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Captured: The People of Tenvyl; Post your characters here
Topic Started: May 4 2015, 04:10 PM (1,715 Views)
Tenys Delyx
Member Avatar
High Elf
In this topic post your character, and it will be added to this post.


Tenys Delyx

Grey Lord Skreech




Erec Bloodborn





Alfrik Drogo

Martin Ironfist

skar vein

Renea Valis

Melene Ha'nvarda


Eldryc Deathcaller


Agnar Deadkhan

Aom Geomite

Roseline Tenvyl

Edited by Tenys Delyx, Jul 30 2016, 01:34 PM.
The king has spoken!
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Lylilian Delyx

Name:Lylilian Delyx
Race:High Elf
Background:Lylilian was born into the royal family, but has always loved animals and possesses a spirit of adventure of unbound proportions. She loves to wander around Arken and especially Entwyl, and has many good friends among the Ice Elves.
Short sword (3 R/E)
Midnight: black kitten
Beast horn (1 R/E)
1 class 1 enchantment
1 healing potion (5)
3 days food and water (and carrying apparatus for both)
15 m rope

Minor vampiric (short sword)
Edited by Lylilian Delyx, May 5 2015, 05:41 PM.
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Vannar Teylin
Member Avatar

Name:Vannar Teylin
Background:Vannar was trained by the best, and has set out to make his way in the world as an assassin and thief, and general outlaw. He finds himself almost unable to contain his anger at the world, and will leave a trail of bloody corpses in his wake. He will probably be extremely willing to pay bards to sing their songs about him. He likes to call himself the green dagger...
10 throwing knives (1 R/E)
2 long knives (2 R/E)
Poison (1 damage every round for five rounds. counts as anenchantment)
Hooded cloak
Poison (throwing knives)
Edited by Tenys Delyx, May 6 2015, 07:35 PM.
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Tenys Delyx
Member Avatar
High Elf
You're all added. Talos, what weapon is the eldritch on?
The king has spoken!
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Oh sorry I forgot, erm... the longbow. :D
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Grey Lord Skreetch Warpfang
Member Avatar
Ice Elven Court Archmage
Name: Daarken Tal'Aanmar
Race: Ice Elf
Class: Mage
Gender: Male
Age: 111
Position: Royal Court Mage
Background: Although Daarken is still young (by the standards of his people), he has demonstrated an affinity for magic and a maturity far beyond his years, and quickly rose to the position of Royal Court Mage.However, his meteoric rise to power has not been unnoticed, and many elves who feel they would be better suited for this post watch him with bitter hearts.
Strength: 4
Dexterity: 5
Wisdom: 8
Charisma: 3
Stealth: 7
Inventory: Magic Staff (4 R/E)
Dagger (1 R/E)
1 Healing Potion (5)
Runes/Enchantments: 1 Minor Shield (Magic Staff)
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Tenys Delyx
Member Avatar
High Elf
I added in health and Mana, which was just added to the template.
The king has spoken!
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Ice Elf

Name: Dolge Enrico Whisperfeet
Race: Halfling
Class: Bard
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Position: vagabond
Background: Dolge Enrico Whisperfeet, a young halfing bard. He lost his parents and house when he was really young. Found by a southern human named Jerome and learned the tricks of bardism and traveling around. Jerome tought Dolge Enrico to play the lute, to sing, to steal, to live off the land. Sadly Jerome died of sickness leaving little b ut the knowledge he left on Dolge Enrico. Being used to this wandering live Dolge Enrico continued this way. Singing his way to the people. getting to parties. elaving with more items then he left with unnoticed. Slowly starting to make a name as a bard.
Strength: (5) 4
Dexterity: (4) 4
Wisdom: (2) 2
Charisma: (6) 10
Stealth: (1) 5
Inventory: lute, small pony, 5 days water, 5 days food, 15m rope, tinderbox
Runes/Enchantments: none (yet)
HP 20 base + 4 str = 24
Mana(only if mage) none

Note: i put the die roll between () in the stats and the modified behind it without ()
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Tenys Delyx
Member Avatar
High Elf
Thanks Falco. Everyone has been added so far. Please make a topic to track your character's stats/Inventory in the Keeping Track forum.
The king has spoken!
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Araloth Springtide
Member Avatar

Name: Araloth Springtide
Race: Wood Elf
Class: Ranger
Gender: Male
Age: 93
Position Glade Archer Captain
Background: When he was 51 he discovered his talent for archery,so he practiced 10 hours every day.By the age of 69, he was one of the best archers in his whole region. One year later, he was promoted to Glade Archer Captain.It is said that he is
the best of all the glade archery,he is always practicing archery or defending his region from enemies.
Strength: 4
Dexterity: 10
Wisdom: 5
Charisma: 6
Stealth: 2
Longbow (2 R/E)
20 arrows (1 R/E)
Long knife (1 R/E)
1 class 1 enchantment
1 healing potion (5)
Runes/Enchantments: Minor eldritch (longbow)
HP 24
Mana(only if mage
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