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Red Blade Hunters

Must Play OSRS!
Contribute to the Community

IRC Channel: #rbh

In-Game CC: RBH_Clan

Teamspeak: Click Here

Home World: 367




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High Council
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- Red Blade Hunters - Let our blades stain red with our enemies' blood -

World Times

Rules and Requirements

Please read all of the rules below; failure to follow the rules will result in expulsion from the Red Blade Hunters clan!


We require that you play OSRS
And intend on staying active on the forums. Though it isn't required, we want you to partake in using IRC as well as Teamspeak to communicate with fellow clan members.

It is a recommended that you register your forum name with your RuneScape name. If you have registered with a forum name other than your RSN and want it changed, let a staff member know via PM or in your application form. If you change your RuneScape name at any point, it is your obligation to notify a moderator so that the memberlist can be kept accurate.

We have this recommendation to ensure new members are able to distinguish 'who is who' in-game and on the forums. If you change your RSN often, or for whatever reason absolutely do not want your RSN as your forum name, you can alternatively list your RSN beneath your avatar or in your signature. To display your RSN under your avatar, click preferences and navigate to "Update Profile"; then type your RSN after "Member Title". (NOTE: This can only be done once you've been accepted into the clan).


To become a full RBH Member, you must successfully complete a two (2) week trial member phase in which you should show:

- Be active on the forums

In addition, you must complete one (but preferably both) of the following:

- 40% Event Attendance (of the events listed in our Official Events forum; your event attendance is tracked by staff)


- Outstanding Communications activity, which is determined by the 7 Upper Council Members (High Council, Lower Council, Application Manager). By 'outstanding', we're looking for consistent activity in IRC and/or TeamSpeak while promoting or encouraging others to utilize IRC, TeamSpeak, and the Forums.

We understand that some members may have their online time limited by work and family, but simultaneously need a method of ensuring our members will actively contribute to the clan. If you feel that the requirements are too difficult for you to achieve, please talk to any staff member. We can make exceptions and extensions on a case-by-case basis only.

Any questions regarding the Trial Membership of RBH can be directed to the High Council, Lower Council, or Application Manager. Though it may seem strict, it accomplishes our ultimate goal of bringing in quality members who seek to help better and maintain our vibrant community!


1. Stay Active - It is crucial that you stay active forum-wise and game-wise when in RBH. We host regular inactivity sweeps and if you do not post for long periods of time without pre-notifying us, you may be deleted. We request you post a minimum of 5 posts per week.

2. Be Forum Smart - Think before you post. Make sure all your topics are in the correct forum, and remember to stay on-topic when posting.

3. No Spamming Nothing less than sentence-size responses are allowed as replies to a topic (This includes posts with no substance in them). Make the post mean something to the topic. Do not double-post (Post more than once in a row) - this is considered spam. if you have something more to say, edit your original post.

4. No Flaming: - Flaming or intent to start dispute between members on our forums or IRC is strictly not allowed, and may result in suspension, or in extreme cases, expulsion.

What is seen as offensive?
1. Threats - Threats or verbal abuse to any one person or group of persons are forbidden.
2. Targeted Posts - Posts that are negative toward any religion, race, nation, social status, gender, or sexual orientation are forbidden.
3. Swearing - Mild swearing is allowed but please remember we have a good few young members, so keep to appropriate language as much as possible.

5. Inappropriate Material - No posting any kind of material, graphic or otherwise, that may be found inappropriate or obscene to our age range (Eg. depicting violence, nudity, etc.)

6. Conduct - If we, the staff of RBH, determine that you conduct yourself in a way that is unfit for the community, we reserve the right to remove you from the clan [in the most serious of cases], until two weeks has elapsed from your join date. After, only serious offenses as listed in the aforementioned rules can result in your removal from the clan.

7. Activity (NEW) - We are now requiring that our members check the forums at least once per every two week period. This is NOT a post requirement; this can simply be accomplished by loading the forums and logging in. We added this rule to ensure our members know important clan information (such as events and news), and in addition, so the staff can differentiate between who is actively contributing to the community and who is not. If you fail to follow this rule, your rank will be changed to RBH Inactive, where you'll have to re-apply to get full member status.

All rules apply to IRC and in game cc if you do not follow these rules you will be removed without hesitation


When applying to join, to prove to us that you have read the Rules and Requirements, copy this code into your application:


When you post your application, you should see this image:

Posted Image

If this does not appear in your application, you will not be accepted.

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions, contact a forum moderator, or ask anybody that is ranked in our IRC channel, #RBH
Truebeaver sucks
This skin was created by Raynus for the Red Blade Hunters