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Lake Anna Striper Fishing
Topic Started: Feb 11 2018, 09:22 PM (3 Views)
Ghost Comanche
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Lake Anna Striper Fishing
by http://www.LakeAnnaGuide.com

Posted ImageThe striper fishing on Lake Anna has gotten better over the past several years and many more anglers are pursuing them. Though we do not see many trophy class fish caught, we do see many in the 10-pound plus range, but most are an average of five to seven pounds. For a landlocked, fresh water striper to be considered a trophy in Virginia, they have to be at least 20 pounds or 37 inches. In order to keep a striper on Lake Anna, the minimum length has to be 20 inches, and the creel limit is four per day, per angler.

There are several ways to catch them, such as trolling, live bait, vertical jigging and casting artificial lures to them. Out of all these different ways, my favorite way is to cast to them, with vertical jigging coming in second. If you plan on using live bait, plan on getting out of bed very early and trying your luck at attracting bait to a light hung under a bridge and throwing a net on them. Store-bought bait will work on occasion, but native bait—Gizzard Shad or Blue Back Herring—is by far the best.

In March you can find me chasing striper up in the two river arms of the lake. They are usually feeding heavy on small black crappie at this time of year, so my bait of choice is a suspending jerkbait that I have painted especially for me in a color we call “tuxedo purple.” The only place you can buy one is at Fish Tales.

As April rolls around, I have turned my attention to bass and crappie, but you can still catch striper. If you can locate the schools of fish up lake in shallow water, try casting a broken back redfin to them, and be sure to fish the bait all the way back to the boat. I have had several heart-stopping strikes only a couple of feet from the boat.

Summertime striper fishing can be really great at first light; the fish will be aggressively chasing bait in the midlake area until the sun gets high enough to penetrate the water. Once the sun is up and the feed is over, you can still catch them by using your electronics to locate the deep schools, vertical jigging blade bait, such as a Damiki Vault, or using a jigging spoon.

Another popular way to catch summertime striper is by trolling artificial lures. Deep diving redfins with a bucktail trailer seem to be the most popular; although a deep diving crankbait designed for bass fishing works well, too.

As we head into fall, the striper will begin to follow the bait movement up lake where you can use birds to give away the location of the schools. Once you have located the fish, be sure not to run your outboard into the school—this will shut them down. Instead, start casting a minimum of 100 yards from them while you move into position with your trolling motor. A 4-inch paddle tail swimbait rigged on a one-fourth-ounce jig head is my all-time favorite lure; the color depends on the mood of the fish. A sensitive rod is a must for this; most of the strikes will be very subtle and a too heavy of a rod will hide these strikes from you.

You can chase striper like this all the way through the winter as well. Once the water temperatures drop below 40 degrees, the bite will be very slow; that is, if they are feeding at all.

Another species to stretch your fishing line is the “wiper”, this fish is a hybrid between a Striped Bass and a White Bass. These hearty fish were stocked in Lake Anna three years ago, and are now being caught on a regular basis. They are strong and plentiful, but like the Striper they must be 20 inches long to keep. The daily creel limit is four per person per day, this is combined with the Striper. You cannot have four wiper and four striper in your possession. They can be caught on a variety of baits from top water to jigging spoons to swim baits. Look for them schooling just as you would striper.

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