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The Ultimate Warlord:; "Without them, I am nothing!"
Topic Started: May 24 2016, 06:09 PM (186 Views)
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The Ultimate Warlord:

The vast hordes kicked up a billowing cloud of dust as they march forward across the wind swept meadowlands of Ophir. Their destination was unknown, throughout the day, hurried commands roared by broad chested sergeants had set them to work, time they knew was of the essences and a great threat must be looming near but the explanation of their captains and lords had been lost in the murmur of the host. The horde was mustered and they marched to what doom, none could say!

~ The Ophirean Chronicles.
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Ophirean Baron
Medium Humanoid.
Ophirean Noble 15.
Hit Dice: 8+9d8+40+10 (98 hit points).
Initiative: +9 (+2 Dex, +5 Ref, +2 Warfare).
Speed: 30 ft. or 25 ft.
Dodge Defence: 17/21 (+5 level, +2 Dex/+4 vs Missiles).
Parry Defence: 25 (+7 level, +4 Str, +4 Large Shield).
DR: 0/12 (Clothing or Plate and Visored Helm).

Base Attack Bonus/Grapple: +11/+15.
Attack: Broadsword: +19 mle or Heavy Lance: +18 mle.
Full Attack: Broadsword: +19/+14/+9 mle or Heavy Lance: +18/+13/+8 mle.
Damage: Broadsword: (1d10+4) 19-20/x2; AP: 7 or Heavy Lance: (1d10+4) x3; AP: 7.
Special Attacks: Granted Greatsword as Martial Weapon. **Combat Formation: (Advancing Heavy Cavalry).
Special Qualities: Hyborian Traits. Adaptability: (Knowledge: Warfare, Ride), +1 Fate Point. Title (Baron), Wealth (1,400 sp), Rank Hath it's Privileges, Special Regional Feature: +3 (Broadsword, Heavy Lance, Warspear and Hunting Bow). Social Abilities: (Born Leader, Fighting School*, Soldiery Training**). Lead by Example: +6, Do you Know Who I am?
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
Saves: Fort: +9, Ref: +7, Will: +16.
Abilities: Str 19, Dex 14, Con 19, Int 19, Wis 17, Cha 24.

Skills: Appraise:[7] +11, Bluff:[10] +17, Diplomacy:[10] +23, Gather Information:[7] +16, Handle Animal:[5] +12, Intimidate:[7] +16, Knowledge (Local: Ophir):[15]CS +19, Knowledge (Nobility):[13] +17, Knowledge (Religion):[8] +12, Knowledge (Rumours):[5] +9, Knowledge (Warfare):[18] +24, Listen: +3, Move Silently: +2 (-8 in Armour), Ride:[18] +24, Search: +4, Sense Motive:[5] +8, Spot:[2] +5, Survival:[7] +10.

Background Skills: Knowledge (Local: Ophir), Appraise, Gather Information, Intimidate, Survival.

Feats: Grateful Patron, Slave Owner, Mounted Combat, Ride-By Attack, Enhanced Leadership, Henchmen, The Force of Leadership, Inspired Leader, Mustered Horde, Agent, *Weapon Focus (Broadsword).

Reputation: 31 (+15 lvl, +7 Cha, +2 CoH, +5 SS, +2 Inspired Leader).
Social Status: +5.
Leadership: 33/35 (Cohort: 13th lvl: x2); Followers: (2nd lvl): x4,000, (3rd lvl): x160, (4th lvl): x10, (5th lvl): x,4 (6th lvl): x2.
Agent/Henchman: 27/30 (Cohort: 13th lvl); Followers: (2nd lvl): x1250, (3rd lvl): x50, (4th lvl): x13, (5th lvl): x2, (6th lvl): x1.
Code of Honour: Civilized.
Allegiances: Province, Family, King.
Possessions: Broadsword, dagger, noble tunic, noble breeks, knight's belt, belt pouch, riding boots.

History: A Man who knows the importance of loyalty, and those that service a cause. He maybe a kind Man or cruel, he may treat his slaves as lesser than nothing or they are treated better than freemen, with rich cloths and pleasant places to call their home. These Followers are devoted to him and their God Ishtar (this could be Mitra if so required) of which he is also a loyal follower and he has placed the temples of his province under his protection.

This is an example of a Character that devotes his essence (and Feats) to generating as many Followers and Cohorts he can get and use this resource to further his own ends for good or bad! Also Grateful Patron is awkward feat as it states Noble 1 as prerequisites, but how can you get for a 1st level Noble when no gameplay has actually happened. I just used a mental story for the Character's history, that his family is well known, therefore favour was granted instantaneously to the once youthful noble a few decades ago, I image this Noble to be in his middle-thirties at present.

Also Note: Followers of Followers; there is no rule as much as I know that stops a Character's Cohorts and Followers who can gain the Leadership or Henchman Feats to not have Followers also and any appropriate Cohort for themselves. They may not be loyal to the main Character, but they are loyal to the Character's Cohort or Follower. This can generate a vast horde of Sub-vassals.

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Total Followers and Cohorts: 5,550.

Also Note:
Created with a 1st time roll of 1d10+8, rolled reasonably well. Three Social Abilities are from Warrior's Companion.

Leadership (Followers): +5 for Noble levels, 15 levels, +7 Cha, +4 Born leader (Str), +2 Inspired Leader, +2 Fortress (or permanent Base): = 35.

Leadership (Cohorts): +5 for Noble levels, 15 levels, +7 Cha, +4 Born leader (Str), +2 Inspired Leader, = 33.

Henchman (Followers): 15 levels, +7 Cha, +5 Military Strength, +3 Fanaticism: = 30.

Agent (Cohort): 15 levels, +7 Cha, +3 Fanaticism , +2 Sorcerous Power: = 27.

The Cult of Ishtar in the Baron's Province:
Influence: 2, Reach: 4, Wealth: 4, Fanaticism: 3.
Sorcerous Power: 2, Military Strength: 5, Secrecy: 1.

Thought on Allegiance: Perhaps as there is three allegiances, that the first is a +3 bonus, 2nd is +2 and third is +1. I know there is at least one Feat that grants 3 extra Allegiances, but these also could be arrange in similar way +3/+2/+1, i.e. in order of importance.

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From Leadership Feat:

Strictly a warrior company as Character uses the 'Born Leader,' Social Ability which grants him the ability to add either his Strength bonus or Dexterity bonus to his Leadership score.


13th level Noble Cavalry and a 13th level Noble.


7th level Noble: x2.

Heavy Cavalry:

Commander: x1 (6th level Noble Cavalry).
Captain: x4 (5th level Noble Cavalry: x2, 5th level Soldier: x2).
Sergeant: x10 (4th level Noble Cavalry: x5, 4th level Soldier: x5).
Corporal: x20 (3rd level Noble Cavalry).
Heavy Cavalry: x1,000 (2nd level Noble Cavalry: x500, 2nd level Soldier: x500).

Light Cavalry:
Commander: x1 (6th level Noble).
Captain: x1 (5th level Soldier).
Sergeant: x5 (4th level Soldier).
Corporal: x10 (3rd level Soldier).
Light Cavalry: x500 (2nd level Soldier); 100 of these are trained as Messengers.


Commander: x1 (6th level Pikeman).
Captain: x2 (5th level Pikeman).
Sergeant: x10 (4th level Pikeman).
Corporal: x40 (3rd level Pikeman).
Pikemen: x1,000 (2nd level Pikeman).

Heavy Infantry and Light Infantry:

Commander: x1 (6th level Soldier); commands both Units.

Captain: x2 (5th level Soldier).
Sergeant: x8 (4th level Soldier).
Corporal: x32 (3rd level Soldier).
Heavy Infantry: x800 (2nd level Soldier).

Captain: x1 (5th level Soldier).
Sergeant: x5 (4th level Soldier).
Corporal: x20 (3rd level Soldier).
Light Infantry: x500 (2nd level Soldier).

Scouts: (They report to Noble in command of Light Cavalry).

Sergeant: x1 (4th level Borderer).
Corporal: x20 (3rd level Borderer).
Scout: x200 (2nd level Borderer).

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Strictly based around the temples, either in the towns or small shrines within villages of the province. This Agent and the Henchmen are loyal to the lord only in so much that he is loyal to their faith; Ishtar.

x1 (High Priest of Province).

2nd level Soldier/ 11th level Scholar.


Baron's Wife:

6th level (The) Lady (Commoner Variant).

Note: Using rules in Signs and Portents 44, where it states that a Commoner get twice as many levels in the Follower's assigned level. I, believing the Commoner Variant just a little more powerful and have given an 1 extra level for each 2 levels instead of the Commoner double effect. Therefore The Lady is created from a 4th level Henchman.

Senior Priest:

2nd level Soldier/5th level Scholar.

Temple Caretakers:

Priest: x1 (2nd level Soldier/4th level Scholar).
Senior Lay-Priest: x2 (2nd level Soldier/3rd level Scholar).
Lay-Priest: x4 (2nd level Soldier/2nd level Scholar).
Novice Lay-Priest: x40 (2nd level Soldier/1st level Scholar).
Temple Guard: x500 (2nd level Soldier).

Note: These levels are for Ishtar Followers, the prerequisites for the faith is two levels in Soldier or Nomad or some combination of that. Basically remove the Soldier levels if one wants to convert to Mitra. Priests will start at 4th level once they have been ordained and take Priest Feat.


Chief: x1 (4th level Hunter).
Warder: x2 (3rd level Hunter).
Hunter: x200 (2nd level Hunter).

Minstrels: (Can also be used as spies).

Conductor: x1 (5th level Minstrel).
Senior Musician: x2 (4th level Minstrel).
Musician: x2 (3rd level Minstrel).
Temple Musician: x50 (2nd level Minstrel).

Courtiers: (Can also be used as spies and for the Baron's family).

Baronet: x1 (4th level Courtier).
Rich Merchants: x2 (3rd level Courtier).
Landed Aristocrat: x50 (2nd level Courtier).

Healers: (Serve time in temples and travelling the province healing the sick).

Personal Physician to Baron: x2 (4th level Healer).
Temple Healers: x4 (3rd level Healer).
Healers: x50 (2nd level Healer).

Cattlemen: (The Temple own much of the meadowland surrounding some of their manors, and have much cattle).

Nomads: x50 (2nd level Nomad).

Other Workforces: (Gardeners, cooks, cleaners, clerks, etc.).

Other Temple Workers: x100 (4th level Commoner).

Note: Again these would normally be a 2nd level Class.

Others: (The Lady (wives of nobles), Craftsmen, Clergy, Entertainers, Scribes, Healers, Merchants, etc.).

Other: x100 (3rd level Variant Commoner).

Note: Again these would normally be a 2nd level Class.

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Personal Slave: x10 (3rd level Commoner).

Note: They gain one level per 5 of the Character. The Baron may own other slaves, but none are as loyal as these ten. From the 'Slave Owner,' Feat Messantia Boxset.
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