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Forum of the Region of Orbis

NS Regional Staff:

Regica (Regional Founder)
Coopanonva (WA Delegate)
Villeron (Catrographer)

Helpful Links:

Orbis Chatroom (Chatzy)
Orbis Steam Group
Fantasy Name Generator
Online Logo Maker
Mithral and Mages (Name Generator)
Donjon RPG Tools
NationStates++ Add-on
Political & Topographical

Climate, Current, & Tectonic

Based off of the Nationstates, the Region of Orbis is a new region geared toward detailed and creative roleplays, friendly discussion between "politics-enthusiasts", and people just looking for good conversation with fellow web-goers. We accept all types of nations and are welcoming to anyone wishing to get involved.

Newcomers should get started by registering an account first and then posting a thread on the introduction forum, getting your name out there and possible showing off what your nation has to offer to attract other roleplayers who might want to play with you. If you're not interested in roleplaying, start a discussion in the OOC forum and connect personally with other member nations.
Forum Staff:

Villeron (Cartographer)
Rapture Novice

Roleplay International Organizations

Orbisan Economic Organisation
First Four (F4): Coopanonva, New Cypru, Majerea, The Stolen
Full Members: Coopanonva, New Cypru, Majerea, The Stolen
Observers: Al-Balansiyya, Rapture Novice, Federate Empire

World Organization for Economic Cooperation
Secretary-General: Al-Balansiyya
Chairman of the WOEC Council: Federate Empire
President of the BIBF: Villeron
Members: Villeron, Federate Empire, Sophokratos, Al-Balansiyya

International Criminal Justice Organization
Members: Villeron, Rapture Novice
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