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Character Rules

Follow the rules we have outlined below. If a staff member requests a profile edit, please listen!

  • Every member starts with 10 character slots. A pair (rider/dire/draux) count as 1 slot. If you want more, please purchase them from the site store. They're pretty cheap.
  • WIP profiles may only be left uncompleted for a week. After that, they will be moved to the inactive section where it may be finished at your leisure. PM a staff member to have it looked over when finished.
  • Characters are currently limited to less than 95 years of age, unless with staff permission. Contest prizes and shop purchases generally allow for older characters.
  • If you wish to have a character that possesses a unique trait, please run it by the staff team!
  • Do not create a character you will never use. NPCs are fine in moderation.
  • Do not allow In Context feuds to cross over to Out of Context. You will be reprimanded if this happens.
  • If a certain type of dragon, dire, draux, etc., is not listed as available or you have not won/purchased the ability to create one, please do not apply for one. This will result in a declined stamp.
  • Update your characters as often as possible. It helps us stay on top of things.
  • Make sure to post details about a character. Don't be vague. Having a massive amount of writing for a description isn't required (quality over quantity!), but at least a couple of paragraphs would be nice for appearance and personality, and maybe a few more for history.
  • Have fun roleplaying! Yes, this is a rule. <3

  • Availability

    Any and all characters are welcome from riders to candidates, all the way down to simple residents and common craftsmen. Candidates are the most desired as we always need more of them for hatchings!

    Adoptables available: 22

    Dragon Types
    Common Sekkaian Dragon Breeds Common Tainted Dragon Breeds
    Fire - Accepting all.
    Water - Accepting all.
    Forest - Accepting all.
    Earth - Accepting all.
    Air - Accepting all.
    Sonic - Accepting all.
    Rosemary - Accepting all.
    Mycotic - Accepting all.
    Bone - Accepting all.
    Uncommon Sekkaian Dragon Breeds Uncommon Tainted Dragon Breeds
    Lightning - Accepting none.
    Gravity - Accepting none.
    Glass - Accepting none
    Abyssal - Accepting none.
    Ruin- Accepting none.
    Disruption- Accepting none.
    Rare Sekkaian Dragon Breeds Rare Tainted Dragon Breeds
    Crystal - Accepting none.
    Lava - Accepting none.
    Ice - Accepting none.
    Metal - Accepting none.
    Chaos - Accepting none.
    Celestial - Accepting none.
    Karma - Accepting none.
    Influenza - Accepting none.
    Arcane - Accepting none.
    Razor - Accepting none.
    Toxic - Accepting none.

    Military Ranks
    Sekkaian Ranks Tainted Ranks
    Shadowguarde members - Closed.
    Wing Talons (wingleaders) - Accepting none.
    Wing Claws (wingseconds) - At discretion of Talons.
    Wing Horns (heavy fighter) - Accepting all
    Wing Fangs (light fighters) - Accepting all
    Wing Scales (main fighters) - Accepting all
    Wing Spines (healers) - Accepting none.
    Scholars - Accepting all.
    Candidates - Accepting all.
    Sheathe - Accepting none.
    Viral - Accepting none.
    Toxin - At discretion of Virals.
    Blood - Accepting all.
    Bone - Accepting all.
    Dagger - Accepting all.
    Shield - Accepting all.
    Candidates - Accepting all.
    NOTE: Excludes unassigned Wings.

    Non-Dragon Forces
    Dires Draux
    Moonrunners - Accepting all.
    Duskstriders - Accepting all.
    Sundashers - Accepting all.
    Pack-leaders - Accepting one.
    Pack-seconds - At discretion of pack leader.
    Packmembers - Accepting all.
    Paladin - Accepting none.
    Matriarch - Accepting none.
    Bulls - Accepting none.
    Warrior - Accepting none.
    Shadow - Accepting none.
    Candidates - Accepting all.
    Phalanx Leaders - Accepting none.
    Phalanx Seconds - Accepting none.
    Phalanx Members - Accepting none.

    Special Pets

  • Miniature Gryphons - Accepting none.
  • Fire Phoenix - Accepting none.
  • Flora Phoenix - Accepting none.
  • Ice Phoenix - Accepting none.
  • Lightning Phoenix - Accepting none.
  • Cerberi - Accepting none.

  • Qih-nzak (Hybrids)

    Qih-nzak are only available after you have reached 300 in-character posts. A second may be made at 600, a third at 900. They are also available for purchase in the site shop if you don't wish to wait.

  • Chri - Accepting all.
  • Khri - Accepting all.
  • Qhek - Accepting all.
  • Type
  • Fire - Accepting all.
  • Earth - Accepting all.
  • Water - Accepting all.
  • Flora - Accepting one.
  • Wind - Accepting one.
  • Lightning - Accepting one.
  • Ice - Accepting one.
  • Gender
  • Fertile Females - Accepting none.
  • Infertile females - Accepting all.
  • Males - Accepting all.
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