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WOLF Soundtrack!
Topic Started: Feb 20 2012, 05:37 AM (114 Views)
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Mmkay, so I don't know how many people playing furcadia / browsing this forum know about DOSbox or super old DOS games that are public domain/free now because of their age. In any case, there's a really fun but really challenging (or maybe I just suck at it) wolf pack simulator known simply as WOLF. Considering when it was made, the graphics, sound, and game design and features are pretty damn amazing.

So what am I so excited about? Well - rumor has it that when the game was released, the creators also included a soundtrack CD with fully orchestrated versions of the music found in the game. Games at the time of course could only handle MIDI files - so while I was able to find, download, and play the game, I was completely unable to track down this elusive and apparently super awesome orchestrated soundtrack. I looked hard, seriously. I went like 50 pages deep into google search and found nothing.

And then randomly tonight, I searched again and HOLY SHIT BATMAN - there it was on youtube! The whole thing, and not just the MIDI versions (which I had ripped from the game out of desperation) but the friggin supermegarare Orchestra version! I can tell you I nearly shit my pants in joy. Except I didn't - that would be gross.

I doubt anyone will really care about this, but I've been looking for so long that I'm pretty much flipping my shit over here that I FINALLY found this damn thing. I had seriously given up hope.

For those of you interested in giving WOLF a try (It's completely legal and free), install D-FEND first (a program which allows DOS games to be run through DOSBOX {an emulator} since they will not run on computers anymore - yeah, that's how old this shit is). Links are below!

http://dfendreloaded.sourceforge.net/ <-- D Fend

http://www.abandonia.com/en/games/531/Wolf.html <-- WOLF Game

And, by the way! There are loads of super fun nostalgic games (all free!) that can be downloaded from the aforementioned website and run through DOSbox/D-fend. :D
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