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Hello, and welcome to The Life After! Feel free to have a look around and get a feel for us here at TLA. We accept everyone here be you a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced RPer, you're all welcomed here. We don't have any of those ridiculous word counts so don't feel too bad if you can't dish out a book every time you post. It's quite alright!


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The Towns

Forum Marker Wizarding Housing Authority
Interested in buying a home? Or perhaps renting one? Come in and find out how to go about doing such!

Office hours: Mon - Fri 10am - 9pm. Sat & Sun - 9am - 6pm

Let's Start Here Feb 19 2012, 10:25 PM, By Annara Lyphomene
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Forum Marker St. Catchpole
The village has both a Muggle and a magical community, the latter quietly established after the passing of the Statute of Secrecy in the seventeenth century.
Barely Hanging on Jan 19 2012, 12:56 PM, By Molly Weasley
Topics: 1 Replies: 14
Subforums: The Burrow, Cottages, The Lake
Forum Marker Wiltshire
Wiltshire is a ceremonial county in the southwest of England. It is landlocked, and borders multiple other counties, including Dorset to the southwest. There are both Muggle and magical settlements in Wiltshire.
The Orchard House Oct 13 2011, 09:16 PM, By Marcela Sky
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Subforums: Malfoy Manor, Manors, The Lake
Forum Marker (No New Posts Godric's Hollow
A village in the West Country of England. It is a small community, which centers on a village square with only a church, a post office, a pub, and a few retail shops.
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Subforums: Cottages, The Chapel, Graveyard, The Pub
Forum Marker Central London
One of the busiest places in London which is home to the ever popular square and fairgrounds, where the Quidditch World Cup is held. Residential homes are side by side.
An Alliance Is Born Apr 2 2012, 10:45 PM, By Schuyler Malfoy
Topics: 21 Replies: 43
Subforums: King's Cross Station, St. Mungo's, The London Square, Ministry of Magic
Forum Marker (No New Posts Tinworth
Tinworth is a village in Cornwall, England, near the coast. It is a half-magical dwelling, with a wizarding community established in secret alongside the Muggle. Tinworth is one of a handful of villages that are notable homes to knots of wizarding families who lived alongside tolerant and sometimes Confunded Muggles.
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Subforums: Shell Cottage
Forum Marker Out of Town
If there is a place you wish to rp in that's outside of London, now you can! Just make a thread in the out of town forum and be anywhere in the world.
in heart of hearts Mar 4 2012, 09:56 AM, By James Potter
Topics: 2 Replies: 26
Subforums: Housing Districts
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The Towns
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