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If Trump messes with NAFTA, Canada will join CETA
Topic Started: Feb 15 2017, 04:20 PM (119 Views)
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Most Canadians approve of trade deal with European Union, poll suggests

More Canadians support developing closer ties with the European Union than with China, the U.K., or India, according to a new poll. (The Associated Press / Thierry Monasse)

Justin Trudeau brings pro-trade pitch to a fragmenting Europe

TPP post-Trump: Canada joins trade talks with Pacific Rim partners in Chile next month.

'Best defence is a strong offence': Canada prepares for tough NAFTA bargaining

A majority of Canadians approve of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between Canada and the European Union, ratified Wednesday in a vote in the European Parliament, according to a new poll.

The survey, conducted by the Angus Reid Institute, found that 55 per cent of Canadians said they approved of CETA.

Canadians appear open to increasing trade links with the European Union over other countries is clear from the poll: one-third of respondents listed the EU as one of their top two preferences for countries or regions with which Canada should develop closer trade ties.

The EU placed narrowly ahead of China and the United Kingdom, while only a small minority preferred deeper trade ties with Central and South America, India or south-east Asia.

But nearly half, or 49 per cent, said that Canada should continue focusing its trade efforts on the United States.

The poll was conducted in the midst of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump earlier this week.

The poll also found fewer Canadians were keen on re-negotiating NAFTA while more were supportive of strengthening and expanding it.

With Trump, who has low approval ratings north of the border, calling NAFTA the "worst trade deal ever," its importance to Canada has been emphasized and defended in recent months. This may explain the up-tick in Canadians' support for it.

But with a majority already backing CETA, there is less of a pressing need for the Liberals to further sell Canadians on it. He'll be making that pitch when he speaks to the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Thursday.

Canada still wants NAFTA, but we have options... Trump can only push Canada and Mexico so far...
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What trump does not realize is that 33 US states depend on Canada for a lot of their economic well being. Countries who become that insular usually go into decline.

Regardless, Trump is on the fast train to impeachment. I suspect this Russia business is going to blow up in his face.
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Sea Dog

Apparently, there are a lot of things
that Trump does not realize!
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