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Our Policy The rules for this forum are to be adhered to by all members. Failure to comply with the rules will result in the three-strike policy, this means that if you break any of the rules you will be given a warning. If you get three warnings in the period of 2 months you will be banned no questions asked. The RuneGuardian staff reserveres the right to punish a member at any moment, for any valid reason. Rules The staff reserves the right to interpret these primary rules any way we see fit, for example while posting child porn is not specifically against the rules, it should be common sense that it is not allowed. The rules are as follows: 1. In order to make your stay in our forums the best it can possibly be we have enabled uploading of avatars and signatures etc to make it easy for you to modify your profile. Although we will not allow the use of any pornographic and offensive images to be shown on this forum. If seen we will immediately remove it and maybe even you from the forum. 2. Spamming will be tolerated, but we ask that you keep your posts relevant to the subject at hand. 3. Offensive posts and arguments will be removed if seen, we ask if anyone has a problem sort it out with a pm please. If it continues we will contact you. 4.We do not Tollerate Racism, bullying, or taking advantage of other people. If you see someone doing one of these please report them A.S.A.P! 5.Be logical people. "Use common sense!" 6.We don't make spelling mistakes on purpose. We use "you" not "u", we use "why" not "y" etc. 7.We do not sell anything on this site. 8.We only have one Forum account per person for RuneGuardian.co.nr. If you get banned, email an admin, or get a friend to contact an admin. If you have trouble logging in, click 'forgot my password. 8.We don't advertise other sites or communities unless we ask and receive permission to from a Gmod or Admin. 9.We don't make posts that contain not useful information. Posts like "cool", "lol", "yeah" and "I agree" don't contain anything useful for others. We are not fans of off topic, unless it contains something smart or funny. Most of things spammers find funny are actually not funny at all. Serious Offenses Serious Offenses will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate banning. Remember, there's no second chances here. You have been warned.