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my second Sasquatch encounter July 2013
Topic Started: Jun 23 2018, 03:50 PM (49 Views)
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I had found a little used and out of the way trail head with two trails, one to the north east and a second trail to the south west. I got out to let my dog Daunté have a run and a pee after a several hour drive. We took the northern trail several hundred feet to where the forest had been replanted, the trees were in straight lines with no branches to about 15' or more. I heard a grunt and looked to my right and spotted something jump behind a tree. I looked away as I didn't have my camera with me and just kept walking, thinking to myself that if that was a Sasquatch I don't want him to know I saw him. I wanted him to feel like he was still hidden from my view. I wanted him to be comfortable that he had not blown his cover. Just knowing that he could be there was enough for me. It was getting near dark and I made a very small fire and had something to eat. I have a pickup with a cap on the back and a single size mattress with old blankets so my aging dog could cuddle up with me. That night I heard one single knock in the distance from the northern trail and a few minutes later I heard another single knock from the other direction to the south. No other sounds or knocks heard, so I took note of where I was and continued on my drive around southern Ontario. I found another area that although I heard or saw nothing, it is an area I want to return to. The next week I returned home and was online telling a fellow Sasquatch enthuziast friend about where I had gone. He informed me that there had been a report of Sasquatch prints in the area a few kms from where I had been when I thought I had seen one and heard the knocks. The first stop I make in my Sasquatch researching hobby, I land on a hot spot. So off I go back to the same trail head I had found and set up camp. I had lunch and walked the trail to to the north east getting to know the trail, again after supper I walked it once more. I had my mountain bike that I out fitted for this purpose but I wanted to go slow and quiet. My dog to is very mild tempered and doesn't usually wander off too far. My first night there, I'm sitting in a chair behind my truck, no fire this time, and my dog is sleeping on the mattress in the back of my truck. I'm really only there to hear for myself whether or not Sasquatch are there, I'm thinking, hoping, maybe I'll hear some hoots or hollers and get a direction to head for in the morning. I'm drinking a coffee about 10-10:30 pm. and I hear a oooo sound like the kind we made as teens at a concert, but it was a nice tone and pitch from the south trail to my right. Not a blow your hair back loud but in a full voice to project it to the next trail. About a minute later another oooo sound but the voice cracked a bit at the end and became an aw sound in a loud speaking voice, another minute later and another oooooaw sound. In about 10 minutes he called about 10 times. I didn't want to move for fear of him hearing me, or open my truck door to get my camera that was on charge and turning on the dome light. I just sat quietly and listened in amazement. I wasn't afraid in the slightest, very, very excited yes but not afraid or fearfull at all. I remained seated in my chair and just waited to see what would happen. About 10 minutes after the last ooooaw call I heard a twig snap and another snap to my left on the northern trail, right after I heard a deep breathing sound as he turned and started to walk back up the trail. He must have been standing there watching me, for how long? I have no idea but I got up to get my camera out of my truck just in case they come back or I hear them again, and I heard branches moving in the trees right in front of my truck. I'm on the passengers side so a grab the flash light and shine it at the trees. I didn't see any thing but I wished I hadn't just flashed my light that way and make him feel as though I knew he was there. I didn't want them to feel they needed to hide from me. Some how I knew I would have no more interaction with them that night. I felt bad that I had blocked their way and would have to walk who knows how far to get around me. I heard nothing for the rest of the night and eventually fell to sleep. The next morning I woke up and couldn't wait to get out there and check the trail for foot prints, but I couldn't find any, the ground was just too hard packed and dry. I did see that some of the pine needles seemed to be pushed into toe shapes but would be too hard to see in a picture. I counted out the paces to the farthest point he could've seen the taillights of my truck from, it was about 110-120'. The south trail was even worse for prints to be visable, so I consentrated on the northern trail and began looking for ways through the area that a Sasquatch could navigate through without causing to much damage to the foliage. I followed a small ravine and found a nice little meadow at the bottom of an area that has lots of trees laying fallen. I thought I saw movement in the trees, so I quickly turned away and started walking slowly, reaching into my bag, I pulled out a clear and red cut glass shot glass I had found in a derelict house, I put a marrow bone dog treat in it and turned back around. Giving the glass a little shake I walked up to the nearest stump and placed it in a concealed spot. I then turned around again and walked directly to the trail without looking back untill I had reached the trail and returned to the truck at the trail head. The next morning I got up, had coffee and breakfast I was very eager to return back to the meadow. Sure enough the treat and glass were both missing. The dog treat could have been taken by anything really, but the cut glass shot glass was gone to, I searched around the area no sign of it anywhere. What else would take a heavier that normal shot glass? Crows like shiny things but would not be able to fly off with it. I continued to look the area over and found a large log placed horizontally 11' high between 4 trees. At one end were somemore logs that seemed to be placed in a square. I also found some trees with wear marks on them like they had been hit many times. I'm thinking the same few trees were used for knocking on for many years. My next trip to the meadow I took half of my roasted chicken and mashed potatoes and left it on the same stump I put the glass on. The next morning I returned to the gifting area but the tub and chicken were untouched. I took it away as I didn't want it to go bad. I continued to walk the trail and came across some twiggs placed on the trail. There were two on each side, end to end with one crossing the trail at one end. I took this as a sign to me to go away. I started to investigate the other trail to the south. Again looking for places they could get on and off the trail without making an obvious trail. I found a passageway that was blocked off by fallen logs, at the end more logs blocking the way. just past these was another meadow. It was very lush and beautiful there surrounded by thick brush on three sides and I felt very uncomfortable walking across it so I turned to the right and up a ridge. I was hoping to circle around and get a better look but I found myself avoiding the area all together. Even my dog wanted to get out of the area and nothing ever seems to faze him much. Three times now I`ve been back there with full intentions of exploring the perimeter but I cut to the right everytime then leave the area completely. This is the only area I`ve felt uncomfortable being in, as soon as I start leaving it subsides. I even startled a black bear, It started crashing through the brush about 100`from me when it heard me talking softly my dog, By the time I located where it was, it was up over a ridge and gone before I could raise my camera. Daunté my dog just looked at the bush for a second then continued sniffing the ground. That night I went to bed early just as the sun was setting, but left the tailgate and cap hatch open. Daunté was laying across my lap while I sat up on the mattress at the front of the box facing the north trail. I was watching the fireflys along the bush line when I saw a bigger yellow shine, higher than any of the other flys and Daunté starts growling. Softly at first and I nudge him to be quiet but he growls again more loudly. I really start holding him and tell him to hush up a few times before he will stop. In the morning I searched the area but no foot prints could be found. I have heard a male voice babbling followed by a Woooo sound several times at dusk, also on the northern trail, like he was talking to himself, but he quit doing it once he realized I was still there so I had to back off from being there. I hope to get back there when the snow is not so deep and look for prints. Hopefully I can get some one who has night vision or thermal imaging equipment to come with me this year.
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