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Welcome to MONSTERLAND FORUMS! We are a casual and friendly online community of movie fans who like to talk about giant monsters, horror and sci-fi in cinema, on television and on Blu Ray/DVD. There are forums for sports, casual chat and video games as well. For those of you who like making art, writing stories and creating videos, our community includes a forum for these submissions as well. Check out our main index page and other board forums! Anyone is welcome to join our community!

MONSTERLAND FORUMS was created on January 29, 2006 for the purpose of giving fans of giant monster films and other sci-fi/horror movies a friendly online meeting place to discuss all of their favorite films and other things of interest like video gaming and sports.

MONSTERLAND FORUMS has 180,000 posts. This online community, while over twelve years old, is currently no longer as active as the early years(between 2007-2009). Still, we have a half dozen members who continue to participate here.

For those who enjoy giant monster movies be sure to check out THE MEG, opening in theaters on August 10th, 2018. This film, based on the 1997 book "Meg", written by Steve Alten, features an enormous, 75 foot long Megalodon shark! Other giant monster movies that we fans can look forward to: GODZILLA KING OF THE MONSTERS(in 2019) and GODZILLA VS KONG in 2020! PACIFIC RIM-UPRISING(2018), the sequel to 2013's "Pacific Rim", is about to release to Ultra 4k and Blu Ray. In these movies, 250 foot tall robots defend Earth from an assault of other worldly giant monsters(kaiju).

-Lee "Packmule" Merritt
site founder

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Packmule's Pen

Make sure to check out my Google blog called "Packmule's Pen". The URL: http://packmule84.blogspot.com

Journalism G2K

One of our very own community members, "G2Kmaster"(Evan) has a Google blog called "Journalism G2K". Check it out by clicking the link: http://journalismg2km.blogspot.com/

Monster Island News

MONSTER ISLAND NEWS(formerly "Robojapan") is a great blog run by Ken Hulsey with fun and informative articles and updates on kaiju, sci-fi and horror cinema and TV. Check it out by clicking the link: http://robojapan.blogspot.com/

G-Fan Online

Back in 1992 a Canadian school teacher named J.D. Lees founded a Godzilla magazine called G-FAN. This magazine, published quarterly, is an outstanding publication that covers all things kaiju(Godzilla and other giant monsters). Check out J.D.'s website for this marvelous magazine by clicking the link: http://www.g-fan.com/

Undead Backbrain

Robert Hood, a writer and sci-fi/horror/kaiju enthusiast, runs a marvelous blog called UNDEAD BACKBRAIN. One of our community members, "Avery Guerra", is a regular contributor to not only our board but also this blog. You can check out it by clicking the link: http://roberthood.net/blog/

Turner Classic Movies(TCM)

Turner Classic Movies is one of the best movie cable channels you'll find with an enormous library of films in their vault, all shown free of commercial interruption and in their original aspect ratios(including widescreen). To see TCM's great website, which includes full programming schedules, click the link: http://www.tcm.com/index.jsp

Mothra's Universe

Small, still developing message board featuring general chat, kaiju and movie discussion. Check it out by clicking the link: http://s4.zetaboards.com/Mothra_Universe_007/index/

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Check out THE GOOD, THE BAD & GODZILLA, a blog by events promoter, author and Japanese fantasy, kaiju and tokusatsu movie expert August Ragone. The link: http://augustragone.blogspot.com/

Kaiju Galaxy

Visit KAIJU GALAXY, a kaiju themed internet message board founded by Central Michigan college student Donny Winter: http://s4.zetaboards.com/KaijuGalaxy/index/

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