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The Blood Theurgist:; Prestige Class: The Blood Theurgist.
Topic Started: Jul 4 2013, 06:37 PM (453 Views)
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The Blood Theurgist

”The power is in my veins is - I just need to release it!

Blood Theurgist: Spells and Feats:

The sorcerous energies inherent to the blood are an uncontested fact that is proven every time a practitioner of the dark arts kills a living thing in order to enhance his own arcane potency. Blood Theurgist take advantage of this fact by extending their methodologies to sacrifice of their own blood.

Every time a Blood Theurgist cuts into his flesh, he draws upon and enhances the otherwise minuscule traces of arcane energy that are normally untraceably released and wasted through mundane activities.

Most other sorcerers – even those who are corrupt and evil avoid this power. The Blood Theurgist believes it is because they are afraid and fear their own mortality and stay away from anything that weakens their flesh as much as they can. The Blood Theurgist is, he believes, courageous, able to take the pain to gain greater power from the blood, one of the riches powers of life itself.

Campaign Use

From Picts eating the heart of a wild panther, to ritual scaring of the Black Kingdoms, form a Nordheimer barbarian drinking the intoxicating black blood of an oxen, or the ritualistic pledges of loyalty to another, sworn to the blending of each others blood, a practised performed throughout Thurian and beyond. The Blood Theurgist takes on many names and titles, but in majority of places he is accepted as part of the norm, with the exception from the King's courtroom in Aquilonia there is not many places that not use blood to enforce a reality in life.


To qualify to become a Blood Theurgist, a Character must fulfil the following criteria.

Base Attack bonus: +3
Magic Attack bonus: +2
Sorcery Styles: Any two
Feats: Blood Link
Skills: Concentration 6 ranks, Heal 4 ranks, Perform (Ritual) 6 ranks.
Code of Honour: Must not have Chivalrous Code of Honour.
Special: Must have sacrificed a living thing to acquire Power Points.

Game Rule Information

Hit Dice: 1d6

Class Skills:

The Blood Theurgist's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Concentration (Con), Craft (Alchemy), Decipher Script (Int), Heal (Wis), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (Arcana) (Int), Knowledge (History) (Int), Knowledge (Local) (Int), Knowledge (Religion) (Int), Perform (Cha), Profession (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis) and Survival (Wis).

Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 6 + Int modifier.

The Blood Theurgist
Level.....BAB.............Dodge.....Parry.....MAB.....Fort.....Reflex.....Will .....Special.
1.............+0..................+0.........+0..........+0.......+2..........+0.........+2........Blood Rite (1:1) Blood Witchery Sorcery Style
2.............+1..................+1.........+0..........+0.......+3..........+0.........+3........Advanced Spell, Blood Strike (Self)
3.............+2..................+1.........+1..........+0.......+3..........+1.........+3........Advanced Spell, +1 Power Point
4.............+3..................+2.........+1..........+1.......+4..........+1.........+4........Blood Rites (1:2)
5.............+3..................+2.........+1..........+1.......+4..........+1.........+4........Advanced Spell
6.............+4..................+3.........+2..........+1.......+5..........+2.........+5........Blood Strike (Attack), +1 Power Point
7.............+5..................+3.........+2..........+1.......+5..........+2.........+5........Advanced Spell
8.............+6/+1.............+4.........+3..........+2.......+6..........+2.........+6........Blood Rite (1:3)
9.............+6/+1.............+4.........+3..........+2.......+6..........+3.........+6........Advanced Spell, +1 Power Point
10...........+7/+2 ............+5.........+3..........+2.......+7..........+3.........+7........Advanced Spell, Bleeding Out

Class Features
All the following are Class Features of the The Blood Theurgist.

Weapon and Armour Proficiency: A Blood Theurgist is proficient will Simple Weapons and Martial Weapons and Light Throwing Weapons, but gains no new Armour Proficiencies.

Scholar Levels: The Blood Theurgist may add his Blood Theurgist's Class level to his Scholar Class level for gaining bonus spells for high Intelligence and determining effective Scholar levels when casting spells, this is a supernatural ability.

Blood Rites: A Blood Theurgist gains 1 Power Point per hit point of self-inflicted damage caused during the casting of a spell. A character at 4th level feels his power grow within him and the Power Points gained is increased to 2 Power Points per 1 hit of damage, and at 8th level it is increased again to 3 Power Points per 1 hit point.

Wounds caused by anyone other than the Blood Theurgist cannot be gained as Power Points is that fashion; this is a supernatural ability.

Every time this ability is used the Blood Theurgist must make a Corruption save (DC 10 + self-inflicted damage).

Note: Example: A spell that cost 5 Power Points requires half the spell to be made of Caster's blood; for example 2.5 points, so this is greater than 2 points and must be rounded up to 3 hit points of blood to convert into Power Points.

Blood Witchery Sorcery Style: A Blood Theurgist gains access to the exclusive Blood Witchery Sorcery Style.

Blood Strike:

Blood Strike (Self):
Attempting to get precise damage from self-inflicted damage as part of casting of spell as a free action: Dexterity check: DC 15 + damage required. If failed, then normal damage is rolled for weapon used with Strength modifier and feat as necessary (See notes, next post).

* The Blood Theurgist can opt to take this action as a standard action and store the Power Points gained and keep a reserve of Power Points generated for later, if stored Power Points gained take the Blood Theurgist above his Base Power Points, they will deplete at the usual 1 Power Point per hour.

Blood Strike (Attack): When a Blood Theurgist gains 8th level, the Blood Theurgist becomes very skilled at his art and can now make attacks on others to gain the blood for his spells. The Blood Theurgist has a few options.

* He makes a normal attack roll as part of a Full-round action versus the victim as part of the casting of his spell and as a free action makes a Dexterity check (DC equals targets Defence + desired damage needed to generate the Power Points for his spell).

Note: Adding flanking and Multiple Opponent rules, should be acceptable to use with the Dexterity check.

If successful with both rolls, the weapon will therefore do the normal damage (by weapon type) inflicted on the target (unless he states he pulling the attack, which does half damage and Player can opt to use Str bonus or not), this will include the damage required for the Dexterity check roll and will be converted into Power Points to power the Blood Theurgist's spell.

If a Blood Theurgist required 3 Power Points and rolled only 2 damage, plus succeeded in his Dex check, he would have to supple the remaining Power Points needed to cast spell from his personal reserves. If he would be reduced below zero Power Points to cast spell, he will be forced to use the “Pushing it,” rule or relinquish the casting of spell, with no further lose.

If he does a critical attack, he can choose to ignore it or allow the target to suffer the wound.

* It the attack hits, but he fails the Dexterity check, his attack hits normally, but does only half damage due to bad technique. Failure in any of these two actions causes the Blood Theurgist to fail to cast the spell and also loses him the remaining Power Points he would have needed to cast his spell (equal to half the spell required Power Points round down, as Blood supplies most of a odd numbered spell. GM's ruling as sees fit).

* The Blood Theurgist can opt to take this action as a Standard action, but he does not cast any spell! This negates any Power Points lose from attempting to cast a spell and failing in the attack. Any reserved Power Points gained for later is stored and if this takes the Blood Theurgist above his Base Power Points, they will deplete at the usual 1 Power Point per hour.

* The use of the Blood Strike must be declared before the attack roll is made.

Note: In conjunction with Blood Rites, a Blood Theurgist only needs to do 1 damage from a foes and gain the benefits of his higher levels to gain 2 for 1, or 3 for 1 gain (at 8th level) of damage to Power Points.

This is a Extraordinary ability.


A Blood Theurgist (4th level Scholar/8th level Blood Theurgist) makes an attack on a foe, the foe's Parry is 14 and the Blood Theurgist requires 3 Power Points of blood from him to fuel his spell for a Dexterity DC of 15. It is high, but he got flanking from one of his comrades and he a second attacker, his BAB is +7 and Dex 16 for finesse attack at total modifier of +13, he roll 10 +13 =23, and he hit with ease with his flame knife (rolling a 3 on his die, +1 Str bonus), bypassing any armour. Also as a free action he simultaneously does the Dexterity check, he roll a 12 +6 (+3 Dex, +2 Flanking and +1 2nd attacker) for a total roll of 18 and he gains the 3 Power Points, he also did the 4 damage with his flame knife attack!

~ A failure to hit would have lose him the chance of his foe's blood for the 3 Power Points he required, and in Theory; he was wishing to cast a 6 Power Point spell and he lost also the 3 points from his Base Power Points.

+1 Power Point: At levels 3, 6 and 9 the Blood Theurgist's Base Power Points increase by +1. This is a supernatural ability.

Advanced Spell: At levels 2, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 10 a Blood Theurgist improves is knowledge of any one the Sorcery Styles he already knows by gaining any one of the Advanced spells listed under the style. The Blood Theurgist may choose his Advanced Spell himself, this is a supernatural ability.

Bleeding Out: When conducting a sacrifice, a 10th level Blood Theurgist gains 1 Power Point per hit point of the sacrifice victim. If time is taken to allow the blood to flow till it completely used and drains the corpse of it's life giving fluid. No other benefit is gain unless they be cannibals and eat the corpse! His is a supernatural ability.

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Notes on Abilities:

Blood Rites and Blood Strike (Self):

Cutting one's self with a greatsword should not cause the Blood Theurgist to do 1d8+1d10+ any Str bonus (and feats) if he is just rubbing his forearm along the blade, not trying to saw his arm off or take a swing at himself in two-handed fashion to accidentally lob his leg off!

Now common sense states that a knife or dagger causes 1d4, if using a greatsword, broadsword, etc. He states he will cut himself for 3 points, consider that he carefully is pressing his flesh to the blade edge and not trying to saw through it!

If a 1st level Blood Theurgist wants 5 Power Points from his blood, threat these blades like a poniard, etc. etc.

If he fails his Dex check, he suffers only the 1d4 (or what ever dice has been agreed to)+ half Str (round down, minimum zero) for being careful.

Blood Strike (Attack):

A Hyborian Blood Theurgist can use a greatsword, if attacking a foe using Blood Strike (Attack) he cannot possibly be that careful, he should only be allowed to attack with less energy and cause half damage and either add his Str bonus as he chooses.

Example I: A Hyborian Blood Theurgist swings his greatsword at a foe, but he wishes to keep foe alive so he can make a second Blood Strike (Attack) on him the next round. He rolls damage (1d8+1d10+1 Str bonus of his Str 12), he would do a total of 13, this is to much and may kill the enemy soldier. He restrains his attack doing half damage. 7 -2 DR for soldier’s leather jerkin and getting a total of 5, the Blood Theurgist only needs 4 extra Power Points (needing only 2 damage) and opts to remove his Str bonus for a total of 4 damage.

Example II: A Hyborian Blood Theurgist swings his greatsword at a foe, but he has no wishes to keep his foe alive, he can makes his Blood Strike (Attack) at his enemy. He rolls damage (1d8+1d10+1 Str bonus of his Str 12), he got a total of 13, against the enemy soldier. The soldier's armour reduces the damage. 13 -2 DR (for soldier’s leather jerkin) and getting a total of 11, the Blood Theurgist only needs 4 extra Power Points and needs to make a DC 13 Dex check (Soldier is 1st level and only has his sword to parry with and has a Str 13). The Soldier had only 6 hp and fall bleeding to the cobble stoned road.

If a Blood Theurgist wants to do less damage to a foe, he should use the appropriate tool, a knife or even the point of an arrow. Also it seems the ability negate armour and a Knight in Full Plate, might wonder how, just because an attack hit, that he still was caused damage from a mêlée attack (not finesse) because the ability allows it.

So considering Blood Theurgists can use Martial weapons, it seems appropriate that they can work in some kind of martial prowess with his ability.

Example: Blood Theurgist (Str 14) with a bardiche (1d10+1d8) x3; AP: 9, is in combat with his comrades against a group of Turanian guards. He steps in and swings in flanking against the closest Turanian. For this example we will allow him to hit. He does a pathetic 3 damage + 3 Str bonus (2H) = 6 (which I actually rolled). The Turanian is in a mail cuirass with a spike steel cap. The armour piercing reduces the DR to 3 and lucky for the Blood Theurgist, he only need 2 damage (needing an extra 4 PP) to power his spell.

Still the Dex check is high. The Turanian is 2nd level with a targe like shield and a Str 15. That is a Dex DC of 18. Honestly it is not worth the Blood Theurgist's time to try while casting a spell, encase he fails the Dex DC check. Using flanking rule and being a 2nd attack for an extra +1 (+3 total). he must have a good Dexterity to even try such an attack. His best option is to try the Standard action attack. He moves (5 ft. step) towards his foe and using the same attack and can safely attack without fear of lose of spell or Power Points. The (GM rolls a natural 17). So, he would have succeeded, but that is the chances you take!

Example: A complete bastard of a Blood Theurgist is walking through a battle ridden, burning Zingaran town. A Commoner Woman is run away from the battle and has to flee by the Blood Theurgist. He slashes at her as she passes! She is a 2nd level Commoner and has a Dex 12 for a total Dodge of 12. He uses a knife as he had time to draw it stealthily as she approached (or took the Quick Draw feat, whichever is appropriate). The normal Dex DC is 15 (he wants 3 damage for 6 stored Power Points), but the GM decides that she is Flat-Footed, for even though she is looking for trouble, the Blood Theurgist made his Bluff roll as she approaches and made himself appear a non-threat! The DC is now 13 (Base 10, +3 damage required).

Hmm, natural 16 to hit and Natural 20 for Dex check. What can I do. The damage is 3 +2 Str = 5, she can take 7 hp and runs on in fear. The Blood Theurgist smiles a cruel smile and continues to walk towards the blazing centre of town, richer by 6 Power Points.

Slashing Weapons Only?:

Well unsure of this rule, piercing does just as well, possibly slashing weapons versus self, but against a foe, thrusting a spear into his shoulder can have the same effect, blood is spilled. Also, a bit more drastic, smash a foe's face with a heavy mace, might draw a little blood from between the cracked and split skull, so GM's option whether to allow blood to be drawn by blunt weapons depending on Player's description of his Character's action. Rattling a heavy mace off the chest of a foe who has donned a breastplate will not do the correct job.

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