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Amenkuhnís Golem
Power Point Cost: 10 plus 1/extra HD/see below
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: One Week
Range: See below
Target: Special
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: Special (see below)
Prerequisites: Scholar level 5, raise corpse, Knowledge (Arcana) 8 ranks, Decipher Script 8 ranks
Magic Attack Roll: None

Whispered into the ears of Zuthelia by Amenkuhnís foul spirit, this ancient spell may well have been created in the decadent, forgotten of the Acheronians. It is just as likely that Amenkuhn himself culled the spell from the forbidden knowledge made available to his ethereal spirit, while trapped in the nameless limbo beyond.

To cast this spell, a sorcerer must gather a dozen or more corpses inside a magic circle that must be drawn from ancient arcane script derived from the Acheronian language. The corpses must have been the victims, directly or indirectly or sorcery. If the sorcerer intends for the golem to be possessed, then he must have possession of the possessing spiritís soul, either in the form of a body part or a magical device which contains the soul.

The spell takes one week to prepare, during which the bodies must be ritually sewn together inside the circle of magic, with a lengthy litany of enchantments spoken during this period. At the end of the week, the sorcerer must spend one
hour investing his power points into the golem, bringing it to life. The creature (page 28) will complete its sorcerous animation as the desiccated flesh takes on a strange unlife and the golemís various components coagulate into a terrible whole. The creature will function as an automaton, albeit one with a strange thirst for destruction.

The golem is controllable by its creator, who must invest one Power Point per day in the creature to keep control of it in a ritual that takes 10 minutes, during which the golem must remain within the circle of power in which it was created. Should the sorcerer fail to make this offering, the golem will become autonomous, killing at random. The sorcerer may re-establish control by offering a sacrifice of four Power Points and making a Will save (DC 20) to bring the golem back under his control.

Should the sorcerer wish to provide a possessing spirit to bring sentience to the golem, he must offer up the artefact or object containing the soul of the possessor. It must be placed on or in the body of the golem and allowed six days to bond with the creature, during which time the spirit must make a Will save (DC 20) to take control of the body. The spirit will have a Will save equal to that which it had in life. If the spirit fails, then the golem rejects the possessor, ripping the object from its body and losing control, becoming violent to all around it, including its creator. The sorcerer may not regain control of the raging construct as what little mind it had is now completely unhinged. If the possessing spirit succeeds, then the golem becomes, effectively, a new body for the wayward soul and the golem is now under control of this spirit, rather than its creator.

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