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Conan Useful Aids:; Feats, skills and other helpful Indexes.
Topic Started: Apr 28 2011, 09:53 PM (4,922 Views)
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Conan Feat Index

Argos & Zingara: (83-85): Argossean Dreamer, Driven to Win, Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Trident, Fencer's Finesse, Free Thinker, Freebooter's Fortune, Master Fencer, Might makes Right, Religiously Driven, Reputation Drives them to Follow, Net Man, Resolute, Sea Legs, Sharp Blade, Signature Weapon, Take the Tap, Trident Disarm, Wave Dance, Weapon Panache.

Aquilonia: (137-138): Bull Strike, Drive your Enemies Before you, Hunter's Wisdom, Master Tracker, Power Bull Rush, Pressing Attack, Riposte, True Professional, Trustworthy, Unexpected Charge.

Bestiary: (5, 51): Awesome Blow, Blood of the Giants, Titanic Strike.

Catacombs: (31-33) Ear for Echoes, Natural Compass, Quick Catch, Spelunker, Tomb Raider, Tunnel Rat.

Cimmeria: (124-125): Combat Riding, Confidence of the Clan, Silent Intensity, Stalwart.

Cities of Hyboria: None.

Compendium: (50-51): Darkarra, Lasting Boon, Manslayer, Spiritual Predator, Strength of Soul.

Empires of Hyboria: (No page reference just in File Skills and Feats): Authority, Blunt Hostility, Improved Title, Improved Social Initiative, Insightful Conclusion, Inspired Leader, Matching Speech, Political Connections, Powerful Influence, Profound Conclusion, Secret Master.

Faith and Fervour: (12-13): Clinging Power, Dangerous Insinuations, Deception of Set, Epiphany, Fires of the Ritual, Foul is Fair, Free Thinker, Religiously Driven, Resist Temptation, Sorcerous Instructor.

Free Companies: (49-53): Aid de Camp, Awaken the Thunder, Battle Leader, Battle Tactics, Bronze Man, Disciple of Archery, Disciple of Cavalry, Disciple of Infantry, Gold Man, Inspiring Leader, Live in the Saddle, Live off the land, Legendary Leader, Master of the Art, Master of Archery, Master of Cavalry, Master of Infantry, Man of Will, Motivational Speaker, Painter of Dreams and Visions, Patterns of Protection, Patterns of Shelter, Reap the Whirlwind, Roaring Rage, Sorcerous Tactics, Tactical Mind, Take the Charge.

Hyboria's Fallen: (69-73): Acrobatic Attack, Ambush, Animal Magnetism, Back Protection, Disarming Looks, Dominating Demeanour, Eavesdrop, First Strike, Gossip, Greater Blind-Fight, Greater Combat Reflexes, Greater Feint, Greater Initiative, Greater Overrun, Greater Trip, Hard, Improved Blind-Fight, Intimidating Attack, Mentor, Never Leave an Enemy Behind, Pain Driven, Predator's Eye, Reputation Transfer, Resist Temptation, Scale the Ropes and Walls, Sea Legs, Seducer, Sidewinder, Sneer, Sorcerous Instructor, Submissive, Team Flanking, True Submissive.

Hyboria's Finest: (75-78): Analyst, Anticipate the Move, Breaker, Combat Master, Dangerous Insinuations, Eagle Eye, Greater Two-Weapon Combat, Greater Unarmed Strike, Hard as Rock, Inspiring Leader, Insulting, Off-Hand Weapon Expert, Paragon of Loyalty, Power Bull Rush, Reckless Attack, Riposte, Scan the Crowd, Snap Judgement, Sniper's Eye, Synergist, Tough as Nails, True Horseman, Unarmed Multi-Attack.

Hyboria's Fiercest: (69-72): Ambush, Brutal Charge, Bull Strike, Clarity, Cliff-Climber, Culling the Weak, Drive your Enemy before you, Eagle Eye, Extreme Might, Fleet Mount, Improved Mounted Archery Cover, Leap and Spring, One with Nature, Out of Thin Air, Quick Stealth, Savage Cleave, Sense Weakness, Slash and Burn, Sniper's Eye, Teeth Gleaming, Two-Weapon Strike, Wounded Fury.

Jewels of the Vilayet: (No page reference just in File Skills and Feats): Aradai-emshe, Barishi Training, Buyanhishig, Hyrkanian Shaman, Otachi Training, Powerful Utha Soul, Son/daughter of the Steppe, Windhorse.

Khitai: None.

Messantia BK II:(20-21): Greater Patron, Informants, Rapier Wit, Shrewd Appraiser, Silver Tongue, Slave Owner, Social Grace, Street-Smart, Strong Social Standing, Venomous Tongue.

Pirate Isles: (43-46): Argossean Dreamer, Black Corsair, Blooded Spear, Freebooter’s Fortune, Hard Hands, Heart of Hate, Hunted, Jolly Chants, Master of the Waves, Ocean's Wrath, Pirate Horde, Pirate Chants, Pirate Cure, Sea's Breath, Sharp Blade, Steel's Sacrifice, Take the Tap, True Brother, Unfettered, Unfurled Sails, Up the Rigging, Viper Speed, Voice like a Drum, Water Snake, Wave Dance, Whip Weary.

Player Guide: (61-64): Advanced Overrun, Bond of Blood, Deception of Set, Disabling Strike, Explosive Power, Feign Death, Fencer's Finesse, Folk Healer, Foul is Fair, Greater Uncanny Dodge, Grounded, Improved Title, Insight into Madness, Inspired Leader, Kick Down the Door, Master Fencer, Press the Foe, Display Prowess, No Prisoners, Resolute, Savage Dance, Superior Overrun, Tough as Nails, Unarmed Throw, Warning Shot.

Return to Road of Kings: None.

Road of Kings: (189-191): Bond of Blood, Choke (now a Manoeuvre), Deception of Set, Disabling Strike, Explosive Power, Feign Death, Foul is Fair, Greater Overrun, Greater Uncanny Dodge, Grounded, Insight into Madness, Kick Down the Door, Like White on Rice, Look What I Can Do, No Prisoners, Resolute, Savage Dance, Superior Overrun, The Bigger They are the Harder They Fall, Tough as Nails, Trustworthy, Unarmed Throw, Warning Shot. Most of these feats can be now found in Player Guild!

Ruins: of Hyboria (136): Nerves of Steel, Calm of the Dead, Necromantic Lore.

Scrolls of Skelos: (25-32): Awesome Blow, Bleed Dry, Spawn of Jhebbal Sag, Craft Aberration, Craft Magic Item, Craft Major Magic Item, Craft New Life, Craftsman, Debaucher, Flyby Attack, Greater Sorcerer's Boon, Greater Control, Greater Meditation, Improved Evil Eye, Improved Sorcerous Sight, Loathsome Weapon, Magic Power Attack, Meditation, Noble Blood, Permanent Sorcery, Salome, Titanic Blow, Touch of Power.

Secrets of Skelos: (48-57): Agents, Awesome Blow, Bleed Dry, Spawn of Jhebbal Sag, Craft Aberration, Craft Magic Item, Craft Major Magic Item, Craft New Life, Craftsman, Debaucher, Fanatic, Flame-Marked, Great Library, Greater Sorcerer's Boon, Greater Control, Greater Meditation, Henchmen, Improved Evil Eye, Improved Sorcerous Sight, Loathsome Weapon, Meditation, Noble Blood, Permanent Sorcery, Salome, Titanic Blow, Touch of Power, Witch-Sighted.

Shadizar Book II: (12-16): Acrobatic Attack, Brutal Attack, Concealed Weapon, Confident, Crush your Enemy, Deep Cover, Epiphany, Eyes of the Magpie, Free Thinker, Glib, Jaded, Know it All, Leave no Witnesses, Perceptive Defence, Precise Recollection, Predator's Eye, Predatory Reputation, Quick Charge, Quick Judge of Character, Racial Archetype, Scavenger Reputation, Seducer, Silence Fool!, Sizing up the Foe, Slippery, Snatch, To Think is to Act, True Professional, Unseen Scavenger, Weapon Panache.

Shem: (82-84): Asshuri Technique, Aura of Authority, Brewmaster of Shem, Bronze Man, Extraordinary Ferocity, Ferocity of the Asshuri, Fervour of the Asshuri, Gold Man, Improved Asshuri Technique Mastery, Live in the Saddle, Manifest Attack, Might makes Right, Secret of the Acolyte Sabatean Torturer, Secret of the Expert Sabatean Torturer, Secret of the Master Sabatean Torturer, Summoned Attack, Tribal Champion, Tribal Spokesman.

Stygia: (118-121): Chariot Combat, Chariot Team, Disciple of Chariots, Keeper of the Forth Mystery of Yinepu, Eyes to the Sky, Greater Chariot Overrun, Improved Chariot Overrun, Manifest Attack, Stygian Physician, Sorcerous Instructor, Summoned Attack, Surgery.

Thunder River: (119-128): Painted Black Skull, Aspect of Jhebbal Sag, Body Paint Focus, Carried with the Wind, Cling of Power, Colour of Blood, Culling the Weak, Drum Focus, Drums of Fear, Drums of the Altar, Drums of the Dusk, Drums of the Fire, Drums of the Hunt, Drums of the Serpent, Drums of Valusia, Drums of War, Drums of Zogar Sag, Face of Gullah, Face of Jhil, Face of the Panther, Fires of the Ritual, Gather the Tribe, Greater Feint, Greater Grapple, Greater Uncanny Dodge, Improved Paint Focus, Into the Fray, Mark of the Brotherhood, Mask Focus, Out of Thin Air, Pict Slayer, Pictish Blood, Power of the Altar, Primitive Instincts, Sense Weakness, Serpent Eyes, Teeth Gleaming, Terrifying Visage, Trouble in the Wind, Water Wise, Wicked Savagery.

Tito's: None.

Warrior's Companion: (31-33): Dance of Blades (Turanian), Deadly, Halberdier, Hammerblow, Hold Ground, Improved Human Shield, Keen-Eyed Fighter, One-Two Punch, Shield-Splitter, Signature Flourish, Spearman, War Cry.

OGL Barbarian:

Barbaric Warrior: (3-5): Adept of the Lotus, Ambush Shot, Armour Focus, Armour Penetration Focus, Armour Proficiency (Piecemeal), Armour Specialization, Brawl (Addendum), Coordinate Attacks, Defensive Warrior, Disarm of Opportunity, Disciple of Cavalry, Improved Desperate Toss, Live in the Saddle, Master of Cavalry, Scalp Hunter, Time Proven Alias, Trick Rider, Two-Handed Power Stroke, Walk the Gauntlet.

Barbaric Sorcerer: (2-6): Adept of the Lotus, Arcane Builder, Beyond the Limits, Blood Link, Chilled Blast, Concussive Blast, Continued Success, Draw from the Well, Extended Blast, Grand Success, Greater Blast, Hypnotist, Master's Will, Magus, Mystic Potency, Naturalist, Necromancer, Poisoned Blast, Powerful Presence, Prestidigitator, Seer, Set's Blood, Warder, Will of Obscurity.
(Important Note: this book was created for Atlantean Edition, a lot of the Feats are for changing the Blast effect from that Edition).

Barbaric Treasures: (7-8): Antiquarian, Armour Proficiency (Piecemeal), Riddle of Steal, Treasure Hunter.

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Combat Manoeuvres:

Atlantean Edition (179): Basic.

2nd Edition: (204): Basic with a few extra than AE.

Aquilonia: (138 ): Charged Jump, Coax the Beast, Deft Dodging, Hit and Run, Leaping onto your Horse, Rider's Leap, Sideswipe, Snatch and Go, Straddling Two Horses, Sudden Halt, Tackle.

Hyboria's Fiercest: (73): Archery: Counter-Charge Shot, Mounted Archery Cover, Parting Shot, Warning Shot, Melee: Choke, Knock Back, Punishing Strike, Quick Draw Two-Weapon Bluff, Mounted: Charged Jump, Coax the Beast, Deft Dodging, Hit and Run, Leaping onto your Horse, Rider's Leap, Sideswipe, Snatch and Grab, Straddling Two Horses, Sudden Halt, Tackle.

Hyboria's Finest: (74): Block and counter, Combat Rotation, Swinging Attack.

Hyboria's Fallen: (62): Death from Above, Distant Tumble, Disarm in Twos, Distracting Snap, Double Adjustment, Feint and Lunge, Negate Sneak Attack, Shield of Blades, Stunt Attack, Sudden Strike, Swinging Attack, Switch Opponents, Vault over Opponent, Whip & Weapon Strike & Trip, Whip Ensnare.

Jewels of the Vilayet: (No page reference just in File called Skills and Feats): Mounted Archery Cover, Parting Shot.

Player's Guide: (68): Wear Down the Shield-Bearer, Take Control of His Sword.

Shem: (85): Combine Damage, Fatigue and Exhaust Foe, Unbalanced Attack.

Warrior's Companion: (34): Called Strike, Counter-Charge, Dazing Blow, Fear the Butcher, Monkey's Charge, Naming the Stroke, Takedown, Tiger's Pounce, Yeoman's Bane.

Barbaric Warrior: (6): Clothline, Daring Mounting, Deflecting Strike, Desperate Toss, Dodging Roll, Long Reach, Mounted Hidden Attack, Rearing Trample, Sacrificial Strike, Thread the Needle, Twist it Deep.

Barbaric Sorcerer: (6) Sorcerous Manoeuvres: Bar the Door, Focus Dependency, Focused Blast, Overcharge Spell, Phantom Warrior, Pushing the Defence, Reflective Ward, Targeted Ward.

Borderer's Combat Styles:

Argos & Zingara: (86): Argossean Trident, Zingaran Sneak Attack Combat, Zingaran Whip.

Hyboria's Fiercest: (76-82): Bossonian Sniper, Cimmerian Power Attack, Darfari Subdual, Ghulistani Twin Throwing Weapon, Gunderland Two-Handed, Hyperborean Stone Warrior, Hyrkanian Light Cavalry, Iranistani Crossbow, Khitan Jungle Hunter, Khitan Unarmed, Kothic Skirmisher, Nemedian Arbalester, Nordheimer Ice Storm, Pictish Animal Hunter, Pictish Stalking Cat, Skirmisher, Black Kingdom Shield and Spear, Southern Islander Javelin, Stygian Tomb Avenger, Swift Strider, Turanian Slave Taker, Vendhyan Hillman Fighter, Vendhyan Voyager, Westermarck Sniper, Zaheemi Light Cavalry, Zembabwean Blowpipe Ambush, Zingaran Sneak Attack, Zingaran Whip.

Jewels of the Vilayet: (No page reference just in File called Skills and Feats): Hyrkanian Light Cavalry, Turanian Slave Taker.

Signs & Portents 56: (11): Aquilonian Arbalester, Argossean/Zingaran Ghoul Hunter, Darfari Meat Hunter, Gunderland Pike Fighter, Khitan Staff Fighter, Kushite and Northern Black Kingdom Tribesman Spear Fighter, Nordheimer War Sword Wielder, Saami Lassoer, Southern Black Kingdom Bare-Handed Fighter, Southern Islander Swimmer, Turanian Cavalry Man, Zingaran Serpent Hunter.

Stygia: (121): Stygian Tomb Avenger.

Warrior's Companion: (27): Crossbowman, Mountaineering, Pugilism, Spearman, Woodsman.


Argos & Zingara: (86): Marine.
Pirates of the Isles: (43): Marine.
Warrior's Companion: (29-30): Advanced Infantry, Improved Advanced Infantry, Hoplite, Improved Hoplite, Hurler, Improved Hurler, Tortoise Heavy Infantry, Improved Tortoise Heavy Infantry, Volley Support, Improved Volley Support.

Wars and their Conclusion:

Aquilonia Military: (Aquilonia; 44-51).
Argossean Military: (Argos & Zingara; 17-18), (Messantia; 56).
Hyrkanian Military: (Jewels; File).
Hunts and Wars like Shadows: (Cimmeria; 85-92).
Khitai at War: (Khitai; 75-86).
Shemite Military: (Shem; 25-31).
Stygian Military: (Stygia; 28-32).
Turanian Military: (Jewels; File).
Zamora Military: (Shadizar; 32-36).
Zingaran Military: (Argos & Zingara; 60-62).

Fighting Styles:

Hyboria's Finest (71): Defensive Aggressors, Dual Weapon Melee Weapons, Mounted Combat, Heavy Melee Weapons, Ranged Weapons, Reach Weapons, Unarmed Combat.

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Argos & Zingara: (81): Knowledge (Fencing; Zingaran School): (Knock him off Balance, Move away from Attack, Light on my Feet, Visualise the Victory, Unwavering Focus, Impressive Lunge, Masterful Point Control, Clarity, Intricate Swordplay, Improve Feint, Improved Disarm, also 5 rank in Balance give +2 synergy to this skill), Perform (Chastity): (per 5 ranks a Female gets +1 bonus to Diplomacy), Swim (Pierce the Waves, Cliff Dive, synergy; 5 ranks in jump, gives +2 to Cliff Dive).

Cimmeria: (124): Perform (Taunt), also more about this skill on Page 87.

Empires: (No page reference just in File called Skills and Feats): Diplomacy: (Satisfying Ambiguity, Compelling Promise), Knowledge (Local) or Knowledge (Nobility): (Personal Touch), Sense Motive: (Check for Fake Orders, Check for Lord's Interests), Perform (Oratory): (Band of Brothers).

Faith and Fervour: (8-11): Craft (Mask), Diplomacy: (Conversion), Knowledge (Mystery: God), Perform (Rhetoric), (Rerform (Ritual): (Healing Sympathy, Play on Superstition), Sense Motive: (Cold Reading, Seek the Fear).

Hyboria's Fallen: (48,59): Appraise, Bluff (Courtly Flirtation, Distraction, Play Dead), Diplomacy (Curry Favour, Variant Rules: base on how well Character knows other), Disguise (Apply Cosmetics), Gather Information (Spread Rumours), Perform (Virginity), Profession (Fence).

Hyboria's Finest: (70): Perform (Guard Mount): mentions synergy 5 ranks gives +2 to Knowledge (Warfare), Sense Motive (See who weakest is in Enemy Group).

Hyboria's Fiercest: (43-58 ): Survival (Avoid getting lost, Tracking, Hunting, Temporary Structures), Hiding, Climbing, Foraging for Food and Water (Using Survival and Knowledge(Nature)), Profession (Fisherman) for fishing, Trapping: Craft (Trapmaking), Craft (Herbalism); collection of Herbs, Craft (Alchemy) to make them into something useful, Native or chosen as Favoured Terrain get +2 to most of these skills, Hunting get +5, also mention various other Synergies, ie +2 to foraging for food, if 5 ranks in Craft (Herbalism), Balance: +1 for being barefoot, Walking Stick: +1 to Balance and Climb (climb max DC 10 only).

Intimidate: (Use the other Abilities; ie Str = Bully, Int = Terrorise, etc, Page 54).

Free Companies: (49): Knowledge (Warfare); Synergy gives +2 to Initiative, not sure if the 2E chose not to keep this rule, or just not realise they left rule from 2E Book?

Jewels of the Vilayet:(No page reference just in File called Skills and Feats): Mentions Knowledge (any), this is recommended for Turan and Hyrkania, probably with the very odd outsider learning such things. This has chart with bonus to Reputation as these are greatly prized skills amongst these People!

Messantia BK II: (12): Haggling (Use of Appraise and Bluff), Gather Information (Investigation), Perform (Oratory): (Public Influence).

The Thousand Faces: Information in the Art of Debate: (Grace and Wit): (Page 14-19).

Changing the Course of Action; Swaying an Opinion; Altering an Image.

LOCATION FOR THE DEBATE: Private Arena; Semi-Public Arena; Public Arena.

PLAYING OUT DEBATE: Grace and Wit; Social Standing (3 + Cha Modifier, plus feat and skill modifier derived from Reputation).

THE OPENING APPROACH: Brash Assault; Clever Manipulation; Needling Conversation; Bold Statements.

MAKING THE ARGUMENT: Pre-Debate; Opening Round; Action; Tactics of Debate; Criticals and Fumbles; Retaliation; Defeat; Multiple Participants.

TACTICS OF DEBATE: BLACKMAIL, DIRECT (Intimidate or Wits vs Bluff or Grace), BRIBE (Wits vs Will ST for other), FLIRT (Bluff or Wits vs Will ST or Grace), LOGICAL ASSAULT (Bluff or Wits vs Will ST), LURE (Sense Motive vs Will ST), REAFFIRM (Sense Motive or Wits vs Will ST or Grace), THREATEN (Intimidate vs Will ST).

Player Guide: (58): Balance (Combat based), Knowledge (Fencing; Aquilonian School): (Advantage of the Sword, Impressive Lunge, Intricate Swordplay, Improved Feint, Improved Disarm, Mastery of Counterguards, Mastery of Guards, Mastery of Measures, Masterful Point Control, Yielding the Sword).

Shadizar BKII: (16): Intimidate Expanded, but advanced version is in Fiercest.

Shem: (80): Appraise (treaties, trade offers, etc), Heal (Heal Terror, Corruption, magical effects, poisons and diseases), Intimidate (Avoid leaving Marks), Knowledge (Astrology) (nativities, Power of Astrology).

Stygia: (116): Craft (Herbalism): (extra aid, +2 Fort for various curing effects), Heal (Surgery, Remove Organs), Knowledge (Mystery: God): (Gods Page 48-64), Perform (Dance): (Arousing Dance, Fearsome Dance), Perform (Ritual): (Rituals are performed in healing in Stygia, so every 5 ranks in ritual gives a +1 competency bonus to Heal skill), Profession (Mummifer): (other notes page 42), Profession (Scribe): must have 2 ranks in this skill to be able to do Hieroglyphics, Sense Motive (Cold Reading): for Clairvoyance, Fortune-Teller; Bluff 5 ranks give +2 Synergy to Cold Reading.

Tito's: (75): Crafts skill revised.

Thunder River: (117): Craft (Body Paint): (grants some morale bonuses etc, depends on style of painting , war, hunting, etc), Craft (Mask): (Boosts skills, atks, DR, depending on the mask created), Craft (Talking Drum): (create various size drums), Perform (Ritual): (Play on Superstitions), Perform (Talking Drum): (sends messages to other over great distances).

Warrior Companion: (41): New Skills: Challenge (Cha; Trained Only), Sharpen (Wis; Trained Only), Tactics (Int; Trained Only), mentions the classes that they assigned to, Appraise (3 ranks; Armament Judgement), Handle Animal (6 ranks; Cavalry Team Training), Concentration (3 ranks; Fighting Meditation), Spot (4 ranks; Find Ambush Point), Craft (Weaponsmith) (4 ranks; Personalising Weapons), Escape Artist (2 ranks; Sectioning Armour off), Intimidate (6 ranks; Subtle Threats), Heal (5 ranks; Temporary Aid), Profession (Soldier/Gladiator/Mercenary) (4 ranks; Warrior for Hire).

OGL Barbarian Books:

Barbaric Warrior: (3): Option Rule for Knowledge (Nature).

Barbaric Treasure: (3-7): Craft (Goldsmith), Craft (Gemcutting), Craft (Taxidermy), Handle Animal (New Trick: Barding Proficiency), Profession (Butcher), Profession (Furrier), Profession (Tanner).

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Prestige Classes:

Across the Thunder River: (Pages 144-150).

Dancing Savage.
The Drummer in the Dark.
Forest Runner.
Hunt Master.
Paramount Chief.

Aquilonia; Flower of the West: (Page 141-145).

Gunderland Mercenary: (also Compendium; Page: 23)
Gunderland Pikeman.
Potainion Knight: (also Compendium; Page: 24).

Bestiary of the Hyborian Age: (Page 159).

The Beastmaster.

Compendium:(Page 7-9 and 23-25).

White Hand of Hyperborea.
Gunderland Mercenary.
Poitainian Knight.

Messantia, City of Riches: Book II: (Page 2-11).

Merchant Prince.
House Agent.
Agent of the Crown.

Secrets of Skelos: (Page 162-167).

Lord of Black Ring: (also in Stygia P122).
Master of the Black Circle.
Sorcerer of the Scarlet Circle.
Master of Death.

Shadizar; City of Wickedness: Book II: (Page 26-30).

The Professional: (Assassin, Bandit, Burglar, Confidence Artist, Cutpurse, Embezzler, Forger, Impersonator, Kidnapper, Mugger, Slaver).

The Warrior Companion: (Page 58-74).

The Axeman.
The Duellist.
The Pit Fighter.
The Savage.
The Warlord.
The Wrestler.

OGL Barbarian:

Barbaric Warrior: (Page 14-42).

Deep Wilder.
Divine Falconer.
Honour Duellist.
Horse Lord.
Kindred Archer.
Pit Fighter.
Sea Devil.
Warrior of Dreams.

Barbaric Sorcerer: (Page 9-23).

Blood Theurgist.
Spawn of Set.
Tattooed Mystic.
Witch Doctor.

Signs and Potents 54: (Page 76-78)

Hyrkanian Skirmisher.

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Conan RPG 1st Edition: ( Page: 199); (Number of Spells: 53).
Conan RPG Atlantean Edition: (Page: 194); (Number of Spells: 53).
Conan Second Edition: (Page: 238). (Number of Spells: 73).


Scrolls of Skelos: (Page: 6); (Number of Spells: 30).
Secrets of Skelos: (Page: 3); (Number of Spells: 96).
Player's Guide to the Hyborian Age: (Page: 96); (Number of Spells: 12).

Across the Thunder River: (Page: 130); (Number of Spells: 6).

Pirate Isles: (Page: 103); (Number of Spells: 21).

Compendium: (Page: 10); (Number of Spells: 1).
Faith and Fervour: (Page: 13/33/36); (Number of Spells: 3).
Free Companies: (Page: 77); (Number of Spells: 15).
Hyboria's Fallen: (Page: 65); (Number of Spells: 7).
Hyboria's Finest: (Page: 65); (Number of Spells: 8).

Stygia; Serpent of the South: (Page: 72); (Number of Spells: 10).
Shem; Gateway to the South: (Page: 43); (Number of Spells: 4).

Return to Road of Kings: (Page: 46); (Number of Spells: 1).

Messantia; BkII: (Page: 25); (Number of Spells: 6).
Khitai: (Page: 64); (Number of Spells: 27).

Signs and Potents: 34: (Page: 26); (Number of Spells: 2).
Signs and Potents: 78: (Page: 36); (Number of Spells: 17).

Barbaric Sorcerer: (Page: 24); (Number of Spells: 24).

New Spells: (Within New Spells); (Number of Spells: 23).

Witchery Defensive Blasts: (Within Wizard's Tower); (Number of Spells: 2).

Warning; GM Only:

Betrayer of Asgard: (Page: 131); (Number of Spells: 5).
Trail of Blood: (Page: 242); (Number of Spells: 1).
The City of the Spider-God: (Page: 40); (Number of Spells: 8).

Total Spells: See Here:

This is not including the 1st edition, Atlantean Edition and old Scrolls of Skelos which is left out of total.

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Changes to Prestige Classes from Atlantean Edition:

Note: While reading the Sourcebook Khitai; I noticed 3 new Character Class: 1) Khitan Mercenary, 2) Khitan Pikeman and 3) Khitan Noble Cavalry. It took me awhile (as I not read the book much) that they where in fact a remake of the Prestige Classes mentioned below and not properly structured either, bit missed out and not properly explained (as I presume they rushed the book onto the shelves for many reasons, I can only guess at).

* Still they lay in this Book unused and only a Khitan could use them; if they could be used, so I converted them so any Culture can use them.

Aquilonia; Flower of the West: (Page 141-145).

Gunderland Mercenary: (also Compendium P23); (Note: Has been converted to an actual Class call Mercenary).
Gunderland Pikeman; (Note: Has been converted to an actual Class call Pikeman).
Potainion Knight: (also Compendium P24); (Note: Has been converted to an actual Class call Noble Cavalry).

Compendium: (Page 23-25).

Gunderland Mercenary. (Note: Has been converted to an actual Class call Mercenary).
Poitainian Knight. (Note: Has been converted to an actual Class call Noble Cavalry).

* Here is link to to Classes and Notes.

Mercenary: Click here!

Noble Cavalry: Click here!

Pikeman: Click here!

Pikemen Exotic Weapons: Click here!

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OGL Barbarian:

Some might want to know more about these books.

The Barbaric Warrior:
The Barbaric Sorcerer:
The Barbaric Treasure:

More Dark Knowledge:
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Beast, <span style='font-family:crom'>Creatures, <span style='font-family:crom'>Demons and Other Dangerous Things. </span></span>

Conan AE: Humans (298), Animals (299), Monsters (313).
Conan 2E: Human (352), Animals (358), Monsters (376).

Across Thunder River: Humans (51), NPC (8-10, 16, 68, 71 & 181), Picts (96), Animals (135), Swarms (138), Aberation (141). Were-Panther (171), Demon (189).

Argos and Zingara: NPC (31, 68 & 87), Humans (88).

Aquilonia: NPC (75 & 184), Monsters (149), Humans (157).

Cimmeria: Humans (100), Beasties (104).

Empires: (King Conan and NPC File): Mostly Noble types of Thurian.

Jewels of the Vilayet: (Appendix: NPC File): NPC of Turan and Hyrkania.

Khitai: Humans (87), Beasties (99).

Pirates Isles: NPC (69), Humans (79), Animals (90), Monsters (94).

Road of Kings: Varied Creatures through the Book; (22-24), (29-31), (127), (147-150), NPC (128), (168-179).

Return to Road of Kings: Varied Creatures through the Book; (11-12), (63-65), (71-73), (81).

Ruins of Hyboria: Monsters (51, 58, 77, 96 & 114), Demons (71, 79, 81 & 89), NPC (118), Beasties (141).

Messantia: City of Riches: Bile Rat (28), 2 Demons (28-30), Water Dragon (31).

Scrolls of Skelos: Creatures & Monsters (66), Demon (75), Making Monsters ( ), NPC (106).

Secrets of Skelos: Creatures & Monsters (91), Demons (98), Making Monsters (109), NPC (132).

Shadizar; City of Wickedness: Book I: Humans (15, 33, 48, 53, 58 & 66).
Shadizar; City of Wickedness: Book II: Humans (3), Animals (17), Monsters (17).

Shem; Gateway to the South: Demons (86), NPC (92).

Stygia; Serpent of the South: NPC (91 & 140), Animals (124), Demons (128), Humans (145).


Scenarios: BEWARE !!! GM ONLY !!!
(Put these in as there is variety of Beasties and Things here)

Adventures of the Hyborian Age: NPC (8-9, 12-38, 41-43, 59, 67-68, 74, 76, 94-98, 120-123, 127, 136-137, 141, 145), Monster (15, 38, 64-65, 69-71, 75, 78, 92, 108-109, 113, 144), Demon (40, 44, 70, 98, 116, 128, 130-133), Beasts (50, 52-54, 57-58, 78, 88-89, 114, 138-140, 142), Ships (99).

Betrayer of Asgard: NPC (6-7, 24-27, 48-50, 78, 80, 81, 112-113, 114, 116-120, 121, 130, 136-155), Animal (24, 26), Monster (27-28, 78), Undead 50-51, 115 76-77, 120, 129-130), Beastie (77, 79, 113, 114), Demon (80).

Catacombs of Hyboria: Varied Creatures through the Book NPC (38, 46, 62-64, 71, 79,-81, 89, 97-98 & 106), Beasties (40, 48-50, 55-57, 65-66, 72-74, 81-83, 90-92, 99-100 & 107).

Cities of Hyboria: Varied Creatures through the Book ; NPC: 77-80, 87-90, 96-98, 106-107, 112-113, 126-129. Monsters/Creatures: 81-82, 91-92, 98-100, 104, 108-109, 114-115, 120-121

Tales of Black Coast: Animals (73), Demons (23, 38, & 49), NPC (36, 45, 51, 56 & 64).

Trail of Blood: NPC (16-19, 33, 34, 35-36, 37, 38-39, 51-53, 54-56, 60-61, 73, 76-77, 87, 88-89, 91, 95-96, 102, 122-123, 130-132, 141, 142, 146-148, 153-154, 164, 174, 177-179, 192, 200-204, 214-215, 221, 240, 241), Animal (33, 34, 36, 38, 53, 72, 88, 103, 112, 114-115, 117-120, 160-163, 171, 189-191, 216, 222, 236-238), Demon (60, 74, 142, 172, 223, 243), Monster (75, 113, 224), Beastie (116), Plant (113, 171, 223), Undead (239, 240).

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Conan Book Index

Argos & Zingara:

Aquilonia, Flower of the West:

Bestiary of Hyborian Age:

Catacombs of Hyboria:


Cities of Hyboria:


Empires of Hyboria: (File only):

Faith and Fervour:

Free Companies:

Hyborian's Fallen:

Hyborian's Finest:

Hyborian's Fiercest:

Jewels of the Vilayet: (File only):


Messantia, City of Riches; Box-Set:

Pirate Isles:

Player's Guide to the Hyborian Age:

Return to Road of Kings:

Road of Kings:

Ruins of Hyboria:

Scrolls of Skelos:

Secrets of Skelos:

Shadizar, City of Wickedness; Box-Set:

Shem, Gateway to the South:

Stygia, Serpent of the South:

Across the Thunder River:

Tito's Trading Post:

Warrior's Companion:


Adventures in the Hyborian Age:

Betrayer of Asgard:

Heretics of Tarantia:

Lurking Terror of Nahab:

Reavers of the Vilayet Sea:

Tales of the Black Kingdoms:

Tower of the Elephant:

Trial of Blood:

From Box-Sets:

Dark Den of Inquiry:

Vengeance of the Golden Skull:

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By Unknown with Appreciation:

Here is a listing I have compiled while preparing to run a Conan game for my gaming group. I put the information together sorted by geography so that I would have a good idea what was about depending on where the PCs head and where the flow of the game/story takes them. Besides just the straight adventures it also lists locations that have write ups on them as well as articles that are oriented towards the various locations (S&P). Perhaps it will be of some use to others who are still adventuring in the Hyborian Age!



Heretics of Tarantia (Aquilonia: Tarantia)
Faith and Blood (Aquilonia: Tarantia – SP82)
Defending the West (Aquilonia: Westermarck – Thunder River)
Danger in the Westermarck (Aquilonia: Westermarck – Compendium)
Trial of Blood (Aquilonia: Tarantia – Trial of Blood Campaign)


Vengeance of the Golden Skull (Argos: Messantia – boxed set)
Bitter Oranges (Argos/Zingara – SP73)
Hunting the Falcon (Agros: Messantia – SP75)
Scroll of Tsothemenes (Argos: Messantia – Adventures in the Hyborian Age)
Location – City of the Ghouls (Argos/Zingara – Ruins of Hyboria)
Article - Gladiators of Messantia (SP38)

Black Kingdoms

Shroud Over Zebhela (Kush: Zebhela – Black Kingdoms)
The Ruins of Atlaia (Atlaia - Black Kingdoms)
The Red Citadel (Wadai: Aurik - Black Kingdoms)
The Children of Jullah (Kush: Zebhela – Compendium)
Kingdom of Apes – (Kush: Lumba – Adventures in the Hyborian Age)
Location - Xuthal (Kush – SP29)
Location – The Dragon’s Graveyard (Abombi – Catacombs of Hyboria)
Location – Yanyoga The City of the Skull (Black Kingdoms - Cities of Hyboria)
Location – City of the Winged One (Black Kingdoms: Zarkheba – Ruins of Hyboria)
Location – Gazal Horror Dwells in the red Tower (Black Kingdoms – Ruins of Hyboria)
Location – Xuchotl (Black Kingdoms – Ruins of Hyboria)
Article - Wildlife and Monsters in Atlaia (SP62)
Article – Darkarra The Spirit Eaters of Darfer (Darfar - Compendium)


Honour of Men (Brythunia – Adventures in the Hyborian Age)


Cimmerian Moors (Cimmeria – SP74)
Location – Cianogh The Veins of the Mountain (Ymir Pass: Cimmeria - Catacombs of Hyboria)
Location – Seven Stones The Clanholme of Blue Fox (Cimmeria - Cities of Hyboria)
Article - Ten Reasons to Leave Cimmeria (SP70)


Lurking Terror of Nahab (Corinthia: Nahab)


Dead Eyes (Hyperborea – SP76)
Location – The Sythic Caverns (Hyperborea/Hykania - Catacombs of Hyboria)
Article – The White Hand of Hyperborea (Hyperborea – Compendium)


Cursed Tomb of Al’Amar (Hyrkania – Adventures in the Hyborian Age)
Location – Onagrul Port of Coin and Daggers (Hyrkania - Cities of Hyboria)
Location – The Isle of Iron Statues (Hyrkania: Vilayet Sea – Ruins of Hyboria)
Article - Hyrkanian Medicine and Religion (SP64)
Article - Entertainment and Diversions in Hyrkania (SP67)


Ta-Heng’s Protection (Chosain: Khitai – Khitai)
The Temple of Ohman-Tus (Desert Marches: Khitai – Khitai)
The Ghost City of Chamba-Re (Ruo-gen: Khitai – Khitai)
In Po-Sha’s Wake (The Wall: Khitai – Khitai)
New Year’s Day (Paikang: Khitai – Khitai)
Margin of Water (Kambuljan: Khitai – Khitai)
In the Company of Sung (Kambuljan: Khitai – Khitai)
Location – Tai Paun Li Nine Flooded Tunnels (Khitai - Catacombs of Hyboria)


Wine of the Gods (Koth – SP69)
Location – The Scarlet Citadel (Koth – SP45)
Location – Khorshemish Queen of the South (Koth - Cities of Hyboria)


Horror in Numalia (Numalia: Nemedia – SP44)
Vault of Thedipides (Nemedia – SP47)
The Pit Where Mad Things Drum (Nemedia – SP49)
Plunderers of the Dead (Numalia: Nemedia – Compendium)
The God in the Bowl (Numalia: Nemedia – Compendium)


Temple of Tears (Nordheim – SP53)
Betrayer of Asgard (Nordheim: Asgard)
Location – The Snow Devil Hollows (Nordheim: Asgard - Catacombs of Hyboria)

Pirate Isles

Location – Barachan Islands (Pirate Isles – SP81)


The Coming of Hanuman (Shem – PDF)
Location – Yhaster Den Leona The Home of the Lion (Shem - Catacombs of Hyboria)
Location – Eruk In the Shadow of Natohk (Shem - Cities of Hyboria)
Location – Kuthchemes The Tomb of Thugra Khotan (Shem – Ruins of Hyboria)


Staff of Ibis (Shem/Stygia – SP37)
Palace of Cetriss (Stygia – SP68)
The Children of Ishiti (Stygia – Adventures in the Hyborian Age)
Location – The Ark of Delight (Stygia – SP52)
Location – Khemi (Stygia – Compendium)
Location – Ankhenu The Fallen Pyramid (Kheshatta: Stygia - Catacombs of Hyboria)
Location – Khet The City of Scorpions (Stygia – Ruins of Hyboria)
Location – Pteion The Damned (Stygia – Ruins of Hyboria)
Location – Tombs & Pyramids (Stygia – Ruins of Hyboria)
Article - The Houses of Set (SP75)


To Save a Kingdom (Turan – SP86)
The Reavers of the Vilayet (Turan/Hyrkania)
Location – Aghraphur (Turan – SP32)
Location – Hadraput Wind City of Turan (Turan - Cities of Hyboria)


The Dark Alter of Katar (Vendhya: Kepthhamun – Web Enhancement)
The Black Alter of Katar (Vendhya – Adventures in the Hyborian Age)
Location – Edau Voyha Beneath the Indigo Fields (Vendhya - Catacombs of Hyboria)
Location – Yimsha (Vendhya – SP46)


The Tower of the Elephant (Zamora: Arenjun)
Dark Dens of Iniquity (Zamora: Shadizar – boxed set) – started maybe
The Book of the Elephant Part 1 (Zamora: Shadizar – SP58)
The Book of the Elephant Part 2 (Zamora: Shadizar – SP59)
The Book of the Elephant Part 3 (Zamora: Shadizar – SP60)
The Black Stones of Kovag-Re (Zamora: Arenjun – PDF)
Conan and the Thing That Lurks (Zamora: Shadizar – Adventures in the Hyborian Age)
Location – The Well of Restless Slumbers (Zamora - Catacombs of Hyboria)
Location – Yezud The Spider’s Web of Zamora (Zamora - Cities of Hyboria)
Location – Dagoth Hill Ruins (Zamora: Shadizar – Ruins of Hyboria)
Article - Scenarios of Shadizar (SP35)


Moonlight on the Ocaen (Zingara: Western Ocean – Adventures in the Hyborian Age)
Location – Isle of the Black Ones (Zingara: Western Ocean – Ruins of Hyboria)
Article – The Kordavan Way (Zingara – Compendium)

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Types of Reputation and Affects

"Added for any who still use this system."

Reputation to those that know Atlantean EditionE rule is a fixed number( in theory I just cannot be bother keep note of everyone different Deeds, maybe years from now, when I have more time I will allow myself the time to comprehend it, but not this day.

So as the skies darken and the winds roar in a high booming noise, we shall continue to use Atlantean Edition rule: The way it is done is chose a personality, a trait, a way u behave, some thing that People recognize you by in action or words.

I will break them down into sections, from the Heroic to the not so Heroic!

1: Brave:* Bluff and Intimidate.
2: Chivalrous Bluff and Diplomacy.

3: Honest:* Bluff, Sense Motive and Gather Information.
4: Talented:* Bluff and Profession.
5: Observer:0^ Gather Information, Sense Motive and Spot.

6:Mysterious:x Bluff and Intimidate.

7: Mercenary:o Gather Information, Intimidate, and Profession.
8: Proxy: ^V Diplomacy: Intimidate and Sense Motive. (as Negative Gather information).

9: Marriageable:o Gather Information, Diplomacy and Knowledge(Nobility).
10: Seductive: ^v Diplomacy and Gather Information.
11: Gossip: ^v Bluff and Gather Information: (Can be both Negative and Positive modifier,
       depends on the person talking to them knowing what they are like, if person seeks to give
       Gossip information, or chose to keep it secret).
12: Fertile:x Knowledge (Local).

13: Decadent:x Bluff, Diplomacy and Gather Information.
14: Debauched:^v Intimidate and Gather Information.

15: Trickster:* Intimidate and Gather Information. (Negative: Bluff).
16: Liar:^v Bluff, Intimidate and Gather Information. (those that know him as a liar, give him
      negative modifier).

17: Coward:* Bluff and Gather Information.
18: Paranoid:^v Bluff. (Negative: Diplomacy and Gather Information).
19: Banished:^ (negative: Bluff and Diplomacy), (x2 if other tribal Folks of his own type).

20: Cruel:* Bluff, (Intimidate can be used against only People in Authority).
21: Wicked:^v Intimidate and Gather Information. (Negative: Sense Motive).
22: Fallen:^v Gather Information. (Negative Diplomacy).

23: Xenophobic:x Bluff, Diplomacy and Gather Information. ( Only with those that share same REP
      otherwise a Negative).
24: Perverted:v Diplomacy and Gather Information. (Only those of same REP, others a Negative).
25: Haunted:x Intimidate and Gather Information.

26: Villain:* Bluff, Intimidate and Gather Information.

Reputation Effects:

  Score:     Bonus/Negative        Penalty to disguise.
    1-4             +0                                -
   5-10            +1                                -
  11-17           +2                                -1
  18-25           +3                                -1
  26-34           +4                                -2
  35-44           +5                                -2
  45-55           +6                                -3
  56-67           +7                                -3
  68-80           +8                                -4
  81-94           +9                                -4
    95+           +10                               -5

Books for Reference:

* Conan RPG (Atlantean Edition).
^ Hyboria Fallen.
o Aquilonia.
v Shadizar.
x Stygia.

Aliases: Having An Alias as Conan Did, Example: he is Brave REP as Conan, but as Arma he is a Villain.

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Character Sheets:

I have had these Character Sheets (CS) for some time, working at them since 2004, but have never really had time to sort them properly as there was some differences between AE and 2E.

Still, I quickly did them today and think some of you may find them helpful, though for me I use my Computers more now and for about 90% of the time for my Conan RPG stuff, amongst other things and do not get much time to use them, but I do know it is enjoyable to sit with a DvD of a favoured comedy or "Conan the Barbarian,' Movie and fill in a new PC and from these Character Sheets, I hope a few of you can enjoy a good night creating a bold adventurer!

An Example:

My first Conan RPG Character "Nialldubh," I do enjoying personalizing my CS and this is for example is what I did for my favoured Character.

Nialldubh: Front: Back:

Basic Character Sheet:

Basic Front: Basic Solo and Duo Back: Plain Basic Back: Basic Logo Back:

Some Enhanced (Added Picture) Character Sheets:

CS1: CS2: CS3: CS4: CS5:

For CS1-4, I add picture and printed, for CS5, I took a basic CS and sketched in the picture myself.

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Customised Character Sheets:

Bandit: Front: Back:

Barbarian: Front: Back:

Borderer: Front: Back:

Noble: Front: Back:

Nomad: Front: Back:

Pirate: Front: Back:

Soldier: Front: Back:

Scholar: Front: Sorcerer: Sorceress Wizard: Blank Scholar: Back1: Back2:

Tempter: Front: Back:

Temptress: Front: Back:

Thief: Front: Back:

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NPC Character Sheets:

Elite NPC Sheet: Large Picture Box.

Elite NPC Sheet: Small Picture Box.

Non-Elite Sheet:
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Useful Adventuring Tools:

GM help:

Battle Chart Sheet: HPs, Defence, Init, and attacks, quick reference. Done for 1E, but only difference is DV (Dodge Value) and PV (Parry Value) and easily adapted to 2E way of terminology.

Skill Chart Sheet: Quick reference to a PC's skills.
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Conan Variant Rules:

Some rules variants for Characters.

Body Types Structure:

Speed and Health:
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Conan Pages:

Useful tools if one wants to create a page using old 1E and AE style pages.

Conan Page 1:

Conan Page 2:

Conan Double Page:
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Conan Stretched Skins:

Useful for descriptions and charts.

Stretched Skin: with Helmeted Skull, large.

Stretched Skin: with Helmeted Skull, medium.

Stretched Skin: with Helmeted Skull, small.

Stretched Skin: with two skulls, large.

Stretched Skin: with Helmeted Skull and Sheathed Dagger, large.

Stretched Skin: with Helmeted Skull and Sheathed Dagger, medium-large1.

Stretched Skin: with Helmeted Skull and Sheathed Dagger, medium-large2.

Stretched Skin: with Helmeted Skull and Sheathed Dagger, medium.

Stretched Skin: with Helmeted Skull and Sheathed Dagger, medium-small.

Stretched Skin: with Helmeted Skull and Sheathed Dagger, small.

Stretched Skin: with Helmeted Skull and Sheathed Dagger, larger and wider.

Stretched Skin: with Skull and Sheathed Dagger, large.

Stretched Skin: with Skull and Sheathed Dagger, medium.

Stretched Skin: with Skull and Sheathed Dagger, small.

Stretched Skin: with Skull, large.

Stretched Skin: with Skull, medium-large.

Stretched Skin: with Skull, medium.

Stretched Skin: with Skull, medium-small.

Stretched Skin: with Skull, small.

Stretched Skin: with Skull, very small.

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Hex Grids:

Blank Hex 20 x 29 lines; Here:

0101 to 3020 Here:

0101 to 2020 Here:
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