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I think the way Futera are running the FWF game is very poor at the moment. They are not answering emails regarding bugs and don't seem to be fixing the bugs that are present in the game.
I dont like getting beaten 8, 9 or 10 nil in games, but I dont expect to win games against certain teams anyway. I just wish the scores were more realistic. I am sure that if the following team, Buffon, Bergomi, Beckenbauer, Cannavaro, Roberto Carlos, Alonso, Ballack, Ronaldo, Bergkamp, Bale, and Pele, played anyone they would never get beaten 10 nil,no matter who the opposing team had managing them.
The best teams usually win the league so the best teams winning is fair enough. There should perhaps be a random Myhicals prize given out weekly to any of the teams that have completed their 50 games. This would improve peoples chances a bit.
Rather than limit the amount of Mythicals in a team there should be levels in which to compete, so the teams with Mythical cards play one division, teams with Memos play another and teams with basic cards play another. Or alternatively play Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels like the old FFCF league had.
I don't think you can restrict the spending. If people want to spend their hard earned pennies, it is up to them. You can't stop that so different play levels would be the way to change things.
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