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The Rules

Regular Forum Rules and FAQs
FAQs (Update July 1st, 2014) Feb 3 2008, 10:31 PM, By Buster The Fox
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Regular Forum Updates and announcements
I'll be posting all updates and important notices here. Check here for Game announcements and more!
Ghost Post Mar 2 2016, 12:02 AM, By Buster The Fox
0 viewers Topics: 45 Replies: 51
Subforums: Game Announcements


Regular Forum Games
Ready to play some games? Download here!
Stick Adventure 3: Stick RPG REMIX Sep 5 2013, 12:08 AM, By Buster The Fox
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Subforums: Stagecast, Other Games, Demos
Redirect Forum (Wiki) Underdog Database
*NEW!* The Underdog DB is the official Underdog Creations wiki. It is a work in progress and does not currently have as much info as we would want, so if you think you know about Underdog Creations, come on over and make a few pages and edits!
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Redirect Forum Underdog Arcade
At the Underdog Arcade one can play Underdog-made Stagecast games online without needing to download and install the program! You can also play some of Buster The Fox's favorite flash games! And as always, it's all completely free. If you don't like downloading a bunch of files, this place will be a lifesaver!
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Redirect Forum The Creator's Stage
A brand new forum for anyone who develops games and simulations using Stagecast Creator! It's still very new, and could use some members, so if you're interested in making games with Stagecast or just want to find some new games to play, this is the place to go!
Hits: 156
Redirect Forum Puzzle League Heaven
One of Underdog's creator's side-projects. Do you love Panel de Pon, Tetris Attack or Puzzle League? Well, did you know that they are ALL the same game? Come to Puzzle League Heaven, where you can find the best and latest information about all of the Panel de Pon, Tetris Attack and Puzzle League games!
Hits: 161
Redirect Forum TCG
Come check out the David Inc. Productions/Underdog Creations Trading Card Game! The game features characters from many video games. The game's mechanics allow it to be playable within the forum! The project is currently on extended hiatus, so start posting around there if you want to see it back in action again! NOTE: the "gp" in the URL stands for "Gameplace", which was our old title. We are now Underdog Creations. Please don't get mixed up. :) That site is not updated regularly, so it may still refer to us as "Gampelace".
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The Community

Regular Forum General Chat
Chat about pretty much anything here.
does daily fantasy cafe, dfs pro and saber… Jan 19 2018, 03:24 AM, By Michael Morin
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Intros and Goodbyes
New to the Fantasy Cafe? Introduce yourself here! Or if you're leaving the forum, let us know where you're going and when you'll be back!
----, By Guest
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Help me!
Have a question? Need help with something? Request backup in this vicinity!
----, By Guest
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Game Help
Having trouble running--or beating--a game? Come here for help on how to get everything to work right.
----, By Guest
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Role-Plays
Post your RP's here! Or, join an existing RP! What type of character will YOU command?
----, By Guest
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Literature
Have a story you wanna share with the world? Want to have your fan-fiction rated? Post all of your interesting reads here!
----, By Guest
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Gamer Land

Regular Forum (No New Posts) Online Play
Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. XBox LIVE. Playstation Network. Steam. OnLive. However you play, link up and find a match here!
----, By Guest
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Subforums: Wi-Fi leagues, Freind codes
Regular Forum (No New Posts) Game Chat
Chat about your favorite games and consoles or share hints and secrets!
----, By Guest
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Guest freindly

Regular Forum (No New Posts) Guest Postage
If you're a guest, this is the place to go! Also, if you're a banned member trying to resolve an issue, please go to The Courtroom under this category.
----, By Guest
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No post count

Regular Forum (No New Posts) Spam
The same as the other forums... Only the rule about SPAMMING doesn't apply. Which means j00 CAHN MAEK LULZ ALOTTZ ROFL
----, By Guest
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Forum Games
Post your forum games and other fun stuff here!
----, By Guest
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  • Sep 10 2014, 01:32 AM
    Buster The Fox: World at Large: Nope.avi
  • Jan 10 2013, 02:39 AM
    Buster The Fox: Throw out a quick shout to let everyone know you're here!

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