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Mitran Magic:; "They do casts spell!"
Topic Started: May 24 2016, 04:49 PM (300 Views)
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Mitra Cult Spells:

“When the magic of the Mitran priest failed against the magic of Xaltotun's acolyte, Altaro, they remembered the ancient legend of the heart, and the high priest and an acolyte went down into the dark and terrible crypt below the temple into which no priest had descended for three thousand years. In the ancient iron-bound volumes which speaks of the Heart in their cryptic symbolism, it also told of a creature of darkness left by the ancient priests to guard it!”

~The Hour of the Dragon, Robert E. Howard

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Mitra Cults:

Some Cults of Mitra do not teach their fellows any spells they deem fit for their beliefs, and some may frown on Mitran Cults that do, or it maybe that others many just regarded it as the “way of Mitra,” and not be the slightest bothered with their activities or some may shout loudly in opposition to such spell-casting cults, but no matter what, Mitran Priests can cast spells as part of their faith.

One of the many Mitran Cult, "The Order of the Tome," is dedicated to protecting lore, no matter what; which can endanger it, if it dabbles in to much arcane research, but still they learn no spells and spend most of their time translating books or copying old and worn document onto new crisp vellum sheets.

These are just a few of these individual Mitran Cults which do cast spells:

The Order of Mitra:
'The Order of Mitra.' represents the basic type of none aggressive Mitra Cults in the Hyborian Kingdoms. Some spells taken can be hostile to a small extent, but they are not a terrifying aspect.

Brotherhood of the Bull: Brotherhood of the Bull are fanatical zealots opposed to any other religion other than Mitra, they would murder and deceive and believe themselves righteous in their fight for the Mitran cause. They encouraged their acolytes to take Hypnotic Suggestion and Domination with Intelligence Bonus Spell slots. Also as a Fanatical group, they demand that a Character have a Wis 13+, reason being it's doctrine demands a cert pattern, and at 3rd level they are required to take 'Rune of Jhebbal Sag,' which needs a Wis of 13. Adepts have taken Nature Magic to enhance their repertoire of Spells.

The Knights of Vengeance: Though not technically knights, the order does in fact ride through the country-side on horseback, dressed in quilted jackets and steel caps. Large shields decorated in holy symbols of Mitra and carrying, war spear, heavy mace and dagger. They search for those deserving justice and are prepared to travel to the other side of Thurian to enact it.

Acolyte Mitran Growth Chart for spell teaching: Here:

Note: GMs should enjoy creating multiple Mitran Cults who do cast spells, note in 'Faith and Fervour;' Page: 16, which notes this same error (though I had not read this until I had written the above ideas, still) though it only allows for Magical use if a Character is of the Fifth Mystery of Mitra, which requires Knowledge (Mitra; Mysteries) 15 ranks. This is usually a level of minimum 12, but a Feat called "Religiously Driven," Page 84 of Argos and Zingara and page 13 of Faith and Fervour gives no limit to ranks for one Knowledge (Mystery; one God only) skill. I would probably do what I did with True Professional Feat and give only an extra +5 bonus, but that just me!

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Requirements of Mitran Priest Status:

Certain Religions/Cult require prerequisites for entry into their sect as does the Mitran faith, these requirements are important to any religion and are restrictions in themselves, perhaps for faith and conviction of those wishing to join, perhaps out of fear of giving too much power to the irresponsible.

The fact remains that the Mitran Ordained Priest either is or is not destined for more power or seems to just hover in stagnation at what seems for the Scholar Class (especially for Player Character) a futile expedition. What good can he offer the group, what, if any power does he have to aid them in their fight against evil.

Mitran Sorcery Cults:

First what can a Mitran Cultist not do.....

Note: First: In requirements for Ordained Priest: It states “may not know any spells (Faith and Fervour; Page: 20), though it not have it mentioned in Atlantean Edition (Page: 289) or Second Edition (Page: 344). I think we can safely believe that this is an error and that for sure in the Hyborian Age, Mitran Priests, do cast spells and is allowed by the D20 Conan rules.

Mitran Priests can cast spells by notes in Faith and Fervour (Page: 16; Sorcery) that once they achieve 15 ranks in Knowledge (Mystery: Mitra), they can cast spells.

By the D20 Conan rules (from Faith and Fervour; Page: 16), he cannot cast certain spells from this list:

Curses, Hypnotism, Nature Magic, Necromancy, Oriental Magic and Summoning.

*For Scrolls of Skelos (Atlantean Edition), it is Cosmic Sorcery and Immortality, which in that book is the only two new Sorcery Styles given.

*But what the later magic created; Secrets of Skelos give four extra styles: Fire Magic, Frost Magic, Hedge Magic and Serpent Magic.

*Well Serpent Magic is certainly not acceptable, Mitrans hate anything related to snakes and regard it as the personification of evil.

*Frost Magic; I would think D20 Conan rules would reject it for Mitrans and also Fire Magic, certain spells like Become Beast and Elemental Form may cause resentment in the inner sanctum of Mitra's laws.

*Hedge Magic, yes, this seems acceptable.

*From Signs and Portents: Chicanery and Umbra Sorcery would also not be allowed.

*From Pirate Isles: Sea Witchery would not be allowed as Mitrans have never had any need for that environment (Pirate Isles came before Faith and Fervour and it not mention then in text, perhaps left out in error or perhaps they presume it is an acceptable Sorcery Style?). Though Weather Witchery may be allowed at higher levels.

*Thulsa's Zath Magic (Spider Magic), well not for Mitrans, but good for Priests of Zath and Priests of Gita (Argos and Zingara; Page: 35-36); calling it Gita Magic.

*The Nordheimer Sorcery Styles: Galdr Magic, Hamfarir Magic, Runic Magic and Vándr Witchcraft will not be allow, reason is no Mitran Priest would have any reason to travel north to learn such things.

Blood Witchery; from The Barbaric Sorcerer, is obviously a most certain, no!

So what does that leave us:

Hedge Magic:

With, if they had not accidentally left out the two Styles from Pirate Isles, Weather Witchery and Sea Witchery.

I going to at present leave from the list the two Witchery Styles, they just seem to exotic for our Mitran Cults (though it does mention in Mitra's Fifth Mystery; that they are taught to calm storms, it also state basically 'banish demons,' but that would require Summoning Style)...

Now, How to Gameplay a Mitran Priest:

First, the positives and negatives of playing a Mitran Priest....


1: In the Hyborian Kingdoms, Zingara and Zamora (which is the most considerate for those worshipping gods of other cultures) a Mitran Lay-Priest/Priest can wander mostly without fear, if not being given humble curtsy and admiration from the common folk and nobility of the lands. This is to show, that GM have plenty of space in Thurian to allow for adventure in these realms.
2: Not getting burnt at the stake as a sorcerer in these countries, even if he does cast spells. If a Mitran Priest can cast spells in the street against an Acolyte of Xaltotun, he can cast spells safely wherever he goes in Mitran safe countries.
3: Safe haven to stop and rest. Being given food for him and most of his friends.
4: +1 bonus to Leadership Feat.
5: Priest Feat gives some +1 bonus to certain skills.


1: Lay-Priests are attached to a Temple. Ordained Priest; six months of the years he must work at a temple (see Priest Feat), but he does get paid as small sum.
2: Maximum of four sorcery styles...
3:The waste of a Feat called “Religiously Driven,” (F&F; Page: 13) if he wants to start learning spells at low levels. But well worth taking!
4: “Free Thinker,” (F&F; Page: 13) is a feat that can be taken, but risks of being burnt at the stake will forever linger within a Mitran Priest's soul.
5: Well at 12 ranks of Knowledge (Mystery: Mitra) they demand a manor or large sum of money be given to the church, is seriously restrictive to gaining 15 ranks at 1st level. This would seem a bit of a waste of time, unless GM ignores the restriction or presume as Player Character has gain the Fifth Mystery that he had previously give cert gift. Or, tell Player to Take Noble Blood Feat and create a story that this is how he is near penniless (or lunarless) by giving his home to the church, this has to be a rare story (but, not that rare), and of coarse these religion are not greedy, eh hmm!

So, if playing by the rules, the Mitran Priest (Player Character) could never benefit from this “Religiously Driven,” Feat as he has to pay a fortune just to get to the stage to learn to cast spells, the problem is if a Lay-Priest, who cannot leave the temple in which he is assign and if cert Lay-Priest is sent on a quest to well, what? “You (1st level) Lay-Priest, we command thee to go into the hills and well, explore those demon-haunted dark ruins, as, well, us High Priests are just to busy. Oh, if you find any loot it is ours as you are on a quest of the one true god and any spoils belong to him!”

Next, he will lose a few Sorcery Styles at 1st and 2nd level and by some implausible miracle he gets wealth enough to equal a manor and give it to his temple by 3rd level, he may start learning sorcery/Divine Magic at 4th level. Chances of that are small.

That “Religiously Driven,” Feat was looking good till that little problem occurred (it may work for other religions better, but most of them are granted spells and if not, what is the use)...

Still, I think Players should consider the role of Priest in a game, if they not done so previous. It does allow for some immunities for witch-burning and allow spell-casting without fear of reprisal.

Example of Mitran Priest below, whose Player has a considerate GM and has allowed the “Religiously Driven,” Feat at first level using the Noble Blood ploy!

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Mitran Sorcerous Lay-Priest
Keeper of the Fifth Mystery of Mitra, Adept of the Third Circle.
Medium Humanoid.
Hyborian Scholar 4.
Hit Dice: 4d6+4 (18 hit points).
Initiative: +5 (+0 Dex, +1 Ref, +4 Improved Initiative).
Speed: 30 ft.
Dodge Defence: 11 (+1 level, +0 Dex).
Parry Defence: 10 (+1 level, -1 Str).
DR: 0 (Clothing).

Base Attack Bonus/Grapple: +3/+2.
Attack: Staff: +3 finesse or Sling: +3.
Full Attack: Staff: +3 finesse or Sling: +3.
Damage: Staff: (2d4-1) x2; AP: 0 or Sling: (1d8-1) x3; AP: 0**.
Special Attacks: Granted Greatsword as Martial Weapon. Magic.
Special Qualities: Hyborian traits, Adaptability: (Sleight of Hand, Perform: Ritual), +1 Fate Point. Scholar, Lay-Priest, Knowledge is Power: +6 (+4 lvl, +2 Int). +3 bonus to any skill 1/day or +1 Defence for 5 rounds 1/day. +3 bonus to Spot and Listen (Added). +1 (Wis) bonus to any saving throws vs any spell cast by a snake-worshipper.
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
Saves: Fort +2, Ref +1, Will +8 (+11 vs Corruption).
Abilities: Str 8, Dex 10, Con 12, Int 15, Wis 13, Cha 15.

Skills: Appraise:[1] +3, Concentration: +3, Craft (Herbalism):[5] +7, Decipher Script:[5] +7, Diplomacy:[1] +7, Handle Animal: +4, Heal:[7] +10, Hide: +0.

Knowledge (Arcana):[7] +11, Knowledge (Geography):[1] +3, Knowledge (History):[1] +3, Knowledge (Local: any one Hyborian Nation): +4, Knowledge (Nobility):[5] +7, Knowledge (Religion):[4] +6, Knowledge (Mystery: Mitra):[15] +17, Knowledge (Warfare):[1] +3,

Listen: +4, Move Silently: +0, Perform (Ritual):[7] +11, Profession (Priest):[2] +3, Ride: +0, Search: +2, Sense Motive:[5] +6, Sleight of Hand:[7] +9, Spot: +4.

Background Skills: Knowledge (Local: any one Hyborian Nation), Concentration, Handle Animal, Perform (Ritual), Sleight of Hand.

Feats: Religiously Driven (Knowledge: Mystery: Mitra), Noble Blood, Improved Initiative.

Magic Attack: +4 (+2 MAB, +2 Cha).
Power Points: 6/12 (Base PP:4, +1 Wis, +1 bonus).
Sorcery Styles: Prestidigitation, Counterspells, Divination.
Spells: Conjuring, Blast Wave, Warding, Ward Dwelling, Telekinesis, Astrological Prediction, Psychometry.

Reputation: 9 (+4 lvl, +2 Cha, +2 CoH, +1 SS).
Social Status: +1.
Leadership: —.
Code of Honour: Civilised.
Allegiances: Mitra, Temple, Congregation.
Possessions: Robes, loincloth, sandals, belt, spell component pouch, belt pouch: x2, candles: x10, flint and steel, dagger, staff, sling, bullet: x10.

Did not add Bluff, as Mitran are not meant to be deceitful, but it does mean stopping him taking the Greater Telekinesis spell, which need Bluff 6 ranks.

Roll 15+8 =23 vs Insanity DC 18 for Fifth Mystery of Mitra, success and gains no insanity.

History: This Lay-Priest is poor, he gave most of his wealth to the Mitran temple his Father had made him join in his early youth. He only could do this as his Father and older Brother dies in the battle at ??? against the ??? many years before and left the small estate to him being the only surviving Male. He set his Mother back to her family and it has been 6 years since he last saw her as he still not permitted to leave his temple as he still a Lay-Priest, though he is close for promotion. He sends her letters now and then explaining his progress which she receives solemnly.

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