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Pokémon Diamond & Jade 2 in 1
Topic Started: Jan 15 2017, 12:04 PM (89 Views)
Hi everyone.

My girlfriend have found a card of Pokémon Diamond & Jade 2 in 1 at a local market and she was looking for some information about what it was.
After few research on google, we found this forum talking about the same game (bootleg it seems).
This is why i register to ask for your help.

The card is working and is strange : you need to call your pokemon on a phone if they want to fight for you x)

It seems your are all expert in bootleg so maybe you can tell us how much this card can be sell ?

Here a picture of the card :


Thank you for your help and i'm sorry about my english and if i put this thread at the wrong place.

Sincerely, ultranawak
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Is anybody here to answer to our question? ^^
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I translate Telefang stuff
These forums go a little unchecked by a lot of people, unfortunately...

That looks and sounds like Telefang alright. Never seen a dual cart like that before myself, either!
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I translate Telefang-related stuff!

Current projects:

Telefang 1Just translating minor bits atm
Telefang mangaCurrently on hiatus
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