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Here are basics of the rules of this board:

- No flaming. Do not insult other members of this board. If someone is bothering you, ignore him or her, don't insult them.

- No trolling. Do not make posts solely to annoy and anger other users. Examples of trolling can include bashing a game, making posts that encourage others to flame you, or asking useless questions.

- Post topics in the appropriate forum. Don't go posting Pokémon topics in the Telefang board, for instance. There is one board, Off-Topic Posting, where you are free to post whatever you want, though (as long as it follows the other rules). If you post a topic in the wrong board, it will be moved to the appropriate board.

- No thread hijacking. If someone starts a thread, don't drift away from the subject. Just create a new topic about it instead.

- No offensive posting. Do not insult people on their race, gender, age, religion. Also, no "adult content" will be tolerated.

- No spamming. Don't flood the boards with the same posts hundreds of times. Don't advertise your site all over the board. Putting a link in your signature is fine, however. Posting links are fine in appropriate situations (e.g. if someone wants information about a game).

- Keep swearing to a minimum. Swearing once in a while is fine, but don't do it in every single post you make.

- No illegal activities. Mainly this has to do with copyright laws... primarily asking for or providing ROMs. Providing ROM patches (without the ROM) or save states is fine.

- No impersonation of other users. This includes making accounts solely to mock other users or otherwise falsely claiming to be someone else. This is especially true for impersonating admins. This will result in an instant IP ban.

- No stealing accounts. This will not be tolerated whatsoever. Anyone caught doing this will be IP banned instantly if caught. Also, if anybody ever gets hacked, they will be able to get their account back. So don't even bother.

- No circumventing bans with alternate accounts. If you are banned, there is a reason. Circumventing a ban defeats the purpose of banning you in the first place. Therefore, if you are caught doing so, your alternate account will be permanently banned, and if your main account's ban is temporary, its duration will be doubled. Do not attempt to fool us; we can usually figure out who you are.

That's about it, really. Enjoy posting here!