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Welcome to The Lightweb, just another of these general community forums. We are rather different to all the others so have a browse, or join our growing circle of friends if you wish. Whoever you are, I will look forward seeing you :smile:

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The Main Square

Regular Forum General Talk
The central point for all of us to have a gab, or something else that doesn't quite fit with the dedicated categories below. Just remember, keep this clean.
Snow Today, 11:33 AM, By Bry.
Topics: 87 Replies: 2,436
Subforums: Complaints
Regular Forum Entertainment
From your favourite TV shows to the most loathed celebrities on Earth, this is the place to do it. Oh, and ideal to spill your music tastes there too if you're willing.
Last show watched Today, 2:18 AM, By Paul
Topics: 49 Replies: 617
Subforums: Literature
Regular Forum Science & Tech
About half of the world or more are into computers, science and all things technical. If you are amongst the growing majority, then this place is for you. For the computing side of things, anything "retro" can be talked about also.
Forum Software Yesterday, 4:21 PM, By Bry.
Topics: 50 Replies: 508
Subforums: Programming
Regular Forum Video Gaming
Do you remember playing the Super Nintendo back in your childhood? Or are you just someone who likes video games in general, whether old or new? Gamers of all kinds, this is the ideal place.
Last game completed Yesterday, 9:57 PM, By ACBlackJ0ck
Topics: 30 Replies: 281
Regular Forum Current Affairs
Everything happens in this world, and at times it's best to keep the people informed of what goes on, from natural disasters to medical breakthroughs. When you make a thread here, please remember to post a reliable news source.
Backlash over Google's Latest AI Deception Yesterday, 6:34 PM, By MegaphoneStallone
Topics: 44 Replies: 235
Subforums: Local News, Debates
Regular Forum Sports & Recreation
If the humble computer keeps our minds active, then so does anything that requires out in the field or the local gym. Converse about sports and other forms of recreation here, or even of things pertaining the world of sport itself from our heroes at the Olympics, to upcoming sporting events.
Rugby League Thread 14 May 2018, 03:00 AM, By Paddy
Topics: 18 Replies: 105
Regular Forum Beauty & Fashion
From make-up tips to the admiration of a certain clothing brand, this is the best place to talk about it. Fashion projects (such as for the world of cosplay) are welcome too.
What are you wearing right now? Today, 7:09 AM, By Soopairik
Topics: 7 Replies: 164
Regular Forum Food & Drink
We all like eating and drinking, and we need these in order to sustain our way of living and more importantly - be healthy. Deep discussions about your favourite foods can be made here or anything else pertaining to it. Recipes are welcome also, for anyone who happens to make things whether simple or complicated.
Did you miss KFC when they ran out of chic… 14 May 2018, 06:36 PM, By MegaphoneStallone
Topics: 19 Replies: 705

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