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SoapsWEB Closing
Topic Started: 19 Jul 2009, 08:21 PM
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It is with a deep personal sense of loss and failure that I announce that SoapsWEB will officially go offline Friday, July 24.

I have chosen that date as to give the SOFFnet Writers time to get their stuff off if they need it. And to give contributors like Morlock time to get stuff off if they need it.

I have been fighting burnout for a month now. For awhile things looked up and I thought it was going to get better. Then slowly over the last few weeks we have all time lows in posts and views to many of the areas of the site. SOFFnet which was promising has virtually died and no matter what I do there it doesn't pick back up either.

When I try to stop certain areas of the site I get lots of PMs and Email about it but then it never picks up.

Over the last few weeks my health has been taking even more turns and that accompanied with the burnout has just robbed me of the desire to work on the site for now.

For the faithful posters I apologize for not sticking with it. For the staff members and volunteers who have come along I appreciate all you did. And I wish things had worked out better.

I am going to take a few days or a few weeks off and then I am going to go back a blog type format on blogger. I will share my daytime history stuff there as I feel like it, and I will also be moving my series to that area.

I will be setting that up in a few days, and I will post it on the site so that those who want to find me and my stuff can. For those that have followed my series I know that From These Roots will definitely be continuing there. I am not sure about the others. I will see how things go.

I will continue to be around on Facebook and will keep informed there of the stuff on my new blogger site. The blogger site will have history stuff but it will not be as detailed as what I attempted here.

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