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Travelling through the Wilds:; "Avoiding Hazards and Encoounters!"
Topic Started: Oct 2 2015, 07:33 PM (207 Views)
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Avoiding Hazards and Encounters in the Wilds:

This is a Chart to allow a Character to make his way safely through a terrain. One, how well the Character knows the land and two, how good he is at surviving/avoiding trouble. The chart helps a streetwise Character avoid known trouble areas in a city and to aid a Barbarians patrol of the wilds!

GM should add +1 bonus for skills like Sense Motive/5 ranks in crowded streets to see the most likely trouble approaching and avoid or prepare one's weapon!

Or Intimidate, to make others move out the way of Character, etc.

See below for other examples of skill types.

Encounters per day:

GM Rolls a d20 once per day:

1-3: ........... 1/ hour.
4-6: ........... 1/ 2 hours.
7-10: ......... 1/ 4 hours.
11-14: ....... 1/ 6 hours.
15-17: ....... 1/ 12 hours.
18-19: ....... 1/ day.
20: ............ None.


For every 5 ranks in Survival: +1; (If appropriate).

For every 5 ranks in Knowledge (Nature): +1; (If appropriate).

For every 5 ranks in Knowledge (Local) if in that particular Country: +1; (If appropriate).

In Desert: +6 to roll.

In Open Plains: +4.

In Thick Jungle/Forest: +2.

In City: -4.

In Mountains: +4.

In known well used location: -4.

In feared location: (Ruin Temple, Ancient Crypt, etc.): +6.

Bizarre occurrence (strange event): -4/+4 depends on how locals perceive such things!


Morg is in the open planes and commences his new day, the GM rolls a 5, not good, and he adds any modifiers. Morg's 6 ranks in Survival, giving a +1 bonus and a +4 for being in Open Plains for total of 10, the GM rolls on the encounter Chart every four hour that day and Morg is kept busy!

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