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1. No persons under the age of 13 years of age may become a member without parent/guardian written permission. However, because of the nature of our community, it is our preference to keep the age limit here 16+.

2. Please watch your written language here. It is both annoying and unbecoming to use "text speak" in this kind of communication. Misspellings will be waived if it's few and far between. We recommend that you use the 'edit post' tool and a spellcheck often if you notice mistakes. Warnings may be handed out if it becomes a common problem.

3. Please be advised that mature content topics or otherwise 18+ discussions may occur at any time, but pornographic imagery or stories and inappropriate behavior will be prohibited. This may develop into a restricted 18+ section in the future.

4. Role playing will not be allowed at any point in time on the public areas of the forum. Private message RPG are allowed with consenting players.

5. Although we encourage personalities with a bit of fire, at no time will direct insults to a person or a persons belief/experiences occur. Opinions and arguments are allowed, as long as they remain mature and counter a concept and not a specific person.

6. Use common sense: I would hope that this goes without saying. Do not make claims without personal analysis to back it up. If you do not provide answers to questions that may arise, expect a certain amount of skepticism. Make yourself clear if something is pure personal gnosis, opinion or if you can back a statement up with research and study. Be warned: Outrageous claims may be subject to investigation by staff.

(These rules are subject to change.)

7. Upon agreeing, please read the Terms of Service to the right of the form.