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Elementals Rising [brand new]; au harry potter 6th year brand new site
Topic Started: Mar 19 2012, 05:25 PM (39 Views)

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Sixteen Years ago Voldemort was 'destroyed'. Two years ago, he came back.

At the beginning of the year, various students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry started showing signs of something. First it was just simple headaches. Then it was magraines, to the point they would collapse, until one night it all stopped.

The pain subsided, and each of the affected witches'and wizards' eyes slowed a bright color, some bright red (The Weasleys), some bright purple(The Malfoys), others a bright hazel (The Longbottoms), and various other colors (White is to the Changs, Yellow is to the Zabini, Orange is to Tonks and her mother). That day uncommon occurances began to form.

Ginny Weasley began to be able to form her own fire. Neville Longbottom could control the plants and vegetation around him. Draco Malfoy could form lightning from nothing. Cho Chang could change the weather at her will. Many others had their own unique power, but these powers were untamed, and dangerous. They had to at least get these powers undercontrol.

As it turns out, these powers were gifted not only to the students at Hogwarts but their families as well. All of the Malfoys could control lightning and make it themselves, all of the Weasleys could control fire and make fire. All of the Longbottoms could control the vegetation around them. All of the Changs could control the weather around them.

But it seems that only in Pure Blood families, or in rare cases Half Blood families, these powers arised. Hermione Granger, Seamus Finnegan, and Harry Potter, were among the many seemingly unaffected by this.

Harry Potter and his friends, including the Weasleys, became worried about this, and it's affect to the war going on. The enemy made up mostly of Pure Bloods were surely be strengthened by this.

Upon doing some extensive research, piecing together the few pieces of information on occurences like this, it was discovered that these powers ran in the oldest Pure Blood families, the older the family, the more powerful the powers were. Half Bloods had slightly weaker powers, but not by much. Especially those related to the Black family had larger and more obvious powers.

These powers were only known to come out once before, with a huge war in the Middle Ages, when the wizarding world was in grave danger of destroying itself. These, as Harry Potter called them, Elementals had the power and ended the war, the powers disappearing when they died. These powers lay dorment for centuries, until just recently when they came out again.

Some don't trust these elementals, many dislike these few selected individuals, whether jealous, or feeling the power would soon corrupt them, as power had corrupted Voldemort, and many figures in history.

A rebellion is forming against the elementals, creating another side to this war. Who will prevail? Or will the magical community destroy itself? Which side are you on?

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