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Zamorian Cross-bred Hillmen:; "Of the Kezankian foothills!"
Topic Started: Aug 25 2017, 05:35 PM (49 Views)
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Zamorian (Cross-bred) Hillman

Description: As Zamora encroaches on the Kezankian Mountains, mostly so, in the southern regions of Zamora, where the People are less hostile and the mountain not so arduous, a blending of two the Cultures has taken places over hundreds of years. These People still regard themselves as Zamorian, but have breed with the Kezankian Hillfolk over the long years and created a more outdoor Zamorian and less urban.

Culture: Developed to a more mountainous life still, these People have formed into villages on the outside reaches of civilization and cut out a lifestyle from the harsh environment and the wild hostile tribes. Tribes they once in some form, were part of.

Names: Zamorian or Kezankian.

Religion: Mixing the strange and bizarre gods of Zamora and the primitive totemic deities and demons of the Kezankians, these new Zamorian have a exotic and diverse religious Culture that rivals the Shemites.

Cultural Features:

* +1 circumstance bonus to all Climb, Hide, Listen, Move Silently, Survival and Spot checks made in any hills, mountains or underground complex. The Zamorian Cross-bred tribes know well their native hills and rarely descend from them except to trade with the richer lands below, but like their fellow Zamorians are great delvers into the unknown.

* +1 to any Craft Skill, they have not lost their skill in crafts.

* The Zamorian Cross-bred are sturdy folk and gain a +1 bonus hit point at 1st level.

* +2 bonus to Profession (Herder) and Spot, the Zamorian Hillmen herd goats as part of their lifestyle in the hills and mountain of the lower Kezankian Mountain range and tend and watch for livestock's safety.

* Simple Weapon Proficiency: The Zamorian live in a hostile environment and have learned defend themselves. If Character has Simple Weapon Proficiency, he gains Weapon Focus in one simple weapon.

Background Skills: Balance, Climb, Knowledge (Local: Kezankian Mountians), Knowledge (Geography), Knowledge (Rumour).

Favoured Class: Borderer, Commoner (Variants also).

Prohibited Class: Courtier, Noble, Noble Cavalry, Pirate.

Automatic Languages: Zamorian, Kezankian.

Bonus Languages: Brythunian, Kothic, Hyrkanian, Ophirean, Shemitish.

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