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Sekkaian: Ongoing

Tainted: Spring 2018

Dires: TBD

Draux: TBD

Pet: TBD


Sekkaian: December 1st

Tainted: TBD

Dires: TBD

Draux: TBD

Pet: TBD

Current Plots:

Upcoming Plots:
  • Spoop (Halloween)
  • ????? (January)
  • Dire Event (Nov/Dec)

Upcoming Contests:
  • Gift of Giving (December)
  • Bestiary & Field Guide Submissions (TBD)


**Posting in lessons is mandatory**


Dragons: Lesson Twelve: Graduation

Dires: TBD

Draux: Lesson One: Care and Handling

Candidates: Lesson Two: 10th Hatching Candidates

Dragons: Lesson Six: First Flights


Kess (CloakandDagger)

Chirpadee (Chirp)

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Lesson Rewards Update and Dire Plot

Posted by SekkaiFractures (Administrator) at Feb 16 2018, 12:46 PM. 0 comments

Sekkai and Tainted Lesson Rewards Update

In order to not leave finishing lessons open ended, starting with 9th Sekkian Wyrmling Lessons, we will require rewards to be collected 3 Months after graduation! These rewards are either partial completion or full completion with the extra 30g reward for finishing all 12 lessons. Each lesson is worth a reward of 5g no matter if you finish all 12 or just do enough to graduate your wyrmling (50%, one must be 12 month graduation lesson).

Full completion for Sekkai Lessons: (12 Lessons x 5g) + 30 = 90g
Full completion for Tainted Lessons: (8 Lessons x 5g) + 30 = 70g

However, because lessons ended for the 9th Sekkian Wyrmlings at the end of December and it is now almost a month and a half later, we are extending the deadline only for these Wyrmlings. You have 4 months to finish 9th Sekkian Wyrmling Lessons. The deadline is now midnight(12 am EST) on 1st of May (Night of April 30th).

Plot Update
Finally, it's the year of the dog! But are your puppers getting any writing action?
Have a gander at this new thread! Join the Plot!

Welcome Super Seniors!

Posted by SekkaiFractures (Administrator) at Jan 31 2018, 03:26 PM. 0 comments

A Quick Announcement!

We have come to a rather solid realization that in moving the site we have left a few kiddies in limbo. There are babies who never got graduated on the old site, which means they cannot fly to mate, they cannot participate in wings, and are trapped in a horrible state of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We want to give members a chance to free their babies from the abyss of stasis and give you a way to get them back. For babies hatched on the old site we are introducing the Super Seniors program. "What does this mean?" You might be asking yourself. Well, it means you can enter your aged out babies into current lessons.

How this works:

  • Your pair should be played as an adult.
  • We recommend you come up with a reason they were “held back”. This can be injury, family emergency, severe illness, too much class skipping, ect. The world is your oyster.
  • Then just post in the lessons they are missing and you can graduate them with the current class.
  • While hatchlings on the new site receive extra lesson gold, this was not offered on the old site. To promote fairness we will not be offering the bonus gold to Super Seniors. We feel this would give members who did not graduate their babies on time an advantage over members who did and that does not promote the fair and fun site we are building!

(As a reminder: you may claim 5 gold for each lesson you complete with an eligible hatchling in the bounty thread upon their graduation (up to one per hatching). If you complete all lessons you may claim 30 bonus gold!)

Who this is open to:

  • Only hatchlings from the old site, unless you receive staff approval.
  • While it is a fun idea to play with, we see the danger of letting wyrmling classes get overrun with adults. If you have a hatchling that was hatched on the current site, we ask you post in their appropriate lessons, even if you are running behind. This allows us to keep the joys of youth and discovery in the lessons!

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Sekkai owes its colorful existence to many brilliant and talented individuals. We would like to extend a special thanks to everyone that has participated in making this a fun and active community, but also a few noteworthy individuals that helped set up the board.

Coding and Migration: Chirpadee, CloakandDagger, Nherva, Semp, Strifefox
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