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Dino Device 1 Character Table
Topic Started: Feb 5 2011, 10:46 PM (597 Views)
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very good

It's mostly complete as far as I remember, though it doesn't include kanji. As I understand it though, DD1 uses SJIS so perhaps that would be helpful in completing the table.
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Hmm...I don't think I ever posted it here, so here's my (labeled) text dump of everything but the story text.

It says part 1 because all of the story stuff is grouped together elsewhere, but I wasn't able to figure out enough to get it nice and readable. :/ There might be other text in the game too, but I wasn't able to find any... Those seem to include everything though. *nod*

Knowing that it used SJIS helped a lot, since I just had to find a complete table for it and it worked perfectly. XD The game obviously doesn't have graphics for every kanji ever, but the ones it uses all use the SJIS codes. *nod* (Here.)
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