business end of a pair of half-ton bull's horns. Every year many participants are gored, often severely, and there is the occasional fatality. It boils down to putting a lot of inebriated people together with angry, restless bulls...not a very good mix.

"Johnny Rod"
In other stories, my latest film was finished earlier today, I don't like it much but at least I'll get to see it on the big screen in less than a month
thumbs up

"Johnny Rod"
...and it'll most likely be called "Bloody 'Ell" (I didn't come up with the name)
Funny, the title sounds, to me, like something you would have thought up. tongue-1

"Johnny Rod"
At some point I might upload some of these, maybe once I get a website
Do you need your own website to post them? I ask because you could upload them at this site, if you wanted to do so. :)

The Official "cartoon" thread
"Johnny Rod"
I guess it was probably the baby from the egg that hatches at the end of the film
Correct you are.
"Johnny Rod"
I was a bit annoyed to see that they actually made toys of this series and never released them!!! Those toys looked so good!!!
Agreed. Though I don't have a large collection of figures I wish I could have bought a Zilla to add to the ones I have. Remember, Johnny, that the 1998 American "Godzilla" film generated over $380 million dollars worldwide-it made a very nice profit for Tri-Star and for Toho. Zilla, and the 1998 film, may be regularly ridiculed, even blasted by casual and hardcore Godzilla fans, but I'm certain Toho still has an appreciation for this character, considering the $ it made them. nod

The Official NFL Thread
Here's another pic posted at Falconsroost.com that lampoons Michael Vick and the dog-fighting allegations that have, well...dogged him:
Posted Image

Posted today at MSN.com: the Tennessee Titans are talking with currently unemployed WR Keyshawn Johnson, though as of yet no contract has been signed.

The Official NBA Thread
May 17 2007, 07:11 PM
If I could I would do this to Stern: Posted Image


And on another note, I have notice a nice piece of eye candy in the NBA. TNT's new sideline reporter Stephanie Ready. When I find a decent picture of her I will post it but I'm sure you might have seen her during the games during the halftime and post-game interviews

Posted Image

My take on her performance as sideline reporter and her career overall, to date: bravo clap

The Official "Irwin Allen" TV series thread
Click the link to see the official specs, and the episodes(listed by title), for the upcoming Season Three-Volume One DVD of Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, scheduled for release on 6/19/07: http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=7002

The Official NFL Thread
The author of this MSNBC article clearly believes that Bill Parcells was good for the Dallas Cowboys, when he was the head coach of this team. I happen to agree with the author here. Many Cowboys players do not, based on their comments of Parcells after the departure of "The Tuna". Your take on this Trent? The article link: Whine cellar: Parcells good for the Cowboys, despite negative player comments?

From the MSNBC article:
Parcells is why Marcus Spears wouldn’t know a sack if he was a grocery store bagger (which is not a bad idea after the fruitless season he had last year)


Recent allegations that Michael Vick is involved in organized dogfighting have been a hot topic on various Atlanta Falcons websites, generating much argument and, in a few cases, some images parodying the topic, like this one, posted at Falconsroost.com:
Posted Image

Coming Soon: Horror/Sci-Fi Announcements
During June 22-24, 2007 Monster Bash Reunion 2007-The Classic Monster Movie Conference, Film Fest & Expo will take place at the Airport Four Points Hotel in Pittsburgh, PA. This is the 10th anniversary of this event, which includes a celebration of Forest J. "Forry" Ackerman's 90th birthday, a film fest, and various all-star guests who will be in attendance. So far the guest list for this event includes Forrest J. Ackerman, Ben Chapman, Richard Kiel, Kevin McCarthy, Laurie Mitchell, Dee-Ankers Denning, Basil Gogos, Richard Gordon, Jonathan Haze, German Robles, Kenny Miller, and Susan Gordon.
The festivities for this three day event include:

-3 day film fest(including a Saturday night outdoor screening)
-vendors from across the country with DVDs, toys, magazines, books, comics
-Forrest J. Ackerman birthday bash
-Mexican monster night(w/free tacos)-Saturday morning cartoons(including The Three Stooges)
-Meet the movie & TV stars-autographs

The rates:
3 day VIP memberships before June 1- $30 each
3 day memberships at the door- $40($15 a day), kids under 12 free
(Send check or money order to: Creepy Classics P.O. Box 23 Ligonier, PA 15658--VISA/MASTERCARD accepted by phone at (724) 238-4317) or pay on the web at
Creepy Classics (www.creepyclassics.com)

Event hours:
FRI: 10A-2P(vendors 3P-9P)
SAT: 10A-2A(vendors 10A-6P)
SUN: 10A-5P(vendors 10A-6P)

MAIN STAY SUITES: (724) 490-7343
MARRIOTT: (412) 490-7343
DAYS INN: (412) 859-4000

Monster Bash contact: (724) 238-4317

Mysteries of the modern world
As this article enumerates, scientists are still discovering new marine species, many from the waters of the Antarctic: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/18704209/

Click the link to see galleries of various UFO pics: http://www.crowdedskies.com/ufo_pictures.htm

Another alleged "Bigfoot" sighting captured on video:

The Official NBA Thread
Oh and it's funny that David Stern changed his plans...he was going to the next Spurs/Suns game BUT just before the suspensions were handed out he told everyone he was going to the Cavs/Nets game instead...
Funny? Yeah. Definitely. David Stern no doubt knew that he would be considered nothing short of The Anti-Christ were he in Phoenix at the Suns-Spurs game, and maybe even the recipient of various flying vegetable matter, courtesy of the Phoenix Suns fans.

The Official NFL Thread
...I wonder if Vick has been around Chris Henry and Pacman Jones lately?
I certainly hope not. The way things have been going Michael Vick has needed no influence from anyone at jamming himself up. He's been very effective, by himself, at doing that. thumbs down

Prediction: if, and I emphasize the word if, authorities can prove that Michael Vick was involved in the illegal dog fighting that allegedly took place at his former Virginia property, the Atlanta Falcons will cut him.

The Official SPAM, non topic and gripe thread
King Joe
May 16 2007, 07:33 PM
... but just even standing on a hot day is relaxing.

As long as you stay hydrated. I sweat a lot in the heat, which means I have to drink a lot of water during the summer.

The Official SPAM, non topic and gripe thread
King Joe
May 16 2007, 06:57 PM
Summer rain storms, thunder booming, pouring rain. I love it, a storm like this about once every other week is fun, sitting out on the porch to watch. Luckily for me, we're not anywhere where the weather is that dangerous, just very loud and wet. In another sense though, these thunderstorms are well, peaceful.

I sometimes enjoy taking a nap when it's raining hard outside-the sound of the rainfall can help me fall asleep. Does the rainfall have the same effect on you, Corey? heyo

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