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Forum Rules!
Hey, i know you don't like them, but I must have them. 1)Be respectful! Allow people to have their beliefs, and opinions! Thats not to say you can't have a debate, but thats why there is a DEBATE forum! 2) You can curse, feel free to, but do NOT use ANY terms that are offense to any particular race, ethnicity, group, or orientation. 3) NEVER ASK ME WHEN THE NEXT EPISODE IS COMING OUT! I hate that, and it may cause a bann from the forums! Just because its says "New Episodes Once A Week" It doesn't mean its going to be like that forever. I may be too busy one week, etc. 4) Actually read these rules! i'm not a strict person, these are just certain things you should not do. 5) Do not Compare me to LittleKuriboh, MasakoX, Vegeta3986, Whiteash001 (frolegend), or ANY other abridgest. I am not them, and will not try to be them! (The only time i will allow something like this is in the debate forum, where stuff like this is open to suggestion. Do not by anymeans compare my work directly in the forums to that of LK's.) 6) NO SPAM WHAT SO EVER! ITS ANNOYING! THERE IS A CHATROOM FOR A REASON! DON'T SPAM MY VIDEOS! 7) NO FLAMING! D=< You are not to flame other members! This is a community, and i would like you to keep petty arguments about stupid stuff out of it! 8) Enjoy! =D its meant to be fun! (= so have fun! This is all i ask from you! if you have problems with a user, either E-mail me, or Private Message me. Contact me on AIM for all i care! Thank you! ~Alex