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Sekkaian: Fall

Tainted: TBD

Dires: TBD

Draux: TBD

Pet: TBD


Sekkaian: November

Tainted: TBD

Dires: TBD

Draux: Late Summer

Pet: TBD

Current Plots:

Upcoming Plots:
  • Taint Promotion Event (late June)
  • Military Police Event (July)
  • Dire Event (July)

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Dragons: Lesson Five - Saddles, Ground Drills, and Formations

Dires: TBD

Draux: TBD

Candidates: Lesson One - 10th Hatching Candidates


Dragons: TBD


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Gold Shop Update

Posted by SekkaiFractures (Administrator) at Jun 16 2017, 01:39 PM. 0 comments

Gold Shop Breed Purchases

Hello again, everyone! We hope you're enjoying your Tainted minions and plotting up a storm. As stated in our previous announcement we have some events coming up on the horizon, so look out for those! The News Portal now showcases tentative dates for planned site events.

With this small update we also bring up a recent dilemma regarding breed purchases that we want to address. With the addition of CP and Gold to the site we did not specify whether or not breed purchases had to be adult or hatchling. We offered the latter option in the past because there was some interest and it was a nice perk to get a staff designed baby if you were uncertain of a design. It was infrequent enough that we didn't have to worry too much about it.

We've had quite a few people talk about applying breed purchases to their candidates and we've become uncomfortable with the rising number. We understand that you should do as you wish with your hard-earned site currency, but in that same vein we're concerned that more and more hatchlings will be decided by gold. You earned that gold, and you absolutely deserve to purchase the breed of dragon you've had your eye on for so long. However, applying those breeds to candidates ahead of time takes the mystery out of an event that's supposed to be a gamble.

If hatchlings can be bought ahead of time we're afraid that it might eventually foster an atmosphere that doesn't encourage activity. We know that the majority of our member base wouldn't try to take advantage of that loophole, but we don't want to leave it open for the future. Bonding isn't supposed to be a guarantee. It's a surprise and, who knows? You might save yourself the purchase of the breed you've had your eye on.

With the exception of winning Gift of Giving entries and Crossbreeds (Mutts), all breed purchases must be made as adults. If you absolutely must have a specific breed for your rider, please make them as such! They can still be young, but we will no longer be accepting purchases made for hatchlings. This update will not be retroactive, so recent purchases made toward hatchlings will not be revoked. This is only going forward. We are also aware of the breeds people have been considering for purchase and we will keep those in mind when we approach upcoming hatchings. ;o;

If you don't quite know what sort of character you want to make with a purchase, you are more than welcome to brainstorm with your fellow members or even commission them for a design. We are not including staff-designed options in the gold shop because a) we really want to concentrate on plot development between hatchings and our six-member team will be strapped enough for time as it is, and b) it would be a double-standard for staff to earn gold with designs and art when we have disallowed gold shops for the member base with the new economy.

We hope this helps to clear up some of the confusion. If you have any questions please feel free to talk to us via site PM or Discord!

Congratulations, Updates, and Upcoming Things

Posted by SekkaiFractures (Administrator) at May 28 2017, 08:44 PM. 0 comments

Hello Everyone!

First of all, we'd like to thank everyone for a wonderful, active, and dastardly Taint Hatching! Congratulations to all the newly bonded Taintlings! May the Lake God rest your soul. You're Jadra and Chon's now >D

On that note, please remember that lessons are MANDATORY. You must post in 50% of the lessons AND the graduation lesson in order for your characters to be considered fully graduated pairs! In addition, there will be gold payouts for posting in lessons as an added incentive to get them done.

Each lesson posted in will be worth 5g. If you post in ALL the lessons, including graduation, you will be rewarded with an extra 30g on top of the 5g per lesson participation! :D These totals will be added to your account upon graduation, giving everyone ample time to post in all lessons if they wish. (It is also easier on the admin/mod adding and subtracting gold from accounts to do it all at once)

Now, on to the future!

As promised, we have a few plots we are hoping to get started and finished this summer. The first upcoming is the Taint Promotion event. This event will hopefully begin and end sometime in June, time permitting. As you all know, admin lives are crazy and the summer also brings vacation times for many. We will roll out these plots as best as we can, in the timeliest manner that we can.

The second upcoming plot is the Dire Event, which will tentatively be launching in July, serving to separate the dires from the Academy to form their own line of defense for the country. Both of these plots have been in the works and planned out since before the site move and we are excited to get them in motion!

Another thing we would like to mention is that the new Mirage dragons will be considered an UNCOMMON breed. That means that once Nybbas and Satu graduate their current lessons, Mirage dragons will be available for purchase from the gold shop!

Lastly, along with sprucing up the info pages on the Player Guide, we, as a staff team, are working on a number of retcons and revamps to help make certain things more playable and more enticing. Among these are Hybrids. We are fully in development of beefing up and expanding Qih-nzak culture and information! This information will be posted when it is ready and announced once it's up. On that note, we want to caution anyone working on Qih-nzak characters to be PCs. Please hang on to them until the new information goes up! That way you won't have to change or retcon anything to match the new information.

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