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LATEST PATCH VERSION - v26 - http://sanky.rustedlogic.net/etc/BugsitePatchv26.ips

Original post below.

It's here.

The Bugsite translation patch.

Click here for screenshots.

Translated names are translated, the rest is just romanized.

I found various ways to increase space for text, so I didn't have to use pointers yet. This game uses it's own obscure way anyways.

Download patch version 19 here. Apply to a clear Bugsite Beta rom.

Please note there wasn't an lowercase i character, so I had to add it, overwriting the only free space, because everything looked just too weird. Plus there's lowercase j and k missing, but that's nothing major.
However, it's still possible that a capital i is used somewhere where it shouldn't. Please report that.
... please report all mistakes D:

Please mind Kimbles did all the translating! XD

E: Old screenshots and version here. Please see the latest post.
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