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Conan Exiles:; "The New Computer Game!"
Topic Started: Jan 31 2017, 08:08 PM (120 Views)
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Conan Exiles

I have not in past mention very much of my "Age of Conan," computer game; probably because I regard this site more for Role-playing games one uses dice for.

But, a game is a game and especially if it got Conan in the title; so some news about Exiles.

I actually in process of downloading it from "Steam!" This (new to me) site that downloads game from the internet (so one does not need to go a shop to buy it, I rather go to shop, still onwards into the future painfully, hence my headache) and I was having a difficult time doing it.

Reason is:
"Verifying my E-Mail address before I purchased game.

Weill it did not accept two E-Mail addresses, my BT (British Telecom), and for those not British or know, BT govern most of our Telephone systems and is a big company, second "outlook," did not get a look in! With no response from them about an E-Mail verification.

* So, did a search in Steam forum and notice a post from a fellow, who stated he had same problem, but used his Goggle (gmail) address and it worked; so did I and within 3 seconds, the E-Mail verification came through with great speed and proficiency.

So, just a warning for those attempting to purchase game: If having problems verifying your E-mail; is to use a Google E-mail address to purchase the game from "Steam," (What was wrong with selling disks in shops, I do not know?).

More news later...


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Character Creation (WARNING SPOILER):

Reasonably easy: Varied cultures: Cimmerian, Hyborian, Shemite, Darfari, amongst others. I playing on a Single Solo Server; so only one Character.

Note: Remember you can type a Character's name in at end; as they add one, but you can change it. (I redid my Character as I not do name right, hmm). This Character is the only one, no doubt creating one on PvE server, etc. will give anther Character. But, I here for the peace, so solo.


Food and Water: This is a must; note top left, the Water Droplet and the Chicken Drumstick, if these reach zero, you health drops fast. So, these two icon are VERY important.

Note: Near beginning, there is a Waterskin; half-full (use 'E,' to take; it lies to the left of entrance to game on a dark piece of fallen ruin). To activate, it is easier and best to place in a slot on your hub (possibly number 8), press the number key and it uses the flask (just wait till your water droplet is half-full or something to preserve what you have).

Tips: Do not wait to collect too much stuff from the wilderness/desert (you can come back later when your establish a camp); press 'M,' for map and see yellow pointer; probably SE of map or at least south; note long river just to north, your destination.

Stone and Sticks: Small stones and dry sticks (use E to collect), use recipes to create a 'Pickaxe,' (good for breaking sandstone on river-side) and collect plant fibres to create minor armour. Best just create pickaxe as it can be used as a weapon also; and collect from trees. Then run to river and throw yourself in it, do not stop for anything (press E to drink, also fill waterskin; press key to fill waterskin while it equipped in a slot).

Bedding and Save a Location: Now Create bedding; bedding is a straw mat; once created, press and hold E over mat, this places a "Save-point," for you to return to if you die; if you do die; RE-DO Safe-point at bedding as in a one-time Save and will randomly have you appear at possible way-points the computer selects for you. (Note: Bedding can disappear, I not know if this is intentional or a fault, but just build another; bigger beds later may have longer saving options).

Food: Turtle eggs are the best in early part of game, adds 10% to drum-stick 100 points tally. Turtle are so helpless it might feel bad killing them, but do so. Killing is easy, but just keep hitting corpse for 'Hide,' and raw meat!

Campfire: Build camp fire, can be created using Craft recipes. You will go up levels as you move around collecting and exploring. Create campfire and add wood or sticks and the meat, or some other food, but I think it just the meat that works at beginning, seeds which are collected from plants make a portage, but I not sure how to do that; perhaps add waterskin to mix?

Raw meat: Can kill you, if you are poisoned, but it may only take 75% of your health but your food counter grows, so no fighting while poisoned! Best to cook it; but if desperate, eat the raw meat, but do not eat the rotten meat, it kills quick (I know).

Death: You can return to your body and collect you gear; so know your territory and see where you are on your map for directions; before you die!

Safe Places: If attacked by more than you can cope with; flee into water, you will be safe there; though later bowmen can appear, but they mostly keep their ground and not follow to much. See Zueljin Pillbox: Link Here:

Building: Building if one does not know the rules it is annoying, but easy once you do know.

Create item with recipes/crafting; building foundations, sandstone and wood, you can queue stuff and it makes as you do other stuff, like collecting resources.

Add the building item into your slot bar and press the key of the slot it is in and there it will appear in front of you as an invisible structure. Then place where you want. You can use you mouse-wheel to turn an objects to suit. Helps a lot placing stairs.

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Summery of Conan Exiles (Nialldubh the Cimmerian)

First Day (Tuesday 31 January):

The first day was painful and annoying; first attempting to buy game (as mentioned with problem of E-mail above) which took 2 hours of work which started the headache and downloading which took another 3 hours. I played the game (staring about eight in the evening) for about 70 minutes and ended it tired, but mildly content it was done and ready for use!

No Tutorial and no PDF Manuel for rules, etc.

Note: Die about four to five times, watching the view and not being careful of water. Once I had respawned, I respawned dying of thirst and died again immediately, guess that was a game flaw, not me (it not even allow me to retrieve the waterskin that was returned to it's starting location; guess that was another computer flaw). Never fight three imps with no armour and a pickaxe.

Second Day:

The second day it spent the whole afternoon just watch Ytube and the adventures of Zueljin. It was not till nine in late evening that I started playing the game. As mentioned before I delete previous Character and started again.

My day considered of attempting to refind the location I had found on previous Character; this took hours (swimming the whole river; there and back again, twice), and just as I was beginning to think of finding another location I literary ran into it!

I set about building; I had created a campfire and straw map at some other location along river on the north bank for a save-point; I did again with an added chest (wooden box for storage). I eat turtle eggs and as it a solo game I relogged each time it got dark and the eggs respawn faster, so plenty of food and water.

Built a small 2 squares by three square cabin with a door and wall 2 squares high and no roof. New campfire indoors, new straw mat, and storage box. That was me for the day; 4 hours of game and ended for the day contently.

Had died once, stopped to contempt game and was watching Ytube on other computer watching Zueljin on Stream video and the Temple of Yog video (who happened to be close to the River of Death in the Canyon of Death on the Shore of Death, not far away from the Cliffs of Death where I died; Dark river to right on map)! Then realise I was starving; not much warning from this; the thirst and starving icon flash and your vision blurs, it looks like your at 2% before it flashes; I quickly tried to built a campfire and cook some raw (feral) meat (should have just eat it and hope I not get poisoned); thud two hyenas slammed into me; I tried to turn and run into water,; but starved to death! Hmm, not sure I enjoyed late warning; it could Character says something like; "I stave here!" (about 15% on dial) or something equally helpful, but no, not a HORN BLOWING SOUND! I at this time, did not realise I could return and claim my body, not that I could reached it in time as I started back at near my cross in the outer desert (SE corner of map) and would have had to cross much terrain to get there. Still, it a learning experience and I not much bothered about it!

Third Day:

Did not start again till about 19:00 hours, reason is watching Blitz trying to fend off a rhino that wanted his abode, very good, I did laugh (but not hysterically). I built; with the power of Crom in my muscles; knocked down one outer wall and expanded by another two squares and built upwards, creating my tower. Later that day, I built an out-house (roofless) 3 x3 squares and 2 high. This was for my furnace and tannery; when I get them.

Note: Late night, so about 9 hours of work there. If I died, not remember; I do remember getting attacked a lot, but ran for it a lot also, or build Zueljin pillbox and fought from it's safety.

Note: Been noticing lag, but only if one goes near NPC Exiles. Of course annoying, but I ran or killed then with little problem. Also if you build a structure near there camp, they eventually disappear; so be warned if wanting Thralls not to disturb then to much, killing them is fine, they respawn, but if you move into their territory they leave.

Note: Certain animals do disappear from the location of abode, though some big one will stay. Lost the two egg nets.

Note: Ons shelback (kappa) did keep coming down from the cliffs near me to the beach, but he not come now as I built surrounding dike walls; most secure indeed.

Fourth Day:

Could not stop building, had an idea for small walkway from tower to water; and it turned into a massive complex. Spent whole day collecting; that was an addictive 13 hours of activity, stopping for lunch, etc. (that me; not my Character). If I died, not remember; I do remember; I do remember getting attacked a lot, but ran for it a lot also, or build Zueljin pillbox and fought from it's safety (and still do).

Note: Bad lag near NPC Exiles, so I not go near them, even looking at them from across a vast stretch of water caused lag, but if I looked away, I was fine!

Fifth Day (Today):

I thought I write this to prove just how quick one can build a base. I have built in these short few days a massive castle from nothing to stack high into the sky and I not finish yet, I plan to build dozens of city-castles in future. Still there is a few problems; example: some components do not place, but if I go back later and try gain they actually work, so do not e-mail funcom without trying again later, 99% of the time they place. I do have one problem with a set of stairs just will not place the way I want, and have retried dozen of times, even waiting well over 12 hours to see if it work (so this may need a correspondence).

Good news, lag from NPCs is gone, I did a few experimental fights, as FC had done a fix and it seems at present to work just fine.

Note: Cannot add my screenshots to my computer, they go into a Steam file, and they not let me copy into my computer, who knows why? But hopefully you can see them here. I not doing much today, though will still build, but doing a lot of standing about planning, etc.

This is just a short space of time and look what can be achieved (if you can see my screenshots), this is tier I materials and there is 2 more, so who knows what places can look like.

Edit: At midnight I finished building castle and achieved 16th level; I believe the maximum level is 50, not sure if this will change later as they advance game.

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