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Crowdfunding to make Smilesoft translate telefang?
Topic Started: Apr 10 2017, 10:29 AM (30 Views)
Would Smilesoft translate and release Telefang if given the money to do it?I haven't tried e-mailing them,but if they'd accept,would you start a kickstarter about it?
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very good
There's a few problems with that, mainly the fact that Smilesoft hasn't existed for a long time (since 2003 or so.) They changed their name to Rocket Company, and were recently dissolved into Imagineer, so it's really hard to say who would even be in charge of such a thing. Somewhat doubtful Imagineer is even aware of the series. Additionally, Smilesoft was the publisher, but Natsume Atari was the developer - I'm not really sure who would be in charge of a translation effort in that case. Lastly, it's very hard to argue that there would be a market for a Game Boy translation in 2017, that's why all efforts have been fan-focused.
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