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Slow trolling flukes catching hybrids, striped bass
Topic Started: Apr 9 2016, 10:18 PM (51 Views)
Ghost Comanche
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Slow trolling flukes catching hybrids, striped bass
by Fishing Editor @ http://chronicle.augusta.com

A chance meeting with two fishermen in the Clark Hill Park section of Strom Thurmond Lake earlier this week has led to an opportunity to describe a "new" trolling technique for hybrids and stripers.

The men used their boat's electric motor to slow-troll Zoom pearl-white Super Flukes threaded onto 3/8 -ounce lead-headed jigs.

The writer used the technique on Wednesday between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m., and caught a 4-pound striper, a 7-pound hybrid and three hybrids weighing between 3 and 5 pounds each. Actually, one of the fish came on a 3/4 -ounce white Barry's Fleck Spoon jigged in 34 feet of water.

The writer "twitched" his rod tip to make the lure some 30 feet behind his boat dart from side to side. He also pulled it forward, then let it fall back on slack line, and the fish hit it on the fall.

The technique ought to work wherever hybrids and stripers have been schooling, such as off the first rocky "hump" just inside the mouth of Chigoe Creek, and inside the Fort Gordon Recreation Area marina cove.

Patience is the key to the system because it doesn't produce quick results. But bites in the hit-and-miss category kept the fisherman alert.

Early morning hours seem to be more productive than late afternoon hours, but it's hard to tell because thunder storms have been forcing fishermen off the lake later in the day.

Super Flukes on lead-headed jigs are popular fish-catchers during the winter and early spring months, but as waters warm, the soft plastic lures are generally fished threaded onto a bare hook and worked just beneath the surface.

The two men said they fish the lead-headed flukes year-around, with the slower they're trolled the better.

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