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bigbenhorselover 6 minutes ago have to update species
Elirae 43 minutes ago Gendry is, hopefully, going to be very hate-able
Elirae 44 minutes ago Hehe xD
bigbenhorselover 44 minutes ago now the girls are outnumbered by many pretty...i mean handsome roman....males. lol
Elirae 55 minutes ago I'll add one to the page :)
bigbenhorselover Today, 3:40 PM are we gonna get a blub about him also?
bigbenhorselover Today, 3:39 PM hey elena and woot, somene who can stir up my sleepy leo.
bigbenhorselover Today, 3:35 PM lol
Elena Today, 3:35 PM Hey guys!
Elirae Today, 3:33 PM Posted in Wilds! Sorry it's so long, I introduced another person lol
Elirae Today, 3:10 PM Oru's turn in Onyx! :) on to Wilds now
bigbenhorselover Today, 3:06 PM yo elena
Elena Today, 3:01 PM Hey guys!
bigbenhorselover Today, 2:58 PM ur turn in onyx and wilds elirae
Elirae Today, 2:57 PM Elena's turn in Far Away :)
bigbenhorselover Today, 1:34 PM posted everywhere
bigbenhorselover Today, 1:16 PM aww poopy, lol posted lessons, and wilds.
bigbenhorselover Today, 12:51 PM lets see if i can break things, by opening all three tabs to threads at once and hitting the post reply button at the same time.
Oru Today, 12:04 PM I posted in the new Thread, ELena/Elirae. In Advanced RP :) I changed what I wanted to change, let me know what you guys think!
Elena Today, 1:51 AM That's fine with me! I'll be on tomorrow.
Oru Today, 1:48 AM *squee!* Only if its ok with ELena toooo. If it is then I'll do it in the kmorning lol
Elirae Today, 1:43 AM You should Oru lol
Oru Today, 1:40 AM Who wants to open the new thread.....? <--------
Elena Today, 1:38 AM Lol okay. I can post for it in the morning if you want. But my brain is no longer a brain. It's 1:40
Elirae Today, 1:36 AM Let's make it easy on ourselves and do Once Upon a Time lol. My brain is getting jumbled
Elirae Today, 1:35 AM We could do something like that :)
Oru Today, 1:34 AM o.O
Oru Today, 1:34 AM .... I'm cool with Once Upon a Time. If you want. Maybe. Just sayin'.
Elena Today, 1:34 AM Yep!
Elirae Today, 1:31 AM Okie. Historical as in historical fiction kinda like Onyx Eye? Based on stuff that happened, but with a tiwst?
Elena Today, 1:30 AM Either Historical or Fantasy plz
Elirae Today, 1:29 AM Maybe we should start with the basics then lol. First decision to make: Genre!
Elena Today, 1:23 AM Honestly, I keep trying to make a new thread because I know I want to, but I just end up staring at the blank submission screen for a while and then closing it.
Elirae Today, 1:18 AM Do you have anything you've really wanted to start Elena?
Elirae Today, 1:13 AM Starting from scratch is also fun ^_^ I do still prefer noble or royal characters, idk why but they just flow really well.
Elirae Today, 1:12 AM Echoe = Queen sorry
Elirae Today, 1:11 AM Perhaps those allies are yours and Oru's kingdoms, where maybe your parents have also gone missing. Leaving these three kingdoms in the hands of late teen-early 20 year olds?
Elena Today, 1:11 AM Who's Echoe?
Elirae Today, 1:11 AM I was thinking, maybe instead of directly playing her, I would play her daughter? Maybe there's another crises in the kingdom but Echoe goes missing, leaving her daughter in charge. She goes to find allies, as much as she Can anyway.
Elena Today, 1:10 AM It may be easier if we all start from scratch. Got any new peeps up in your brainspace?
Elena Today, 1:09 AM So I may need to know a little more about what you're lookin' for. Especially if it's gonna be all three of us.
Elena Today, 1:08 AM Okay, not gonna lie, I really don't know what kind of character to play opposite her. She sounds pretty complete. And tbh pretty crazy powerful. I'm no good at insanely powerful characters.
Elirae Today, 1:08 AM Oru can attest that I often overdose on details xD
Elirae Today, 1:07 AM Hehe so that works xD it could be set after she wins her kingdom back
Elena Today, 1:05 AM *whistles* Well, that's a lot to work with. Would the story be starting before or after fighting with her people? And I think the three of us are all hopeless romantics. Oru and I were talking about our addiction to romantic tension this morning.
Elirae Today, 1:00 AM On a side note: I'm secretly a hopeless romantic (don't tell anyone lol) and I like romance, even if it's just a little, in just a out anything xD but I can exist without it, albeit reluctantly lmao
Elirae Today, 12:59 AM She's totally spunky and fiery (as can be expected) but she's SO devoted to her people, she would do anything to keep them safe and happy and well cared for
Elirae Today, 12:58 AM She's technically married to a God right now, but that detail can be edited out if we go for a romance vibe
Elirae Today, 12:57 AM She has a dragon named Thorn who is one of her strongest allies, and Thorn is cool because he turns into a little dragon, or into a rose that curls in her hair (hence the name Thorn)
Elirae Today, 12:56 AM She's a pretty awesome gal. She started off a very typical, dainty princess but she became a really awesome Queen who fought, using magic (she's a fire mage) to liberate her kingdom from a tyrant who took over her kingdom
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