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1. No bashing any other poster.
2. No bashing of any other board.
3. Respect one another.
4. Have fun.
5. There will no spamming. Spamming is posting links that are not soap opera related and are intended to offer things for sale to members. And there will be no posting of nudity or pornography on the main board.
6. You are not allowed to PM members and invite them to check out another board.
7. You are only allowed to have 2 banners or images in your signature. Please limit them to no larger than 250 x 800 pixels. You cannot advertise another forum in your banner.
8. You are allowed to post rumors or gossip about soap opera actors, but you are not allowed to pass judgement on them or call them names.
9. Do not bait other posters with the intent of stirring up trouble.
10. Curse words are allowed as long as they are not used as a name to bait or criticize another poster. [i.e. do not call someone a bitch or a faggot]
11. Any member who joins needs to post at least once every 90 days to keep their account active. All inactive accounts will be deleted after 90 days of inactivity.
12. Any member will be allowed 5 warnings. After the 5th warning you will be banned from SoapsWEB permanently.
13. If a person recieves a warning, that warning can be removed at the member's request after 60 days - provided that member has not recieved another warning in that time frame.
14. Memberships are based on different levels. All members will go up the following chain of membership: Validating Member (0 posts); New Member (1-24 posts); Junior Member (25-49 posts); Member (50-99 posts); Elite Member (100-149 posts); Advanced Elite (150-249 posts); Super Elite (250+ posts). At each level you will notice that you are allowed more PM storage; the ability to e-mail more folks; the ability to mass PM more folks; and several other advantages to establishing yourself as a faithful poster of SoapsWEB.
15. Make sure you have permission to use any picture you post on SoapsWEB -- please respect copyright! Please do not post an image directly in a post if it is not housed on your own server (for example, a photobucket account you donít own) This is called hotlinking, and is bandwidth theft. If you have permission, you can upload the picture to your own server, or to a free host such as Photobucket. A very popular service used now is ImageShack, where you can even provide a thumbnail to stay within the image guidelines for users to click on for a larger image: ImageShack. When it doubt, please just post the link to the photo instead. See the FAQ on the board after registration for more info on hotlinking and bandwidth.
16. Please do not post ads for personal gain in the banner or threads.
17. Emailing or PMing a member through this board to harass another member will get you instantly banned.
18. All soap operas will be regarded as soap operas and no differences will be made in them that is not accepted by the wide majority of people. There will be no references that true soap operas are this or that.

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