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Sekkian: Ongoing

Tainted: Spring 2018

Dires: TBD

Draux: TBD

Pet: TBD


Sekkian: December 1st

Tainted: TBD

Dires: TBD

Draux: TBD

Pet: TBD

Current Plots:

Upcoming Plots:
  • Spoop (Halloween)
  • ????? (January)
  • Dire Event (Nov/Dec)

Upcoming Contests:
  • Gift of Giving (December)
  • Bestiary & Field Guide Submissions (TBD)


**Posting in lessons is mandatory**


Dragons: Lesson Eleven: Working as a Wing

Dires: TBD

Draux: Lesson One: Care and Handling

Candidates: Lesson Two: 10th Hatching Candidates

Dragons: Lesson Six: First Flights


Kess (CloakandDagger)

Chirpadee (Chirp)

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Tainted Plot Promotions

Posted by SekkaiFractures (Administrator) at Nov 28 2017, 08:28 AM. 0 comments

Tainted Plot Promotions

Hello again, everyone! We apologize for the delay, but we now have all of the promotions for those who participated in the Tainted plot. :D Thank you so much for your patience and, to those who took park in the Sheathe trial, thank you for your wonderful replies. They were a treat to read and we're pleased as punch with how everyone performed. You each took different paths for the trial and earned your own names within the legion. If participants wish to share their posts, you may read the trial and responses in the Occularis Infernum section of the Tainted Fortress.

Congratulations to our new Sheathes, Virals, Toxins, and Bloods!

Roux and Gravity Saturnalia (Oceanic Commanders)
Blair and Bulkhead Krakatoa (Ground Commanders)

Vimala and Air Khossa Vole
Jackal and Ice Flauros

Byrn and Lightning Ts'akab
Kya and Fire Caldera
Disruption Furor
Nicolith and Influenza Amblyomma
Influenza Anaphylaxis

Fionn and Fire Ignus
Loma and Water Effinex
Jove and Crystal Eleutherios
Rosemary Shelobsirias

Participation with at least one post elevated your characters to the rank above their current stations. Additional promotions were made based upon creativity, working with and coordinating among your fellow members, and driving the plot forward.

Sheathes do not command their own Shell, but are generals of all PC/NPC Shells and Tainteds who fall within their domain. Virals are welcome to make their new Shells! Toxins may apply for positions within PC shells or be affiliated with a NPC one, if you would rather not partake in PC shells. Full details on rank responsibilities may be found in the player guide linked at the top of the site page. If you have any questions please feel free to ask! Congratulations again!!

Bring On The Berbering
(coming This Thursday to a Sekkai near you)

Halloween Raffle 2017

Posted by SekkaiFractures (Administrator) at Oct 30 2017, 01:25 PM. 59 comments

Good News Everyone!
A Halloween Giveaway!

Flights are over and the laying has begun, but even after the last egg is laid, there are some grand surprises in store for you. However, herein lies the awful part -- the wait. So, while you diligently write your candidates running amok at the academy and beyond, and while we plan devious pairings that we hope you’ll enjoy, we can all feel the autumn chill (If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere). The harvest is over. Winter is coming. And the midnight hour is close at hand.

The foulest stench is in the air. The funk of forty thousand years!
(Sorry, I had beans.)

No time for babies yet. It’s time to get spooky. So, raise your pumpkins and howl at the moon. Fill yourself with candy and scare yourself silly. It’s Halloween!! Happy Samhain! And, however you choose to celebrate, it’s always a good opportunity to celebrate you! The staff have prepared a raffle filled with strange magical items, unusual pets, tricks, treats, and (of course) Gold! So pick a number, any number, and let the frights begin!

Please pick only one number for now. If there are remaining numbers we will have a second drawing in 24hrs. <3
Edit: You may now pick a second number. If you have not yet picked one, you may pick two. The prize list will be scrambled and posted between 5 and 7pm EST!

1. Semp
2. Boo
3. Mythborn
4. Jackins
5. Santanna
6. Isra
7. Saileene
8. Nherva
9. Weeburd
10. Kess
11. Strife
12. Nox
13. Mythborn
14. Seenter
15. Zinc
16. Boo
17. Jackins
18. Kitsu
19. Draco
20. Raye
21. Kya
22. CoiledDragon
23. Raye
24. Strife
25. Irene
26. Alix
27. Silver
28. Nim
29. Kitsu
30. Kya
31. Maile
32. Maile
33. Goth
34. Chirp
35. Seenter
36. Alix
37. Zinc
38. Nox
39. Santanna
40. Kess
41. Semp
42. Isra
43. Goth
44. Silver
45. CoiledDragon
46. Draco
47. Chirp
48. Aethelstan
49. Aethelstan
50. Nherva
51. Kat
52. Weeburd
53. Kat
54. Saileene
55. Irene
56. Nim

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