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These rules are here to make the site better, not to make you angry. If you have any issues with any one of these rules, please contact an admin or another staff member.
I. The first step is joining and creating an account. Please refrain from using underscores, numbers, and symbols for your username.

II. Make sure to read all the rules and information before creating a character. This will avoid confusion.

III. When creating a character, follow the given guidelines. If you wish for your character to differ from the norm, please contact a staff member. If you receive a rare character (such as a plot-related or rare dragon breed) make sure to play them often! We obviously think highly of you if you're given something rare, so please don't just take your shiny beasts and disappear.

IV. Once your characters have been accepted, please link them in your signature by accessing Preferences > Change Signature at the top right-hand corner of the page. If you are unsure about coding, please ask!

V. Please respect your fellow roleplayers. Do not threaten, harass, or passive-aggressively target other members. If you do, you will be officially warned, and potentially temporarily or permanently banned, depending upon the case.

VI. Please, restrain from using chatspeak in any situation. This is a literate RP, so make literate posts. This includes proper grammar. Because posting nets players gold, please make each post 200 words MINIMUM so that your RP partner has plenty to work with! Spam posting will NOT be tolerated and gold will be deducted for spamming. Double-posting is also unnecessary, please use the edit button instead! Double-posting excludes the OOC area.

VII. If a thread is labeled private or tagged for specific people, please do not joint without permission.

VIII. Stay within imaginable aspects when roleplaying. No turkeys that magically turn in to dragons.

IX. Do not use excessive swearing, please. No salty sailors here.

X. It goes without saying there should be no god-modding, power-playing, or Mary-Sues. The staff will be keeping their eyes open for such behavior, and if you see any that violates basic netiquette please inform a member of staff. We'll politely fix the problem.

XI. If you wish to kill another character, please discuss it with said character's roleplayer.

XII. During the dragon breeding season you may have as many of your dragons Fly as you like, but only 3 of your females may clutch and males may only win 2 females each. Males can still compete in as many Flights as their loin's heart's desire. Clutch size/variety and all other hatchling related decisions are to be made by staff. If you wish to have one of your pets breed, you must ask permission of the staff team, but you may be allowed to hold the hatching yourself.

XIII. If you become inactive for more than a month without giving one of the administrators notice via site PM, absence board, or Discord DM, your characters will be moved to the Inactive Profiles section and the dragons, dires, or draux you gained during on-site hatchings will be put up for adoption unless otherwise requested. If you have not logged on for three months your account will be deleted.

XIV. Please do not harass or bully members or administrators of different roleplaying websites. If there is evidence that a member of our's is an instigator, the Sekkai staff team will take action. A formal warning will be issued to the member as a first strike measure. Recurring instances will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, and may include a permanent ban.

XV. Do not draw roleplaying feuds into the out-of-character chat, and do not bring out-of-character discrepancies into in-character writing. Our writers are not their characters and their characters are not their writers. If you have a concern, please PM a staff member.

XVI. Please do not demand specific breeds of dragons for your candidate, or refuse all but the rarest canonical breeds. We have a candidate questionnaire where you are encouraged to voice your concerns and opinions for your characters, but we ask that you try to leave some options open. Candidacy can be a gamble. We work hard to design fun and engaging hatchlings for your candidates and if you reject them based on breed, it is insulting. If your character does not bond, please don't take it as a personal vendetta. While we try to accommodate as best we can, your character may have been created too far into the hatchling designing process. We may want to see more of your candidate if they have not been played, or we may be deferring them to a future hatching in order to give them a breed we could not have during the current cycle.

XVII. Please come and chat with us in the Discord or our shoutbox! We're a friendly bunch of nerds and we'd love to get to know new members.

Besides all this, please, enjoy your time here!

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