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The Official "I Just Watched This Blu Ray/ DVD/HD movie rental" Thread
Latest DVD's watched by Packmule: Batman(1989) and Batman Begins(2005). These two films remain my two favorite "Batman" films. I freely admit to a singular satisfaction in seeing Batman jack up bad guys, left and right. His array of gadgets and weapons is great, matched only in the way he uses them. I am looking forward to seeing the Dark Knight in action again in The Dark Knight, slated to hit theaters in 2008, and a direct sequel to Batman Begins. Christian Bale was, IMO, stellar in his portrayal of Batman, as was Michael Keaton. Bale, I believe, brings a little more physicality to the role, though I still prefer the bat-suit on display in the 1989 film. thumbs up

Coming Soon: Horror/Sci-Fi Announcements
19) Evilspeak ('81)
20) Alligator ('80)
Alligator(1980) is a good one, and should be on my "honorable mention" list. thumbs up
As for Evilspeak I thought the movie was kind of average, but the ending was good. Clint Howard has to be one of the creepiest looking guys to ever grace cinema and television screens. The ending, with those boars stampeding through the church, was memorable. crazy

Image-Mr. Piggy: the antagonist from the 1981 horror film Evilspeak.
Posted Image

Mysteries of the modern world
Insects are among the most numerically numerous creatures on our planet. There are billions of them, everywhere. While spiders, in general, perform a natural method of insect-control by consuming insects, there is a member of the insect ranks that preys on insects as well: the praying mantis. This insect can be found almost anywhere in the world, though the largest species of mantises are found in various regions of Asia. The largest praying mantis ever captured measured 18" in length. Most average somewhere between 2-6" long. These creatures have voracious appetites and are quite capable of taking down prey much larger than their own size. Typically, praying mantises rely on other insects, like centipedes, millipedes, cockroaches, and spiders, for a food source, though mantises have been known to kill small lizards, snakes and even small rodents. The Asian praying mantis is one of only a few insect species capable of killing a fully grown giant tarantula. Here's a video clip of a large praying mantis feeding on a small snake: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=69...=praying+mantis

Image: a giant Asian praying mantis, about 4" long, makes mincemeat of a locust.

The Official NFL Thread
After Ricky Williams won the Heisman Trophy in 1998 while playing at Texas, I believed this guy, upon entering the NFL, would set the league on fire, and be perhaps the next truly great RB, a guy who would churn out a Hall Of Fame career like other greats at the postition, including Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, Marcus Allen, Franco Harris, Jim Brown(my personal favorite), Emmitt Smith, and Tony Dorsett.
One can make a case that Ricky William's career has gone up in smoke, literally. This has to be the most obvious case of a phemonenally gifted pro athlete pissing his career away as any I have ever seen. I am not the least bit surprised that new Miami Dolphins head coach Cam Cameron does not want Ricky Williams back-if I were head coach of the Dolphins I wouldn't either. I wish Ricky Williams the best, but I will always shake my head a little in disgust and disappointment when I think about what could have been, with this guy, and the career he could have had, but didn't. nonono

The Official NBA Thread
as for people who I don't like calling the games...Bill Walton
I can't stand Bill Walton either. As an analyst he comes across to me as an abrasive whiner. Someone must like him, since he's been an NBA analyst for many years now. IMO he's the worst of the bunch, by far.

As for the others you mention, I'm kind of neutral on Greg Anthony, though he does strike me as a something of a suck up from time to time. I haven't heard Jon Barry too often but my overall impression of him is a favorable one. I haven't heard any color commentary from Walt Frazier in a while, so I can't really comment on him either.

The War Monsters-Part Seven
The War Monsters-Part Seven "Solution In Seattle"

Washington State mainland, sixty three miles west of Puget Sound

The wounded, red-skinned reptilian monster thundered across the periodic marshy countryside slowly, it's movements somewhat more labored from the gaping wound on it's neck, courtesy of a 2.5 inch bazooka round. It stopped twice to attack and eat livestock, in the process demolishing two farmhouses. At a smaller secondary fjord of Puget Sound the Deragon stopped to drink and waded into the forty foot deep, half mile wide waters of the fjord. The cool water was soothing to the monster's neck wound, and, reaching the opposite side of the fjord, the leviathan emerged from the water and thundered up onto dry land once more-the occupants of several nearby farmhouses fled their homes, running away into an adjacent corn field. The Deragon rolled onto it's side and was soon asleep.

Interstate 65, three miles west of Seattle, Washington

For the first time since the crisis with the extraterrestrial monsters had began, the United States Army had become officially involved, setting up a command post along I-65, several miles outside Seattle, WA. A brigade-sized infantry detachment had deployed along the eastern side of the four-lane highway, 105mm light howitzers and over twenty-five Sherman tanks awaiting the arrival of the lone, wounded monster. In addition to the Army the DIA, or Defense Intelligence Agency, had assigned a handful of people on scene to observe what was expected to be a certain showdown between the 500 ton, 190 foot long, 60 foot tall monster and the Army's collective firepower along the interstate. Government scientists Dr. Taryn Bauer and her brother Dr. David Bauer had reappeared, along with Talman Ziker, who had disappeared from the research ship Aurora. The presence of Ziker had made U.S. Navy Commander Jim Powers in a less than pleasant mood...
"I want a word with you Ziker!" Powers shouted over the noise of helicopters lifting off along the wood line some fifty yards away. The Navy Commander and ex-destroyer Captain moved menacingly towards the civilian intelligence agent, before two armed U.S. Army sergeants stepped in front of him. "Stand off Commander. Orders from the CO on scene, Colonel Ladell," one of the youthful-looking sergeants squawked. Powers gave each of the armed non-comms a hard look. "Fine goddamnit, and by the way, have you two forgotten how to salute an armed forces officer?" Powers snapped angrily. The two sergeants snapped to and saluted Powers. "Come on Jim," LCDR Cliff Mason said, handing his old CO a cup of coffee. "If I keep drinking this stuff I'll be pissing caffeine the rest of my life," Powers growled, relighting his cigar. He took in the spectacle of the U.S. Army's mobile command-over a thousand soldiers, half a dozen helicopters, tanks, howitzers, several giant command tents that had been erected. It all seemed surreal to Jim Powers. "Have you talked with Commodore Baskin?" Mason asked, the black man drinking coffee, he and Powers watching Army personnel scurry about. "They won't let me call him. Colonel Ladell's orders. No outgoing calls. Can't say I blame him. I'm sure Baskin's keeping up with this shit from the teletype, or the television. It's all over the country now Cliff-the monsters, Kingsport, the Navy ships sunk. I heard the Navy's deployed a carrier flotilla in the Bering Sea to keep the Russians at a distance," Powers commented. "Where's Lieutenant Prescott?" Mason asked. Jim Powers shrugged. "On the other side of the camp, over there, She's being debriefed by Ziker. That guy's hiding something Cliff. Maybe she's in on it with him. Same goes for the brother-sister scientists," Powers groused. "You think they knew all along what was in those rocks that came down from space?" Clifford Mason said, hoisting an eyebrow. Powers tossed the used up cigar away. "Yeah, I do." Mason shook his head. "After this is over I'm getting the hell out of the Navy, just like you. I didn't sign up for this shit...flying around and firing bazookas at goddamn giant monsters," Mason said. Powers managed a chuckle. "Well, you could always come in on my charter fishing business," Powers said, sticking a fresh cigar in the corner of his mouth. Mason frowned. "What is it pal?" Powers asked. "There's something going on over at the first tent," Mason answered. He and Powers walked towards the tent, navigating through the array of U.S. Army soldiers that moved about outside the tents. An alarm went off. The tent loudspeaker crackled to life: Attention! Attention! The monster has been sighted. Target is two miles away and moving towards CHQ. All civilian personnel report to your designated posts. All combat personnel prepare to engage target. Commanders Powers and Mason report to tent two to prepare for jet-pack ops."

..."Goddamnit!" Jim Powers cursed out loud, he and Cliff Mason, both utilizing jet packs, maneuvering away from the pair of Army helicopters that opened fire on the monster one hundred thirty feet below. The 20 millimeter shells exploded around the Deragon, but did not directly strike the sixty foot tall, one hundred ninety foot long reptilian-looking monster, which managed to avoid the cannon fire. Powers and Mason moved away as rounds from the choppers blasted into a nearby county utility building along the interstate. The monster plowed through the building and reared up on it's hind legs, trying to snap at the Army helicopters that continued to swirl overhead, firing down at it. Powers aimed the trigger of the Army-issue M-51 mini-bazooka down at the enormous creature and squeezed off another round. Mason, sixty feet to Power's left, also managed to fire off a bazooka round. Powers' round struck the monster's back. Mason's struck the creature in the neck, near it's wound. The Deragon roared in pain, and anger. It leapt into the air, managing to knock one of the Army choppers out of the sky. The chopper spun crazily and impacted in a nearby set of trees, exploding in a fireball. The Deragon crashed back down to land, and on top of a power line, which exploded in a shower of sparks. Jim Powers watched as the creature caught on fire, under the downed electrical lines. "Cliff, get on your mic and send word to HQ that the monster's on fire...and that a chopper has been destroyed!" Powers spoke into his helmet mic. Mason's pack was fitted with an additional comm box, enabling him to communicate with the mobile Army post set up back down the highway.
"Will do Jim. Can we set down? There's a tree line on the right, about two hundred feet to your right," Mason's voice crackled in Power's helmet mic. "Do it," Powers said clearly. He and Mason veered away and descended towards a nearby wood line.
Powers, relieved that the monster was finished, also sensed that the crisis was not over. Minutes later he and Cliff Mason stood and watched as the extraterrestrial monster burned, its carcass completely ablaze, the smoke drifting upwards hundreds of feet. Powers could hear sirens in the distance. Two more Army helicopters appeared overhead. His dark eyes moved to the flaming wreckage of the downed Army chopper. "I need a beer," Cliff Mason said, fatigue etched in his voice. Powers stuck a fresh cigar in the corner of his mouth. "So do I. We'd better get these packs off," Powers said, helping his black friend unbuckle the jet pack shoulder straps.

The Pentagon-Washington, DC One week later
Commander Jim Powers stood in front of the coffee machine, scowling. He had just sampled a cup of joe from the machine. Finding the coffee unsatisfactory to his taste buds he tossed the cup and it's contents into the trash bin. A youthful-looking blonde female Lieutenant j.g. appeared from a nearby room, walking up to the former Navy diver and ship captain. "They're ready to see you Commander," the blue-eyed blonde Navy lieutenant said, smiling. Powers cast her a scowl, her smile quickly replaced with a muted caution. Powers made a final adjustment to his tie and placed on his bill cap. He felt uncomfortable in a full Navy dress uniform, as he always had. Powers stood briefly at the door, marked "JCS Briefing And Conference Room", then entered, followed by the female Lieutenant, who quickly seated herself at a small table near the room window. Jim Powers walked to the front of the table and stood at attention. "Commander James M. Powers, reporting as ordered, Admiral," Powers said evenly. A civilian, whom Powers recognized as Secretary of the Navy Robert Denham, motioned for Powers to be seated. Powers glanced at Admiral Thomas Brent, Combined Naval Forces CIC, and Commodore Baskin. "You may be seated Commander Powers," Secretary Of The Navy Denham repeated, sharply. "I don't report to you Mr. Denham," Powers said calmly. "You may seat yourself and be at ease Jim," Admiral Brent said calmly. Powers removed his cap and eased into the chair. Powers quickly accounted for the individuals seated at the long table: Admiral Brent, Commodore Baskin, Secretary Of The Navy Robert Denham. He expected to see these faces. Others he did not: Dr. David Bauer and sister Dr. Taryn Bauer, Lieutenant Loren Prescott, who was wearing Lieutenant Commander bars on her uniform, and Talman Ziker. "Would you like a smoke?" Navy Secretary Denham asked, holding up his pack of Camels. "I prefer cigars," Powers said, his dark brown eyes setting on the slender, gray haired Navy Secretary. Denham cracked a smile. "I was told you don't have much use for politicians," Denham said, lighting a cigarette. "What am I doing here? Commodore Baskin?" Powers said, casting Baskin a hard look. "Admiral Brent...has Commander Powers been fully debriefed?" Denham asked , glancing over at the gray-red haired Admiral. "He has. So has Lieutenant Commander Mason, sir," Admiral Brent responded, sipping coffee. "Excuse me but I'm supposed to be retired, and running my fishing charter right now," Powers growled. "Easy Jim," Commodore Baskin said, holding up his hand. "Commodore, I put in twenty years, then got corralled into deep diving to plant atomic warheads on huge chunks of space rocks, then flying around in a jet pack trying to kill giant monsters from outer space. I'll probably never have a decent night's sleep for the rest of my life. I want out sir. I want to go back to my business, and go home every night to my cabin, that's all," Powers said clearly. There was a momentary pause of silence.
"Commander, what if I told you that something else came down from space at the same time as the two asteroidals that landed in the Gulf Of Alaska?" Talman Ziker said, the DIA chief speaking clearly. Jim Powers blinked in surprise. "I'd say I'm not surprised. Ziker, you and your agency are all about keeping secrets, until you get in a jam and need someone to stick their neck out for you," Powers said sourly. "An object much larger landed in the extreme northern Canadian wilderness. It was about five hundred feet wide, nearly that long, and had a mass of around 60,000 tons," Ziker said calmly. Powers shook his head. "Why are you telling me?" the navy Commander asked incredulously. Admiral Brent spoke.
"Jim, you have successfully commanded a US Navy warship, are qualified in deep diving ops, and are also fully qualified to operate both US Navy and Air Force personal jet propulsion units. The President was impressed, we all were impressed with how you handled yourself during this crisis. We need someone to head up our CET unit," Admiral Brent stated clearly. "Containment And Exploration Team," Ziker added. "You want me to go off investigating this new...thing that fell out of space?" Powers asked. "This 'thing' left a crater a half mile wide Commander Powers, and triggered a moderate sized earthquake in parts of northern Canada," Dr. David Bauer. "And I suppose you're going to tell me that it's another monster," Jim Powers groused. "Actually, yes. We're fairly certain it's a biologic. In fact, scanning devices suggest it may be avian, as images we've looked at suggest it has wings," Dr. Taryn Bauer said flatly. "And just leaving this thing be is completely out of the question? Powers said, gesturing with his hands. "We can't afford any more surprises. We need to get to it, find out all we can about it, and effect quarantine measures, " Ziker said calmly. Jim Powers picked up his cap and set it in his lap. "I'm not interested," the Navy Commander said. "You would be promoted to Captain. You would also draw an additional compensation from-" Powers cut off the Navy Secretary in mid sentence. "I said I'm not interested. I'm due for an Honorable Discharge and that's what I want, gentleman...and ladies," Powers said, casting a disapproving glance at Lieutenant Loren Prescott. Powers stood up, placing on his cap. "Respectfully Admiral, I will hire an an attorney if any attempt is made to block my discharge," Powers said, saluting Admiral Brent. Brent saluted the Navy Commander. "Very well Commander. Report to the personnel office in San Diego within seventy two hours for final out processing. Good luck with your fishing charter," Admiral Brent said. Powers walked quickly to the briefing room door and exited...
"So, what now?" Admiral Brent said aloud, looking over at Navy Secretary Denham. "Find a way to talk him into it, Admiral," Denham said sourly, rising and walking out out of the briefing room.
...Powers stepped outside into the cold, crisp late morning air of Washington, DC. The sky overhead was overcast, and a light snowfall descended. Powers buttoned up his black Navy overcoat, quickly returning the salutes of a pair of passing Pentagon Navy staff petty officers. "Where are you parked?" the female voice said from behind. Powers turned to face Lieutenant Commander Loren Prescott. "Congratulations on your promotion. It's not easy for a woman to male LCDR these days," Powers said. The dark eyed brunette nodded. "It was Ziker's idea. I didn't even ask for it. The extra money will be nice. Maybe I can move into a bigger apartment," Prescott said, her dark brown eyes blinking. Jim Powers placed on his gloves. "Can I buy you a cup of coffee?" Loren Prescott asked, smiling. "I don't think so Loren," Powers answered. She looked Powers in the eyes. "You can't stay for even a few days?" the brunette asked. "I could, but I don't really want to," Powers said. "I see. Is it something I did?" Loren asked, her dark eyes blinking as she slid her gloved hands in her coat pockets. "No. It's just that...I'm not interested in anything...short term," Powers replied. "Neither am I," Loren stated. "I'm getting out the loop Loren. You're still making your way up. Besides, I live in Alaska, you live here in Washington. Must be plenty of eligible bachelors around," Powers said. The brunette managed a mild laugh. "True. I dated a few of them. I was kind of hoping we might get something going along those lines," Loren confessed. "Same here. Unless I move here, or you move to Alaska, I just don't think it could work," Powers said. "Agreed," Loren said. Powers gave her a full kiss on the mouth, allowing her just enough time to respond in kind, before he pulled back. "I hear it's another creature Jim, even bigger," Loren said, her dark eyes troubled. "Stop," Powers said, placing his finger gently on her mouth. "Something like a pteranodon, but much larger-" Powers waved down the taxi, which pulled up beside him and the brunette. "Goodbye Loren," Powers said, handing her a business card. "Look me up if you're ever out west. That's my home and business numbers, and for God's sake don't give that card to Ziker or any Navy officers with admiral bars. Take care," Powers said, getting into the taxi and closing the door. Lieutenant Commander Loren Prescott watched the taxi accelerate away...
"Where to?" the taxi driver asked, the squat, balding driver looking back at Powers. "Dulles Airport," Powers answered. The taxi driver, chomping on a cigar, nodded. "Say, you got an extra cigar? I seem to be out," Jim Powers said, patting his coat pockets in futility, looking for a fresh stogey. "Here, I use to be in the Navy ya know," the taxi driver growled, handing Powers a fresh cigar. Jim Powers sat back in the seat. "Really? Where?"

- END -

Look for the return of Jim Powers in Rodan: Death from Above...

Your Kaiju Collections (Pictures Addition)
"King Joe"
Anyone else have collection pictures they want to share?
Very nice collection you have, Corey. :) thumbs up

I have a collection of my own. I'll try and get a couple of pics of it posted within the next week.

The Official NBA Thread
Well, now that the Conference finals are set, it's time for picks. Let me first say that IMO had the Phoenix Suns had All-NBA first team center Amare Stoudamire for game five of their series with the Spurs, we'd be talking about a Suns-Spurs game seven right now. very angry Well done to David Stern, the NBA commish, for another poor decision rendered while in office, regarding the ludricous suspensions of Suns players Stoudamire and Boris Diaw. very angry

The Western Conference Finals: Utah Jazz Vs San Antonio Spurs. For the Utah Jazz to have a chance at winning this series they must continue to play their game, which is withering defense and a deliberate, unrelenting half-court game, heavy on the pick and rolls, with good shooting. Lower scoring games favor, IMO, the Jazz, while higher scoring games will definitely favor the Spurs, who have, potentially, more offensive weapons to bear in this series. The Utah Jazz must win their home games and "steal" a game in San Antonio, in order to have a chance at winning this series. If the Jazz lose a game at home(which I believe they will), the Spurs win this series.
Prediction: San Antonio Spurs in six

The Eastern Conference Finals: Cleveland Cavaliers Vs Detroit Pistons. Look for lots of defense in this series. Cleveland could win this series-Detroit, after absolutely dominating the Chicago Bulls in the semifinals, allowed the Bulls to get back in the series with two consecutive wins. The Cavs must not allow Detroit to go up 2-0 in this series, or their proverbial goose is cooked. I would expect the Pistons to focus on slowing down LeBron James, and making the other Cleveland players beat them. I don't think Detroit would, getting a commanding series lead again, allow another team to come back the way the Bulls did. If this series shifts to Cleveland tied at one game apiece then the Cavs have a chance. If Detroit is up two games to none, then this series will not go seven games. At any rate, I don't think it will anyway. I'd love to see the Cavaliers win, but I think Detroit's playoff experience, and their success in the playoffs, will be too much for the Cavs to overcome.
Prediction: Detroit Pistons in six

The Official "Star Trek" Thread
Here's an update, of sorts, on the new Star Trek movie, now planned to be released, theatrically, around Christmas of 2008. Rumors continue to abound that the director of this film, J.J. Abrams, would like to see Matt Damon play the role of Captain James T. Kirk, and the rumor is Damon is in talks with Abrams for the role. Actors allegedly being considered for the role of Vulcan science officer Spock include Adrien Brody, who IMO is a very good actor, and Ben Affleck, who IMO is not. Other casting rumors include: Gary Sinise playing Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy, James McAvoy playing engineer Montgomery Scott, and "Lost" actor Daniel Dae Kim in the role of Sulu. The director, J.J. Abrams has, according to the article, consulted with William Shatner, who immortalized the role of "Captain Kirk" in the 60's NBC television series, on casting Damon as the new "Kirk". Shatner has reportedly given his blessing to Matt Damon playing the character in the new film. Abrams also plans to consult with Leonard Nimoy about the casting of "Spock" as well. The article link: http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/preview/1809752800

The next Captain James T. Kirk? According to rumors it's going to be Matt Damon. I think he would be an excellent choice to play the role. He's young, cleancut, good looking, keeps himself in good physical condition, and lastly, he's a very good actor. thumbs up
Posted Image

Mysteries of the modern world
Giant pigs and other unusually large swine have populated this great planet of ours for centuries. One particular geographical region, Western Australia, is notorious for it's preponderance of large feral pigs. Feral pigs are essentially wild pigs that, unlike their domestic counterparts, develop sharp tusks and are generally aggressive, and quite hostile, towards anything or anyone that they perceive as a threat. Feral pigs, often referred to as boars or wild boars, have attained, in Western Australia, some truly enormous sizes, including the one in the below image, which was shot and killed by a trapper. The feral pig in the image weighs 485 lbs and is about 6.5 feet long.

Posted Image

The record for world's largest pig is allegedly the monster swine in the below image, a pig raised in captivity in China that has grown to five feet in height, the behemoth weighing in at 1984 lbs, which is nearly a ton.
Posted Image

... lol

The Official NBA Thread
And Van Gundy is out from Houston, sad to see him get fired but that's the NBA for you...
Indeed it is. I wouldn't worry too much about Jeff Van Gundy. He always gets work with either TNT or ESPN as an NBA game or studio analyst, He has done this before, and is IMO fairly good at it. Speaking of favorite NBA analysts, and announcers, any favorites Trent?

Mine-favorite NBA play-by-play announcer: Dick Stockton. He's aging, but he's still, IMO, the best. Solid, conservative, and with a calm, relaxed style. I have been listening to this man call NBA play-by-play since the 1980's, when the NBA was on CBS. He's a consummate professional. thumbs up
-favorite NBA color analyst: Hubie Brown. He's also aging, but retains a great enthusiasm for the game, has an outstanding command of the game from a technical(knowledge) standpoint(he is a former coach of several teams), has a good sense of humor, and isn't afraid to poke a little fun at himself from time to time.

Honorable mention(play-by-play): Marv Albert
Honorable mention(color analyst): Mike Fratello and Doug Collins

The Official NFL Thread
May 18 2007, 07:54 PM
Even the Congressman is against Vick: Congressman wants Goodell to be firm

Those damn Bengals' players are at it again: Bengals LB arrested

Ricky "I smoke too much" Williams won't be back as a Dolphin: Flipper Boots Pot Head

I read all the articles you posted as links, Trent, with great interest. Regarding Ricky Williams, I believe in time he will be allowed to play in the NFL again, though how much of the upcoming season he plays, and with which team, remains to be seen. Personally, I think he's got 2-3 years left in him, as far as being a solid RB, and that's it.

Reading about another Cincinnati Bengals player being arrested had the same effect on me, Trent, as taking a deep whiff of ammonia straight up my nostrils. cheeky sick smiley If this keeps up the Cincinnati Bengals may have to start playing their home games at a makeshift football field constructed being the Cincinnati city jail.

I'm not surprised to see NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell receiving correspondence, in the form of letters, regarding the dogfighting fiasco and Atlanta Falcons QB Michael Vick, and you'd better believe that Goodell is reading the letters. Vick is one of the highest profile NFL players in the league, and is one of the league's "faces", so Vick's series of off-field troubles has an overall negative effect on the NFL's image. Illegal dogfighting, for most people I would like to think(me included), is an inhumane, absolutely despicable thing to do, or be involved in, in any way. If it is proven that Michael Vick had knowledge of these staged dogfights then he is up shit creek without a paddle, both in regards to the NFL and the law.

Mysteries of the modern world
Here's an image from the film Anacondas: The Hunt For The Blood Orchid. The anacondas in this film were all around 50 feet in length, including the one in the image, set to pounce on the occupant of the boat.
Posted Image

Here's a trailer for this film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDTc_27WunM

This video clip, which features a 26 foot long anaconda, illustrates the anaconda's nasty bite and temperament: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1...749&q=anacondas

I came upon this article while watching a documentary on the local animal life in South America. A PT spider researcher(tarantulas) has come upon a 10" wide female tarantula that kills chickens: http://www.pbs.org/wnet/nature/deepjungle/...2_nicholas.html

The Official SPAM, non topic and gripe thread
May 18 2007, 09:33 AM
Mom came up and said there I was, weeping very quietly under the blankets, sweating like crazy.

:( Perhaps a natures sound CD, which includes sounds of a thunderstorm, might help. By that I mean maybe listening to the sounds during the day, on occasion, would alleviate, somewhat, your queasiness when a real thunderstorm comes around. :)

Comic Book Heroes in Cinema & TV
Click the link to view the latest trailer and TV spot for this summer's Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer(2007):

The Official "Hammer" and "Amicus" horror film thread
I was thinking about my top ten "Hammer" horror films, Kimi, lately. Here they are:

1. The Abominable Snowman(1957)
2. The Curse Of The Werewolf(1961)
3. The Curse Of Frankenstein(1957)
4. The Reptile(1966)
5. Horror Of Dracula(1958)
6. The Gorgon(1964)
7. Quatermass And The Pit(1967)
8. Quatermass II(1957)
9. The Quatermass Xperiment(1956)
10. The Brides Of Dracula(1960)

The Official "I Just Watched This Blu Ray/ DVD/HD movie rental" Thread
Latest DVDs watched by Packmule, over the last two days: Godzilla X Mechagodzilla(2002), it's sequel, Godzilla Tokyo SOS(2003), and Gorath(1962). I enjoyed the latter the most. I have it on DVD-R with bonus features, audio options, letterboxed, and English subtitled. This 1962 film features, IMO, some of the best miniature work done by Eiji Tsuburaya and his effects staff, of all of Toho's 60's films. thumbs up

The Official NWV Thread
Various Fortean news from across the country:

-in Tacoma WA someone left a deer carcass, swaddled in a blanket and sitting in a basket, on the doorsteps of a city landmark: Deer John: fawn carcass left in basket with bizarre note on steps of Tacoma landmark

-in Mayfield, KY 21 year old William McCampbell, to avoid arrest, led local police on a 40 minute foot chase, while he was naked:
The naked truth: nude man leads KY police on 40 minute foot chase

-workers in Santiago, Chile(South America) employed by a supermarket chain claim their employer is so frugal they are not even allowed bathroom breaks, and are forced to wear diapers when working: Life of the potty: Workers in Chilean market forced to wear diapers to avoid termination

-Bulgarian train drivers now have a new job perk: swivel chairs that allow them to urinate without having to step away from their controls: To pee or not to pee: Bulgarian train drivers now have it easier

-in Madison, WI a bicyclist is okay after his head was run over by a delivery truck:
Hard-headed cyclist survives accident with truck

The Official SPAM, non topic and gripe thread
May 18 2007, 09:13 AM
Other than those habits, I might be damn near perfect.


The Official SPAM, non topic and gripe thread
My landlord, Mrs. C, who is 86, was briefly hospitalized this past week, for two days. After complaining she didn't feel well, my landlord's personal assistant called Mrs. C's personal physician, and it was decided she should go to the hospital. Tests on Mrs. C picked up an infection in one of her lungs. After two days of rest and medication Mrs. C has returned home, in otherwise okay health. She will continue medication for two weeks, with a followup visit to her doctor in about ten days.

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