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Some major changes; About joinable groups, and "rping"
Topic Started: 21 Apr 2018, 11:42 AM (152 Views)
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The Gaffer

With queenzelda no longer with us, I now have full control of this forum again and, necessary changes have been made.

The first I will announce is the complete annihilation of the Role Playing subsection, and the RP Member group and its related joinable group too. My reason for this? Because this was only used by within queen's inner circle and I don't think much activity went on there, and with Yami giving me the green light to go ahead and do the job needed. Also that I suspect that queen may have taken all her "rping" pals with her following her unexpected departure. As a result, all of them, including BigCJ who only joined said group out of sheer curiosity, are now back into the Member group (New Member for lavos and Lulu as they had under 25 posts).

The second I have done is the removal the "Forum Superheroes" joinable group also, as joinable groups themselves are rather broken on ZetaBoards even though this was my idea for a special section dedicated to forum maintenance. Now, it requires a password to get in and it is only eligible for anyone that knows their stuff about forums from how things work to even about ZetaBoard's future. On top of that, you must have 25 posts or more to be given it. If you want access to it when you meet the given criteria, simply PM me and I will happily give it to you. Also worth nothing is that you must NOT give that password to anybody else on the forum, or to any outsiders either. Only YOU, the sole member, can be in possession with it.

More things may be done over the course of a few days, even in regards to any new staff that we get in. Keep your eyes peeled.
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