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Sekkaian: Ongoing

Tainted: Spring 2018

Dires: TBD

Draux: TBD

Pet: TBD


Sekkaian: TBD

Tainted: Spring 2018

Dires: TBD

Draux: TBD

Pet: TBD

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Upcoming Plots:
  • Mystery Posters (May)
  • ????? (June)

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Dragons: Lesson Four: Weapons Training

Dires: TBD

Draux: Lesson Two: Bond Communication

Candidates: Lesson Two: 10th Hatching Candidates

Dragons: Lesson Eight: Graduation


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2018 Tainted Hatching Date Poll

Posted by CloakAndDagger (Administrator) at May 15 2018, 09:00 AM. 0 comments


You know it’s about time.

We know it’s about time.

We just have to figure out exactly what time that is!

The secrets are brewing, and this year we’re gonna spend our time singing you some delightfully devious songs. They’re gonna be terrible, wonderful, off key, and will possibly stab you with a shiv, but thats just in the nature of it. Be prepared.

[Lion King]

However, we know everyone has everything going on all at once, so, as fair as we can, we’d like to schedule the hatching on a date where most people can be there for as much of it as possible. So, to get a feel for it, please pick your top date in the poll above! Please let us know if none of the times work. We will try to figure something out, so that you can still participate! As a note, the weekend of June 15th was removed because two staff will be out.

This poll will close one week from being posted. After that, we will get back to you all ASAP to announce the opening date for the 8th Tainted Hatching!

-The Staff

Weekend of June the 1st 2018 it is!
Get your MadMax armor on because this is gonna be some drive on Fury Road.

2018 Tainted Candidate Questionnaire

Posted by SekkaiFractures (Administrator) at Apr 16 2018, 06:26 PM. 0 comments

Hello folks! For those of you with Tainted candidates already, we have a questionnaire ready for you. Don't have one yet? Now's the perfect time to make one!!

This questionnaire is entirely optional, but it will help the staff immensely in designing your potential hatchling. This is an opportunity for you to open up to us and relay your concerns, your aspirations for your characters. Your answers are confidential and will only be shared to the Sekkai staff team. If you have multiple candidates, you should fill out a questionnaire for each of them! Some questions have been combined, some redundant ones have been removed, and there are a few new ones as well. This should take anywhere between 5-10 minutes to complete.

Questionnaires may be submitted and/or edited up until two weeks before the Tainted Hatching. If you need to change an answer, please PM one of us on the site or speak with a staff member via DM in discord. Thank you guys!!

Please click me to head over to the questionnaire!

Don't forget to check out the Tainted Flight Schedule and the Advertising Contest!

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