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Pokemon Reality
Topic Started: May 1 2012, 03:06 AM (412 Views)
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If you ain't out of control, you ain't in control!
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Let's say Pokémon were real. Judging by what's around where you live right now, how old you are and what you want to accomplish. What would be the first thing you go and catch?

The only thing you have is one starter from any generation.

Since I live by a river in the woods, my Torchic and I would find and catch a Poochyena. I would proceed to evolve Poochyena to Mightyena, catch some Magikarp for my aquarium, leave my Torchic at home as a pet, and go hunting with Mightyena.
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Hmm. We have a lake near my house, so I'd try to find a Magikarp in that first for the Gyarados, hopefully a Dratini. There's not a pile else I could do but find Pokemon in woods or lakes, really.

Actually, I could go into Marble Arch Caves (they're closed so ooohhhh risky) and look for an Onix or something. I would use all three of these purely to scare the shit out of people. :3
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Eg e husfar.
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We live relatively close to the city, so we're in a pretty urban area, I'd start with Bulbasaur because he is amazing, and he is the ultimate companion.

I could probably go downtown, or to sum more dirty areas and try and catch a Grimer or even a Muk, although they'd stink up everything.

*thinks hard, scrolls up to see Freshey's avatar*
I know now! I would wait until night time, go into the forest close by and catch myself a Hoothoot and then evolve it into a Noctowl and be awesome.
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My starter would be Squirtle because let's be srs he's the best. My area is pretty flat and grassy (lolhio). We have trees scattered about, sometimes lots of 'em in an area, sometimes like two in five acres. We have birds too, so catching a Pidgey would be cool.
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Da resident crazy canuck!!
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My starter would be a charmander, then I would go venture into the wild area of my freezer and catch a wild vanilluxe!
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Even though Torchic is my favorite starter, I'd say Oshawott because I live in fricking Arizona and swimming is like the best thing to do in the summer. I'd evolve Oshawott to Samurott and have him give me rides underwater :3
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