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Hotel II: Just in case. game not played here!!!
Topic Started: Feb 12 2011, 12:42 AM (261 Views)

So, Welcome to The Hotel II! I have high hopes for this game.


1) to combat inactivity, you have three strikes and you are out. You have exactly 1 week to get every action in, if you don’t get your action in in a week, you gain a strike and I find something meaningless for you to do as your action. Again, you get a 2nd strike. Do it once more, and I will make you suicide.

2) Keep spam to minimum

3) try to keep out-of-game discussion at a minimum

4) dead man tell no tales. (ie say one damn thing in game-related discussion after your death, and you are banned from Hotel 3 and 4. Yea seriously. Two games. I am taking this rule very seriously.) 2 strikes. Once, you get warning, 2nd time you get the ban. You can say stuff like laughing at some funny part of ther story, or say “nice action LAD” to LAD or someone else for making a cool in-game action, but that’s it.

5) try to have fun! I hope you really enjoy the story i have to offer. I think it will be great!

6) no communicating with the people in the quicktopic. doing so results in a ban from the next game and if you revealed any info to them, depending on seriousness of info, can be modkilled at my discretion.


Opeing Story
Beginning Phase - Day 1
Beginning Phase - Night 1. Part 1 and 2 story. Part 1 on previous page

The objective of the game:

Discover it*
find a way out

*dont ask me what "it" is. You wont get an answer.

There will 5 Phases:

1. The Beginning Phase | Day 1 - Night 2 | The formation of best fraaaanndz

2. The Mystery Phase | Day 3 - Day 5 | Some shit will go down during this time. figure out what is happening, as it will be a vital part of the game (you can still find out after the mystery phase is over, this is just the main part dedicated to that)

3. The Betrayal Phase | Night 5 - Night 6 | hopefully, if all goes to plan, some people may die here.

4. The Survival Phase | Day 7 | Under some circumstances that will be revealed later, tons of people will die here. good luck

5. The Escape phase | Night 7 - Day 8 | Get the hell out of the hotel.


There will be 3 interferences. Be careful! Setting these off will get you into some trouble (not by the game rules, but by whatever happens in the hotel)

1. attempt murder during the Beginning Phase
2. ????
3. ????

Places in the Hotel:

Dining Hall
Front Desk
Main Lobby
Rec Room
Room 328 (unlocked)
Security Room
Mysterious Hallway in the Elevator Shaft

Guest List:


1. Olinea
2. Zerosperfectwrld
3. ugxheroxsan
4. mrbump
5. outlaw454
6. sharkslayer
7. darkflashlight
8. bigmac713
9. dwestfan13
10. GHpwner
11. lemon
12. lightning
13. LAD
14. madmike
15. kristoffa
16. drfreshey
17. dlongrox67
18. moon
19. yoyoguy
20. saiyanshredder
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One problem: You have links to the GHH. If the GHH goes down, I highly doubt we'll be seeing those posts.
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