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RPL1: Three Crowns of Faldoril
Topic Started: Jul 22 2017, 10:29 PM (81 Views)
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The Mentalist Little Bear
***Welcome to RPL1: Three Crowns of Faldoril! I hope all of you have fun here!***

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For the last few centuries the area outside the Western Empire has maintained an uneasy balance. Where they have freedom, the political power shifts between those who favor joining the empire, those who want to remain fully independent, and those who wish to join together with the other local powers to create a nation where none had been before. However, until now other concerns have kept anything much from happening, whether it be the nomadic Hurseei tribes raiding from the Aqualess Sky, or a plague of rodents, or the mysterious dance festival of the Sore and Tired Spring, or other mayhem caused by whatever force.

Now the three political forces in the area are starting to move, and the conflict has escalated from words to the occasional fistfight in the streets. Some reports even mention that a few people have been stabbed. Into this chaos you all arrive, travelling from the Western Empire for whatever reasons you may have, you have arrived in Yumar. At first, you were hoping for a nice rest in a local inn, but that was a hope quickly dashed. First you got caught in a brawl, and had to drop your pack to defend yourself. Then somebody ran off with the pack. A few others abused the press of the melee, grabbing what they could. By the time you were done explaining to the local authorities, an ineffectual group of men who looked exhausted and projected an air of defeat, it was far too late to attempt to recover your goods. Fortunately Yumar had a few places you could get some more.

From there, you all managed to find an inn known as the "Bag and Bottle." Proudly they displayed a notice that they served food and drink to go, which you guess is likely the source of the name. Settling in, you can tell there are a bunch of locals around a few tables, but there are also a bunch of other travellers. Before you can finish inspecting them all, however, two heavily armed men rush in the front door and start yelling. "Everyone up and hands where we can see! Declare your affiliation or die!" The locals sigh, and start standing up in a line. Whether you join them, or choose another path, is up to you.
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Through all the chaos one figure sits still at the back of the inn. He is clad in what you assume were once immaculate white robes, now tinted very slightly grey and green with age and what almost appears to be moss. Under his hood his hair is black and unkempt, strands hanging lazily down a slightly gaunt face with weary eyes that makes you wonder if the man is unwell. From his reclined position you do notice one eye lazily turning to survey the outburst before returning accompanied by the slightest hint of a humorless scoff. The man does nothing else but plant his foot and shift his grip on the obsidian-bladed tepoztopilli that never leaves his side. Then, he waits, watching for the reactions of others.
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The Mentalist Little Bear
The inn is suddenly filled with moving bodies, as the various people in the building line up against a wall. Their obedience in the matter seems tinged with fear and resignation, as if they don't believe they have any other choices.

Scia steps forward, as the patrons line up. "Excuse me, I'm a traveller, can you tell me what this is about?" The two men look around, noting that several people seem ready to fight, and then seeing the summons. This blatantly disrupts Scia's character's attempt to talk things out, which ensures that diplomacy is a lost cause (sorry, they have bigger concerns now.) "Stand aside then traveller, if you don't want to get hurt."

The guy looks at those ready to fight. "Heh, really? We thought you knew better." Hesmirks at you all. The other reaches back...

*And I need rolls!*

Everyone roll initiative to be ready.
PFM roll intimidate.
MJKJ roll stealth, and roll steal.
Anyone else who wants to suddenly seem threatening roll your intimidates.

Once those rolls are in I will start on the next setup.

*Zephyr, the rest are on discord for this, but I will post to both locations unless you wish to join that spot. I'll update any critical actions for you. Currently, 4 people seem to have decided to fight back, and one just summoned some spirits of some sort.*

Discord, if you need: https://discord.gg/UaJuwtU
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